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Maruchan at 45: A Journey of Evolution and Timelessness

Maruchan turns 45: a journey of noodles and innovation

The origins of Maruchan

Maruchan, the popular brand of instant ramen noodles, is celebrating its 45th anniversary in the United States. What began as a frozen fish distribution company in Japan in 1953 took a transformative turn in 1961 when the company shifted its focus to the production of instant ramen. In 1977, Maruchan expanded its operations to the U.S., opening a factory in California and establishing itself as a renowned noodle company.

A growing popularity

Over the years, Maruchan has experienced remarkable growth and a growing fan base. In 2020, it ranked ninth on the list of brands with the greatest growth in brand health based on reputation and customer recommendations, according to YouGov. The brand’s success can be attributed to its commitment to quality and taste, as recognized by judges who named Maruchan’s creamy chicken and chicken flavors among the best instant noodles on Wirecutter’s list.

The meaning behind the name

The name “Maruchan” is a combination of two Japanese words: “maru,” which means “round,” and “chan,” which is an honorific used to express affection. The round, smiling child’s face in Maruchan’s logo embodies the brand’s charm and appeal.

Expanding product line

Maruchan has come a long way since its early days, continually expanding its product offerings to cater to different tastes. When it first arrived in the United States, Maruchan brought with it popular products such as Instant Lunch and Instant Ramen, which were made in Japan. The brand also introduced packaged wonton soup, which was later discontinued but has recently made a comeback in select grocery stores and online.
In addition to the classic chicken and beef flavors, Maruchan has introduced a number of new and Americanized versions over the years. Some notable additions include picante chicken ramen, lime chili shrimp ramen, cheddar yakisoba and fire yakisoba. The introduction of the Maruchan Gold line was aimed at providing an upscale, premium instant noodle experience with a traditional broth and liquid seasoning package.

Evolution of slogans

Maruchan’s slogan has evolved over time to reflect the brand’s spirit and connection with its consumers. Initially, the company referred to itself as “America’s Finest Ramen Noodle Soup. However, the current tagline, “Smiles for All,” embodies a more upbeat and inclusive approach that perfectly complements the brand’s iconic smiling logo.

Creative Culinary Adventures

Maruchan’s loyal fans are known for their inventive culinary creations using the brand’s instant noodles. Social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram have become hubs for sharing Maruchan hacks and recipes. From combining different flavors to adding ingredients like butter, eggs, garlic powder, and kimchi, enthusiasts have turned Maruchan noodles into gourmet dishes. The online marketplace is also brimming with Maruchan merchandise, allowing fans to show their love for the brand through T-shirts, pajama pants, and more.

Looking ahead

As Maruchan celebrates its 45th anniversary, it continues to captivate noodle lovers with its commitment to innovation and delivering delicious, convenient meals. With a rich history and loyal fan base, Maruchan is poised to embrace the future while staying true to its roots.
Maruchan’s journey from a frozen fish distributor to an iconic instant ramen brand is a testament to its enduring appeal and commitment to quality. As we celebrate 45 years of Maruchan in the United States, let us raise a bowl of steaming noodles and toast to many more years of taste, convenience and smiles.


Maruchan was founded in Japan in 1953 as a frozen fish distributor before transitioning to the production of instant ramen noodles in 1961. It entered the U.S. market in 1977 and has established itself as a leading noodle brand.

How has Maruchan’s popularity grown over the years?

Maruchan has experienced significant growth in popularity. In 2020, it ranked ninth on the list of brands with the highest growth in brand health based on reputation and customer recommendations. Its commitment to quality and taste has earned it a spot on Wirecutter’s list of the best instant noodles.

What does the name “Maruchan” mean?

“Maruchan is a combination of two Japanese words: “maru,” meaning “round,” and “chan,” an honorific used to express affection. The brand’s logo features a smiling child’s face, embodying the brand’s charm and appeal.

How has Maruchan’s product line expanded?

Maruchan has continued to expand its product line over the years. It introduced popular products such as Instant Lunch and Instant Ramen when it entered the U.S. market. It has also added flavors such as Picante Chicken Ramen, Lime Chili Shrimp Ramen and Yakisoba varieties. The brand also introduced the Maruchan Gold line, which offers a premium instant noodle experience.

What are some of the creative ways fans are using Maruchan noodles?

Maruchan fans are known for their culinary creativity. They experiment with different flavor combinations and add different ingredients to enhance the noodles. Some popular hacks include adding butter, eggs, garlic powder, and incorporating Maruchan noodles into gourmet dishes such as Thai Coconut Curry Ramen and Bacon and Egg Ramen.

What is Maruchan’s current slogan?

Maruchan’s current slogan is “Smiles for All”. It reflects the brand’s upbeat and inclusive approach, in keeping with its iconic smiling logo.

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