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The Bittersweet Farewell: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Hershey’s Bliss Discontinuation

The reason behind Hershey’s Bliss discontinuation

Chocolate is a beloved treat for children and adults alike. Whether it’s a dark chocolate bar enjoyed during a work break or bite-sized milk chocolate pieces enjoyed during a Netflix marathon, chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. Hershey’s, a renowned brand in the chocolate industry, has been satisfying our chocolate cravings for decades, bringing us iconic treats like Reese’s and Kisses. Among these delicious offerings was Hershey’s Bliss, a bag of premium chocolates available in melt-in-your-mouth milk, dark and white varieties.
In 2016, however, loyal Hershey’s Bliss fans were left heartbroken when the brand unexpectedly pulled the product from shelves without any explanation. Since then, Bliss has been conspicuously absent, leaving fans wondering why their favorite treat is gone.

Hershey’s rocky relationship with its competitors

Hershey’s has a complicated history with its biggest competitor, Mars. Interestingly, one of Hershey’s “biggest customers” in its early days was Mars, the company behind popular treats like M&Ms and Snickers. Mars had approached Hershey’s to request a supply of chocolate for the creation of the Milky Way bar. Hershey’s founder happily agreed, but as the Milky Way gained popularity, a tense rivalry developed between the two companies that lasted for nearly a century.
In more recent years, Mars introduced Dove Promises, a line of high-quality individual chocolates that appealed to a broader demographic than just children. Dove Promises became a classic Valentine’s Day treat and an adult pick-me-up. Hershey’s took note of Dove’s success and, in 2008, sought to regain control of the premium and dark chocolate market with the introduction of Bliss. The Los Angeles Times reported that Hershey’s management acknowledged that they lacked products to meet the demand for premium chocolate, and Bliss was their hopeful answer to competing with Dove.

Challenging the Second Choice Chocolate Stereotype

Although Hershey’s Bliss was intended to compete with Dove, it did not quite achieve that goal. Still, the product left a lasting impression on countless shoppers. The only clue we have about the sudden discontinuation of Bliss comes from Hershey’s Facebook page. When a customer inquired about the status of Bliss chocolates in mid-2016, they received a response that it was not currently available and that their interest would be passed along to the team.
Many other customers expressed nostalgia for Bliss, with some lamenting that Hershey’s had allowed Dove to reclaim the milk chocolate market. Others, however, reaffirmed Dove’s position as the number one brand in the premium chocolate market. On the forum A Full Cup, the majority of users (68.61 percent) preferred Dove to Bliss in 2008, citing its lower price and more enjoyable taste. A 2014 Consumer Reports study also found that 55 percent of people preferred Dove milk chocolate over Bliss, likely due to its smoother texture.
Ultimately, it appears that Hershey’s has struggled to compete with Mars in the premium chocolate segment, despite its efforts with Bliss. Interestingly, just one year after discontinuing Bliss, Hershey’s total sales, including its flagship Dove Promises product, were significantly higher than Mars’ (via Statista).

Bottom line

The discontinuation of Hershey’s Bliss remains a bit of a mystery. While Hershey’s may not have been able to replicate the success of Mars’ premium chocolates, Bliss still holds a special place in the hearts of its loyal fans. Whether it was the allure of Dove’s smoothness or other market factors at play, Hershey’s made a strategic decision to focus on other products.
While we may no longer find Hershey’s Bliss on store shelves, we can still indulge in a wide range of other delicious Hershey’s offerings. From classic favorites like Reese’s and Kisses to new and exciting creations, Hershey’s continues to captivate chocolate lovers around the world. While Bliss may be missed, Hershey’s remains a major player in the chocolate industry, satisfying our cravings and bringing joy to our taste buds.


Why was Hershey’s Bliss discontinued?

The exact reason for the discontinuation of Hershey’s Bliss has never been officially disclosed by Hershey’s. However, the sudden removal of Bliss from the shelves in 2016 left fans disappointed and yearning for an explanation.

Was there an explanation from Hershey’s when they discontinued Bliss?

No, Hershey’s did not provide a specific explanation for the discontinuation of Bliss. Customers who inquired about the status of Bliss chocolates on Hershey’s Facebook page received a response that the product was currently unavailable, with no further details.

Was Hershey’s Bliss unable to compete with its competing brands?

Hershey’s Bliss faced stiff competition in the premium chocolate market, particularly from brands such as Mars’ Dove Promises. While Bliss had a loyal following, consumer preferences and market dynamics favored Dove, which offered a smoother texture and often a lower price point.

Did Hershey’s overall sales suffer after it discontinued Bliss?

Surprisingly, one year after discontinuing Bliss, Hershey’s overall sales, including Dove Promises, actually exceeded those of Mars. Despite the absence of Bliss, Hershey’s continued to thrive in the chocolate market, suggesting that the decision to discontinue Bliss did not significantly impact overall sales performance.

Are there any similar products from Hershey’s to replace Bliss?

While Hershey’s Bliss is no longer available, Hershey’s offers a wide variety of other chocolate products to meet different tastes and preferences. From classic favorites like Reese’s and Kisses to new and innovative creations, Hershey’s continues to offer consumers delicious chocolate options.

Will Hershey’s ever bring back Bliss or introduce a similar product in the future?

To date, there has been no official announcement regarding the return of Hershey’s Bliss or the introduction of a similar product. However, Hershey’s continually evaluates its product offerings based on consumer demand and market trends, so it’s always possible that new offerings may be introduced in the future.

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