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The Rise of Sisig: Anthony Bourdain’s Belief in the Filipino Dish as a Major Trend

The Filipino dish Anthony Bourdain thought would be a big trend

Years after his untimely death, Anthony Bourdain continues to have a profound impact on the food industry. His adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things inspired countless food lovers around the world. Bourdain’s influence can be seen in the way people talk about food and the creation of popular dishes. One dish that Bourdain believed would become a major trend is the Filipino dish sisig.

Anthony Bourdain: A Food Revolutionary

Anthony Bourdain was not just a chef and television personality; he was a true food revolutionary. He had a deep understanding of food and culture, which he demonstrated through his various culinary adventures. Bourdain’s ability to appreciate street food and identify high-end trends demonstrated his unique perspective on the culinary world.

The Rise of Filipino Cuisine

Filipino cuisine has been gaining recognition and popularity in recent years, and Bourdain has been instrumental in shining a spotlight on its unique flavors and dishes. In an interview with CNN Philippines, Bourdain expressed his love for Filipino food, describing it as “underrated”. He believed that sisig, in particular, has the potential to capture the hearts and palates of people around the world.

Sisig: A Flavorful Journey

Sisig is a traditional Filipino dish that has evolved over time, yet retained its deliciousness and accessibility. Originally a sour and citrusy salad, sisig transformed with the incorporation of pork offcuts, organs, and pig’s head. These parts, considered waste, found their way into the dish, giving it a unique and flavorful character.
One of the most notable versions of sisig was created by Aling Lucing Cunanan, who served the dish on a sizzling hot platter. The sizzling presentation allowed the spicy bits of meat to crisp and caramelize, creating a mouthwatering experience. Bourdain fell in love with this version of sisig, describing it as “casual, approachable, and just what you need after a few beers.”

The popularity of Filipino food in the United States

Filipino cuisine is experiencing a surge in popularity in the United States, with more and more restaurants offering Filipino dishes. The New York Times highlighted the rise of Filipino food, mentioning popular dishes such as lumpia, adobo, and sinigang. With more than 7,100 islands comprising the Philippines, the country boasts a diverse range of regional expressions of Filipino cuisine.
Bourdain’s belief that sisig would capture the hearts and minds of the world is beginning to come true. As Filipino food gains recognition and appreciation, sisig stands out as a dish that represents the unique flavors, creativity, and culinary heritage of the Philippines.


Anthony Bourdain’s passion for exploring different cultures through food continues to inspire food lovers around the world. His prediction that sisig would become a major trend has come true as Filipino cuisine gains popularity and recognition. Sisig, with its bold flavors and sizzling presentation, has captured the palates of many and is becoming a popular dish in the culinary world. Thanks to Bourdain’s advocacy for Filipino food, sisig and other Filipino dishes are finding their place on menus and in the hearts of people around the world.


What is Sisig?

Sisig is a traditional Filipino dish that typically consists of chopped and sizzling pieces of pork, often including offal and pig’s head, seasoned with various spices and served on a sizzling hot platter.

How did sisig evolve?

Sisig began as a sour and citrusy salad, but later incorporated pork offal, organs, and pig’s head. These parts, once considered waste, were used to create a flavorful and unique dish.

Who popularized the sizzling version of sisig?

Aling Lucing Cunanan is credited with creating the version of sisig that is most widely known today. In her restaurant in the 1970s, she served sisig on a sizzling hot platter, allowing the spicy meat to crisp and caramelize before the eyes of the diner.

Why did Anthony Bourdain think sisig would be a big trend?

Anthony Bourdain saw sisig as a delicious, casual and accessible dish that had the potential to attract the interest of those unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine. He believed that sisig’s bold flavors and unique presentation would resonate with people around the world.

What other Filipino dishes are gaining popularity?

Aside from sisig, other Filipino dishes that are gaining recognition include lumpia (spring rolls), adobo (marinated meat stew), and sinigang (sour soup). The diverse regional expressions of Filipino cuisine offer a wide range of flavors and culinary experiences.

Where can I find Filipino restaurants that serve sisig?

With the growing popularity of Filipino cuisine, many Filipino restaurants in the United States and other parts of the world now offer sisig on their menus. It’s worth exploring local Filipino communities or searching online for Filipino restaurants in your area to enjoy this flavorful dish.

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