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The Surprising Twist: Julia Child’s Unexpected Ingredient for Perfect Crêpes

The Unexpected Ingredient Julia Child Used in Crêpes

Julia Child, the renowned chef and television personality, was known for her innovative approach to cooking and her ability to make French cuisine accessible to the average American. Throughout her career, she introduced countless home cooks to the joys of creating delicious dishes in their own kitchens. One of her most popular recipes was her take on crêpes, a staple of French cuisine. What set Child’s crêpes apart was an unexpected ingredient that added a unique flavor and depth to the dish.

Child’s approachable culinary style

Child’s success as a chef and cookbook author can be attributed to her approachable style and knack for simplifying complex recipes. She had a talent for breaking down the seemingly impossible tasks of French cooking into manageable steps that anyone could follow. Through her cookbooks and television programs such as The French Chef and Baking with Julia, she became a household name and inspired a generation of home cooks.
While Child’s recipes may have seemed intimidating at first, she had a way of making her audience feel like they knew her. Her warm and easy manner on screen, combined with her patient and simple instructions in her cookbooks, made her recipes accessible and achievable for everyone.

A surprising culinary journey

Child’s culinary journey has been full of surprises, both in her personal life and in her cooking. Before she became a renowned chef, she worked for a government intelligence agency in Washington, D.C., handling top-secret documents and weeding out spies. When it came to her cooking, however, Child was anything but secretive. She was always willing to share her secret ingredients and techniques with the world.

The Unexpected Ingredient

Child’s crepes, a quintessential French dish, had a secret ingredient that took them to the next level: dark sesame oil. In one of her cooking videos, Child reveals her unique twist on the traditional crêpe recipe. After combining the basic ingredients of water, flour, melted butter, and salt, she adds two or three drops of dark sesame oil. The addition of this unexpected ingredient adds a nutty flavor that takes the crêpes to new heights.
Dark sesame oil is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. It adds a subtle kick to any dish in which it is used, and in the case of Child’s crêpes, it complements the other ingredients perfectly. While Child assures her viewers that the sesame oil is optional, its inclusion adds a delightful depth of flavor to the dish.

Get creative with crêpes

Child’s use of dark sesame oil in her crêpes demonstrates her willingness to experiment and think outside the box. It serves as a reminder to home cooks that they, too, can get creative in the kitchen and add unexpected ingredients to their favorite recipes. The nutty flavor of sesame oil pairs well with both sweet and savory fillings, making the possibilities for crepe toppings endless.
If you’d like to try Child’s crêpes for yourself, gather the basic ingredients and don’t forget to add a few drops of dark sesame oil for that extra touch of flavor. Whether you choose to fill your crêpes with fresh fruit and whipped cream or a savory combination of cheese and herbs, the addition of sesame oil will undoubtedly take your crêpes to a whole new level.
So the next time you’re in the mood for a taste of France, channel your inner Julia Child and whip up a batch of crêpes with a drizzle of dark sesame oil. Embrace the unexpected and let the nutty flavor of this surprising ingredient transport you to the culinary wonders of French cuisine.


What was the unexpected ingredient Julia Child used in her crepes?

Julia Child added two or three drops of dark sesame oil to her crêpe batter.

Why did Julia Child use dark sesame oil in her crêpes?

Julia Child liked the taste of dark sesame oil and thought it added a nutty flavor that enhanced the overall flavor of the crêpes.

Is it necessary to use dark sesame oil in crêpes?

No, using dark sesame oil in crêpes is optional. Julia Child mentioned that it’s not a mandatory ingredient, so you can omit it if you prefer.

What other flavors does dark sesame oil add to crêpes?

Dark sesame oil adds a distinct nutty flavor and aroma to the crêpes, enhancing their overall flavor and depth.

Can I substitute other ingredients for dark sesame oil?

If you don’t have dark sesame oil on hand or prefer not to use it, you can explore other substitutes such as toasted sesame oil, almond oil, or even a dash of melted butter to add a different flavor profile to your crêpes.

Does using dark sesame oil affect the texture of the crêpes?

No, the addition of dark sesame oil does not significantly change the texture of the crêpes. It adds flavor rather than texture to the batter.

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