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Oreo O’s: The Long-Awaited Comeback of a Beloved Cereal

This much-missed cereal is making a comeback

After a decade-long absence, a beloved cereal is set to make its triumphant return. Oreo O’s, a fan favorite from Post, is making a comeback and is expected to hit grocery store shelves in June 2017. The news has sparked excitement among cereal enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting its return. In this article, we’ll delve into the history of Oreo O’s, explore why it has garnered such a devoted following, and discuss what we can expect from its comeback.

The Rise of the Oreo O’s

Launched in 1998, Oreo O’s quickly became a sensation. The cereal was an instant hit, capturing the hearts and taste buds of consumers across the country. Combining the irresistible flavor of Oreos with the satisfying crunch of cereal was a match made in breakfast heaven. People couldn’t resist the allure of enjoying their favorite cookie in a whole new way.

A heartbreaking discontinuation

Unfortunately, in 2007, Oreo O’s was discontinued, much to the dismay of its devoted fan base. The news devastated cereal lovers who had grown accustomed to starting their mornings with a bowl of Oreo-flavored goodness. Online communities and social media platforms were flooded with pleas for the cereal’s return, with fans expressing their longing for its unique taste and texture.

The power of consumer demand

It seems the voices of Oreo O’s enthusiasts did not go unheard. Post, the company behind the iconic cereal, took note of the overwhelming demand for its return. After years of anticipation and countless requests, they have decided to bring back Oreo O’s and give fans a reason to celebrate.

A creamy coating and cookie milk

While the return of Oreo O’s is cause for excitement, some fans have noticed a slight change in the cereal’s recipe. The marshmallows, a popular component of the original cereal, seem to be missing from the upcoming version. Instead, Post is touting a creamy coating that promises to create a bowl of “cookie milk.” While the new formulation sounds delicious on its own, it remains to be seen if it can capture the nostalgic magic of the original Oreo O’s.

Waiting for the return

With the comeback of Oreo O’s just around the corner, anticipation is building among cereal lovers. Fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can once again enjoy the iconic taste of Oreo-flavored cereal. The return of Oreo O’s is a testament to the power of consumer demand and the enduring love for this much-missed cereal.

Bottom line

The long-awaited return of Oreo O’s is a cause for celebration among fans who have been eagerly awaiting its comeback. This beloved Post cereal, known for its delicious combination of Oreo flavor and crunchy cereal goodness, left a void in the hearts of its devoted followers when it was discontinued. However, thanks to the unwavering demand of cereal lovers, Oreo O’s is set to make a triumphant return to grocery store shelves. While the absence of marshmallows in the new formulation may raise some eyebrows, the promise of a creamy coating that creates “cookie milk” is intriguing. As the release date approaches, cereal lovers everywhere are eagerly anticipating the chance to once again indulge in the nostalgia and deliciousness that Oreo O’s has to offer.


When is Oreo O’s cereal making a comeback?

Oreo O’s cereal is set to make its comeback in June 2017, according to a press release from the Post.

Why was Oreo O’s discontinued in the first place?

Oreo O’s was discontinued in 2007 for reasons that were not explicitly stated. However, the decision left many fans disappointed and yearning for their return.

Will the new version of Oreo O’s taste the same as the original?

While the new version of Oreo O’s will feature a creamy coating instead of marshmallows, it remains to be seen if it will capture the exact taste and texture of the original. Cereal lovers are eagerly awaiting the release to find out.

How did fan demand contribute to the cereal’s comeback?

Overwhelming fan demand played a significant role in the decision to bring back Oreo O’s. Online communities, social media platforms and passionate pleas from cereal lovers ultimately caught the Post’s attention and led to the long-awaited return.

Will Oreo O’s be available at all grocery stores?

While specific availability of Oreo O’s may vary, it is expected to be available at various grocery stores nationwide. Cereal enthusiasts should keep an eye out for the release and check their local stores for availability.

Are there any other changes we can expect with the new version of Oreo O’s?

Aside from the absence of marshmallows and the introduction of a creamy coating that creates “cookie milk,” there have been no significant announcements regarding other changes to the cereal. Fans can look forward to experiencing the nostalgia and deliciousness of Oreo O’s once again.

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