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Discover Andrew Zimmern’s Top Choice: The Ultimate Dried Pasta Brands

Andrew Zimmern’s Top Picks: The Best Dried Pasta Brands for Your Kitchen

When it comes to dried pasta, renowned chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern has some strong opinions. Known for his culinary adventures around the world, Zimmern has shared his favorite pasta brands that are sure to up your cooking game. With a penchant for pasta from Gragnano, Italy, Zimmern highlights the unique qualities and flavors of two exceptional brands: Faella and Martelli.

Exploring the origins of Faella pasta

Faella pasta is a product of Italian craftsmanship and tradition. Made from Italian durum wheat semolina and spring water from the Lattari Mountains in Italy, this pasta is a testament to the quality and care that goes into its production. The pasta is extruded through traditional bronze colors, creating a rough texture that allows it to hold sauces perfectly. After extrusion, Faella pasta is air-dried for two days, further enhancing its flavor and texture.
What sets Faella Pasta apart is its commitment to preserving the authentic taste of traditional Italian pasta. The family business behind Faella has been making pasta since 1907, using time-honored techniques passed down through generations. Every bite of Faella pasta is a tribute to Italy’s rich culinary heritage.

Martelli Pasta: A Taste of Italian Excellence

Martelli Pasta is another of Andrew Zimmern’s favorite brands, and for good reason. This pasta is made from a simple combination of Italian durum wheat semolina and cold water. The Martelli family has been making pasta since 1926 in the picturesque village of Lari, near Pisa, Italy.
What makes Martelli pasta special is its unique production process. The pasta is made using antique machines with bronze dyes that give the pasta its distinctive rough surface. This rough texture allows the pasta to hold sauces, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor. The Martelli family’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality is evident in every strand of their pasta.

Why choose Gragnano Pasta?

Both Faella and Martelli pasta come from Gragnano, a small town in Italy famous for its pasta-making tradition. Gragnano’s favorable climate and geographic location make it the ideal place for pasta production. The town’s unique combination of humidity from sea breezes and mountain winds creates the perfect conditions for drying pasta, resulting in a superior texture and flavor.
In addition, Gragnano pasta is made using traditional bronze colors that give the pasta its rough surface. This roughness allows the pasta to adhere to the sauce, ensuring that every bite is a harmonious blend of pasta and sauce. The dedication of Gragnano’s pasta makers to preserving their craft and maintaining the highest quality standards has earned them worldwide recognition.

Enhance your culinary creations

When you choose pasta from Faella and Martelli, you’re not only adding exceptional flavor and texture to your dishes, you’re also supporting the time-honored traditions of Italian pasta-making. Whether you’re preparing a simple pasta aglio e olio or a complex Bolognese sauce, these brands will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.
Andrew Zimmern’s endorsement of Faella and Martelli pastas is a testament to their quality and authenticity. As a renowned chef and explorer of global cuisines, Zimmern understands the importance of using the finest ingredients to create memorable dishes. By incorporating these pasta brands into your kitchen, you’re bringing a taste of Italy into your home.
So the next time you’re looking for the perfect dried pasta, look no further than Faella and Martelli. Experience the difference that quality, tradition and taste can make in your kitchen. Your taste buds will thank you!


The Faella and Martelli pasta brands are distinguished by their commitment to quality and tradition. Both brands use Italian durum wheat semolina and traditional production methods, such as extrusion through bronze dyes, to create a rough texture that enhances sauce adhesion and flavor.

Why does Andrew Zimmern prefer pasta from Gragnano, Italy?

Andrew Zimmern prefers pasta from Gragnano, Italy, because this small town is renowned for its pasta-making tradition. The unique climate and geographic conditions in Gragnano contribute to the superior texture and flavor of the pasta, making it a preferred choice for chefs and pasta lovers.

What is the importance of using bronze colors in pasta production?

The use of bronze dyes in pasta production is significant because it creates a rough surface on the pasta, allowing it to better hold sauces. This improves the overall taste and texture of the dish, making for a more enjoyable dining experience.

Can Faella and Martelli pasta be used with different types of sauces?

Yes, Faella and Martelli pastas are suitable for different types of sauces. Their rough texture and high quality ingredients make them versatile and capable of complementing a wide range of sauces, from light and delicate to rich and hearty.

Can I find Faella and Martelli pastas outside of Italy?

Yes, Faella and Martelli pastas are available internationally. Although they originated in Italy, these pasta brands have gained popularity and can often be found in specialty grocery stores, gourmet food stores, and online retailers that offer a wide selection of Italian food products.

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