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The Surprising Diet Mistake Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Avoid

The biggest diet mistake you’re making, according to Gwyneth Paltrow

Every wellness guru has her own keys to success to explain her enviable figure, glowing skin, and ageless appearance. Gwyneth Paltrow has definitely kept us all on our toes with the tips she shares on Goop, her often controversial lifestyle and wellness company and website. In addition to the advice you can find on her site, Paltrow has also published a book, Goop Clean Beauty, in which she shares her most successful habits.

The importance of clean sleep

It’s no secret that Paltrow focuses on clean eating and regular detoxes (via Goop). However, in her book Clean Beauty, she states that clean sleep is even more important to her overall health, appetite regulation, and energy levels than her diet (via Healthline). She backs up her personal experience with the support of her nutrition expert, Dr. Frank Lipman, who says that sleep is correlated with metabolism and hormonal regulation, reports Healthline. Although Lipman is not a sleep expert, these factors are the focus of some research. While there is not enough evidence to draw a definitive conclusion, some studies have found dysregulation of hunger and satiety hormones in sleep-deprived individuals (via Harvard School of Public Health).

The optimal amount of sleep

Sleep scientists suggest that sleeping more than nine hours is not recommended for most people (via AASM). Jerry Siegel, a specialist in sleep research, told Healthline that regularly sleeping nine to ten hours a night is associated with negative effects, including a shorter lifespan. He believes that your body knows what it needs and that your sleep cycle should be guided naturally, not by what works for someone else (via Healthline).

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Clean Sleep Routine

In addition to getting enough sleep, Gwyneth Paltrow also sticks to a consistent sleep routine, waking up and going to bed at the same time, keeping her room dark, and avoiding the use of technology and blue lights before bedtime (via Romper). To keep it Goop-friendly, Paltrow also recommends sleeping on copper-infused pillowcases to prevent wrinkles, according to the outlet. Meditation, fasting, avoiding caffeine, and staying in tune with daylight are also part of Paltrow’s clean sleep habits.

The impact of sleep on diet and health

Before you lose sleep trying to follow all of her advice, take note of what you do every day and how it affects the quality of your sleep. If you are constantly tired, you may be inclined to choose higher calorie foods such as carbohydrates and skip your workout (via Mayo Clinic). If this happens over time, it could lead to weight gain (via Mayo Clinic). However, sleep and health are different for everyone, and while most people could probably improve their sleep hygiene, it’s important to choose a routine that works for you.
In conclusion, while diet and exercise are important components of a healthy lifestyle, Gwyneth Paltrow emphasizes the importance of proper sleep for overall well-being. By prioritizing adequate sleep, maintaining a consistent sleep routine, and incorporating relaxation techniques, individuals can potentially improve their metabolism, hormone regulation, and energy levels. It’s important to remember that sleep needs vary from person to person, and finding a sleep routine that works best for you is key. So use Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice as inspiration, but adapt it to your own lifestyle and needs for optimal health and wellness.


Gwyneth Paltrow believes the biggest diet mistake people make is overlooking the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Why is clean sleep a priority for Gwyneth Paltrow?

Paltrow prioritizes clean sleep because she believes it is crucial for overall health, appetite regulation, and energy levels.

Is there any scientific evidence to support the effects of sleep on metabolism and hormone regulation?

While there is not enough evidence to make a definitive conclusion, some studies have observed dysregulation of hunger and satiety hormones in sleep-deprived individuals.

How much sleep does Gwyneth Paltrow recommend?

Gwyneth Paltrow recommends sleeping between seven and ten hours per night for optimal health.

What are some tips for practicing clean sleep?

Gwyneth Paltrow suggests maintaining a consistent sleep routine, keeping the bedroom dark, avoiding technology and blue lights before bedtime, and using copper-infused pillowcases to prevent wrinkles.

Can following Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean sleep advice help you lose weight?

While improving sleep hygiene can have a positive impact on overall health, weight loss is a complex process that involves many factors, including diet and exercise. Prioritizing adequate sleep and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help with weight management.

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