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Unraveling the Mystery of Garlic Coca-Cola

The truth about garlic Coca-Cola

The Disgusting Food Museum

The fact that there is an entire museum dedicated to disgusting food is a bit of a mystery – after all, why would anything disgusting ever be considered food? The Drinks Business reports on the aptly named Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden, which treats visitors to an exotic array of panic-inducing sights and smells.
Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans truly are an unstoppable force for chaos, the museum boasts the delights of maggot cheese, mouse wine and fruit bats (although, to be fair, there are plenty of places with far worse menus).

The Garlic Coca-Cola Hoax

But as full of terrifying and surprising twists as Sweden’s museum of edible nightmares sounds, even it may not have come up with the unexpected drink of Coca-Cola flavored with garlic. Snopes reports that the freaky fizzy drink was supposedly introduced in Romania (maybe they have a serious vampire problem there), but all is not as it seems.
Although the garlic-infused Coke was sure to excite people who hate vampires and love soft drinks, Snopes exposed the entire campaign as a hoax. Despite a photo of a purple Coca-Cola can with the word and an image of garlic, the image and the Romanian story turned out to be fake. Snopes confirmed the product as a complete hoax.

Garlic Cola in Japan

Not that cola with the taste of garlic is completely removed from reality. While Coca-Cola (to our knowledge) hasn’t had the confidence (or perhaps poor judgment) to attempt a garlic-infused beverage, the outlook in Japan is quite different. According to Food & Wine, a Japanese beverage company has actually developed its own garlic cola.
The intriguing drink, called Jats Takkola, has its roots in Aomori, a place so fond of garlic that it has earned the distinction of being crowned the garlic capital of Japan. The recipe is as simple as mixing crushed garlic into a bottle of cola and turning it upside down to ensure that what someone apparently thought was a spectacular flavor is fixed to every molecule of flavor.

Bottom line

While the idea of garlic Coca-Cola may have started as a joke, it is interesting to see the creativity and experimentation that can occur when it comes to unusual food and beverage combinations. Whether it’s a museum showcasing disgusting foods or a Japanese company creating garlic cola, these examples remind us of the diverse and ever-evolving world of culinary experiences. So if you ever come across a garlic-flavored soda, just remember that it may not be what it seems, but it’s fascinating to see the boundaries being pushed in the realm of flavor innovation.


Can I really find Garlic Coca-Cola on the market?

No, Garlic Coca-Cola is not a real product. It was initially believed to have been launched in Romania, but was later confirmed to be a hoax.

Is there any truth to the garlic Coke campaign?

No, the garlic-infused Coke campaign has been proven to be a complete hoax. The image and story associated with the product were fabricated.

Has Coca-Cola ever experimented with garlic flavored beverages?

To the best of our knowledge, Coca-Cola has not attempted to create a garlic flavored beverage. The idea of garlic cola remains more of a novelty concept.

Has any company ever created a garlic-flavored cola?

Yes, a Japanese beverage company called Jats Takkola has developed its own garlic cola. This unique beverage is made by mixing ground pieces of garlic into a bottle of cola.

Where can I find garlic cola?

If you’re interested in trying garlic cola, you may be able to find it in Japan, particularly in the Aomori region, known as the garlic capital of Japan. However, it’s important to note that garlic cola is not a widely available or mainstream product.

What other unusual food and drink combinations are there?

The culinary world is full of creative and unconventional flavor pairings. Some examples include bacon-infused cocktails, spicy chocolate, and even insect-based foods. Exploring unique flavor experiences can be a fun and adventurous way to expand your palate.

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