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Hershey Delivers Exciting News for Vegan Chocolate Enthusiasts

Hershey announces exciting news for vegan chocolate lovers

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Hershey, the renowned chocolate manufacturer, has made an exciting announcement that will delight vegans and those with dietary restrictions. In a recent blog post, Hershey revealed its plans to introduce a new line of oat milk chocolate bars to meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives in the confectionery market.

The challenge for chocolate lovers with dietary restrictions

For those following a vegan lifestyle or those with dairy-based dietary restrictions, indulging in traditional chocolate treats can often be a challenge. While pure chocolate itself typically contains no milk, milk chocolate, with its creamy and sweet characteristics, is made with significant amounts of milk, making it unsuitable for those who avoid dairy products.

Hershey’s commitment to dairy consumers

Recognizing the need to serve customers with dietary restrictions, particularly vegans, Hershey has worked diligently to develop a range of dairy-free chocolates. The introduction of oat milk chocolate bars is a significant step forward in Hershey’s commitment to providing accessible and enjoyable treats for everyone.

Introducing “Oatmeal” Chocolate Bars

Hershey’s new line of oat milk chocolate bars, aptly named “Oat Made,” offers a delicious alternative to traditional milk chocolate. The bars are available in two enticing flavors: almond and sea salt, and dark chocolate. By using oats as a key ingredient, Hershey’s R&D team has created formulas that surpass existing plant-based chocolate options in taste and quality.

Expanding better-for-you chocolate choices

The introduction of Oat Made chocolate bars is in line with Hershey’s ongoing commitment to provide consumers with better-for-you (BFY) options. In addition to oat milk bars, Hershey already offers organic versions of its iconic Hershey’s and Reese’s chocolates, catering to health-conscious individuals seeking indulgence without compromising quality or taste.

Trial and potential permanent addition

To ensure the success of its new plant-based offerings, Hershey plans to test Oatmeal Chocolate Bars in select markets across the country through next summer. This approach will allow Hershey to gather valuable consumer feedback and assess the popularity and demand for the bars. If the response is positive, the oat milk bars could become a permanent addition to Hershey’s BFY lineup, joining the ranks of other popular plant-based chocolate options.

Joining the growing plant-based chocolate trend

Hershey’s move into oat milk chocolate reflects a broader trend in the confectionery industry. As more people embrace plant-based diets and seek alternatives to animal-based ingredients, chocolate manufacturers have been quick to respond. Hershey’s entry into this market follows the success of other plant-based chocolate offerings, such as KitKat’s vegan V-bar and Mars’ vegan Galaxy confection.

Embrace a chocolatey future

With Hershey’s introduction of oat milk chocolate bars, the future looks bright for chocolate lovers with dietary restrictions. The availability of delicious, high-quality plant-based options ensures that vegans and dairy-free individuals can enjoy chocolate without compromise.
As Hershey continues to innovate and expand its BFY lineup, chocolate lovers can look forward to a wider range of delicious treats in the coming months. Whether you’re vegan, have dietary restrictions or simply appreciate the taste and quality of plant-based chocolate, Hershey’s commitment to inclusivity ensures there’s something delicious for everyone.
So get ready to savor the delicious flavors of Hershey’s Oatmeal Candy and embrace a chocolatey future that works for everyone.


Answer: Hershey has introduced a new line of oat milk chocolate bars, providing a delicious and dairy-free option for vegan chocolate lovers.

Why is it a challenge for chocolate lovers with dietary restrictions to enjoy traditional milk chocolate?

Answer: Traditional milk chocolate contains a significant amount of milk, making it unsuitable for those following a vegan lifestyle or those with dairy-related dietary restrictions.

What flavors are available in Hershey’s Oat Milk chocolate bars?

Answer: Hershey’s Oat Milk chocolate bars are available in Almond, Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate varieties, offering a variety of tempting flavors for chocolate lovers to enjoy.

How do Hershey’s Oat Milk chocolate bars differ from existing plant-based chocolate options?

Answer: Hershey’s R&D team has developed formulas using oats that deliver superior taste and quality compared to existing plant-based chocolate options on the market.

Will Hershey’s Oat Milk Chocolate bars be a permanent addition to the Hershey’s product line?

Answer: Hershey plans to test oat milk chocolate bars in select markets, and depending on their performance and consumer response, they could potentially become a permanent addition to Hershey’s better-for-you lineup.

What is the overall trend in the confectionery industry for plant-based chocolate?

Answer: The confectionery industry has seen a growing trend toward offering plant-based alternatives as more people adopt plant-based diets and seek chocolate options without animal-based ingredients. Hershey’s introduction of oat milk chocolate bars is in line with this industry shift.

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