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Unveiling the Daily Diet of Binging With Babish’s Andrew Rea

What Binging with Babish’s Andrew Rea really eats in a day

From making the famous prison sauce from “Goodfellas” to making homemade pasta to creating a sandwich out of peanut butter cups and Doritos, Andrew Rea, known as Oliver Babish on his YouTube channel “Binging with Babish,” has become a sensation. With his engaging personality, impressive cooking skills, and passion for all things media, Rea has spent nearly five years recreating dishes from popular TV shows, movies, and video games. But have you ever wondered what this culinary genius actually eats in a day? Let’s take a closer look at Andrew Rea’s daily diet.

Weekday Routine

According to a video interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Rea shared insights into his weekday eating habits. His mornings typically start with a shot of espresso or a quick cup of coffee. For breakfast, Rea enjoys a fried egg on low-sodium Ezekiel sprouted grain toast with a hint of Sriracha. However, he occasionally skips breakfast altogether.
For lunch, Rea prefers to order in rather than prepare a meal. He avoids chips and cereal, opting instead for healthier snacks such as dried fruit, cheese, nuts, or a protein shake. As for dinner, Rea enjoys a modest meal consisting of meat, a vegetable, and the occasional starch if he’s feeling adventurous. He tends to eat quite late, around 10 p.m.

Weekend indulgences

When it comes to the weekend, Rea’s dietary choices are a bit more relaxed. He admits that “all bets are off” during this time. Rea enjoys sipping seltzer, which he humorously refers to as “bubbly, flavored water. To satisfy his sweet tooth, he indulges in small squares of Dove Dark Chocolate or the occasional glass of brown liquor or wine.
Rea’s weekend meals are a mix of guilty pleasures and healthier options. He admits to a weakness for a chicken parmesan hero from Parm, along with Parm’s spicy rotini and Italian shoestring fries. On Saturday mornings, he often craves a breakfast sandwich, which he either makes himself or orders from a local New York bagel shop.
Later in the day, Rea opts for a slightly healthier lunch, enjoying a bowl of grilled chicken salad with apples and blue cheese. For dinner, however, he embraces his love of Japanese, Vietnamese, or any noodle-based cuisine, including sushi. Of course, he also appreciates Italian food when he’s in the mood.

Sunday’s Tempering Ritual

Sunday is a day of “tempering” for Rea as he prepares for the week ahead. He indulges in a few indulgent “cheat meals,” often with pasta as the star. Some of his favorites include carbonara with fresh pasta, guanciale, and lots of Romano cheese. He might also enjoy fajitas with rajas con crema, which shows his love for savory dishes.
Toward the end of the video interview, Rea expresses his disdain for cilantro while praising the unique cuisine of New Orleans. It’s clear that Rea’s love of food extends beyond his YouTube channel, as he appreciates a wide range of flavors and cuisines.

Bottom Line

Andrew Rea, aka Oliver Babish of “Binging with Babish,” has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts around the world. While he spends his time recreating iconic dishes from pop culture, his own daily diet is a balanced mix of healthy choices and the occasional indulgence. From his simple breakfasts to his late-night dinners, and from his guilty pleasures to his love of international cuisines, Rea’s eating habits offer a glimpse into the life of a culinary creator. Next time you watch one of his videos, you’ll have a better understanding of what fuels his creativity in the kitchen.


Answer: Andrew Rea usually starts his day with a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee, followed by a fried egg on Ezekiel low-sodium sprouted grain toast with a hint of Sriracha.

What does Andrew Rea snack on during the day?

Answer: Instead of chips and cereal, Andrew Rea opts for healthier snacks like dried fruit, cheese, nuts or a protein shake to keep him fueled throughout the day.

What is Andrew Rea’s typical lunch?

Answer: Andrew often eats out for lunch rather than preparing a meal himself. He enjoys a variety of options, but the specifics can vary depending on his cravings and availability.

What are Andrew Rea’s weekend indulgences?

Answer: On the weekends, Andrew Rea enjoys a few glasses of cognac or whiskey. He also has a weakness for a chicken parmesan hero from Parm and indulges in Parm’s spicy rotini and Italian shoestring fries.

Does Andrew Rea have any favorite cuisines?

Answer: Andrew Rea has an eclectic palate and enjoys a variety of cuisines. He particularly enjoys Japanese, Vietnamese, and any noodle-based or soupy dishes. However, he also has a fondness for Italian cuisine.

What are Andrew Rea’s “cheat meals” on Sundays?

Answer: On Sundays, Andrew Rea indulges with pasta as the centerpiece. He enjoys dishes like carbonara with fresh pasta, guanciale, and lots of Romano cheese. He also enjoys fajitas with rajas con crema for a flavorful treat.

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