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Twisted Tea Flavors: From Worst to Best, Ranked and Revealed

Twisted Tea Flavors: A Comprehensive Ranking from Worst to Best

In the realm of canned alcoholic beverages, few have achieved the level of popularity and widespread availability as Twisted Tea. Since its introduction in 2001, Twisted Tea has become a go-to choice for beach-goers, casual partiers, and those looking for a refreshing drink on a hot day. With a variety of flavors on the market, it’s important to know which ones are worth trying and which ones may leave you disappointed.

The Peach Flavor: A fruity disappointment

At the bottom of our ranking is Twisted Tea’s peach flavor. While fresh peaches are undeniably delicious, Twisted Tea’s peach flavor fails to capture the natural sweetness. The artificial flavor and overpowering peach notes make it less appetizing compared to other options available. While it’s not necessarily a bad flavor, there are better alternatives to explore within the Twisted Tea lineup.

The Light Version: A Healthier Choice with Sacrificed Flavor

For those concerned about their calorie and sugar intake, the light version of Twisted Tea may seem like a better option. With fewer calories and less sugar, it allows for guilt-free indulgence. However, when it comes to taste, the light version falls flat. The appeal of Twisted Tea lies in its sweetness and flavor, and the light version compromises on both. While it may be suitable for those who prioritize health, there are more flavorful options for those seeking a satisfying drinking experience.

Mango Flavor: A Generic Sweetness

With its tropical allure, Twisted Tea’s mango flavor holds promise. However, the reality is a bit disappointing. While it doesn’t taste bad per se, it fails to capture the true essence of mango. Instead, it offers a generic sweet and fruity flavor with a hint of lemon. If you have a preference for sweet drinks, you may still find it enjoyable, but for those looking for an authentic mango flavor, there are better options within the Twisted Tea lineup.

Blueberry flavor: Artificial yet refreshing

Capturing the taste of blueberries is a challenge for any beverage. Twisted Tea’s blueberry flavor is no exception. While it may not provide the same experience as fresh blueberries, it still offers a refreshing and mildly fruity taste. It strikes a balance between sweetness and lightness, making it a good choice for those who enjoy a subtle fruitiness in their drinks. It may not be the most exciting flavor, but it certainly won’t offend your taste buds.

Blackberry Flavor: A tart upgrade

Blackberries have always had an edge over blueberries when it comes to flavor complexity. Twisted Tea’s blackberry flavor takes advantage of this by offering a slightly tart and more interesting flavor compared to its blueberry counterpart. While it still retains an artificial taste, it strikes a better balance between sweetness and tartness. While not a top choice, it’s a solid option for those who prefer a fruitier and slightly tart experience.

Mangonada Flavor: A Mexican twist

Twisted Tea’s Mangonada flavor aims to capture the essence of the Mexican sweet and spicy mango refresher. With ingredients like mango, chili lime salt, and chamoy spice, it attempts to replicate the traditional drink. But it falls short. While it has an authentic taste, it lacks the charm and visual appeal of a true mangonada. The addition of tea muddies the flavor, and the spicy and salty elements may not mesh with the sweetness that Twisted Tea fans typically enjoy.

Sweet cherry-lime flavor: A Limited Edition Gem

Cherry Lime is a classic flavor combination loved for its balance of sweet and tart notes. Twisted Tea’s limited edition Sweet Cherry Lime flavor successfully captures this popular duo. The cherry flavor takes the lead, while the lime adds a bright and refreshing touch. Blended with tea, it creates a harmonious flavor profile that will appeal to fans of this classic pairing. Although it’s only available in certain regions, its popularity suggests it’s worth the effort to track it down.

The original taste: Simplicity at its finest

Sometimes sticking with the original is the best choice. The original flavor of Twisted Tea remains a top contender in our rankings. With a focus on the tea itself, it delivers a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience. While the flavor is not overpowering, it still offers enough depth to keep things interesting. If you’re a fan of iced tea, you’ll probably appreciate Twisted Tea’s original flavor for its simplicity and familiar taste.

The Verdict: A flavorful journey through Twisted Tea

Taste is subjective, and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to beverages. While some may enjoy the peach flavor or opt for the light version for health reasons, others may find more satisfaction in the boldness of the original or the sweetness of the limited edition Sweet Cherry Lime. Ultimately, the best Twisted Tea flavor is a matter of personal taste.
As you explore the Twisted Tea lineup, don’t be afraid to try different flavors and discover your own favorites. Whether you’re a fan of fruity notes, prefer a more subtle taste, or enjoy the classics, Twisted Tea offers a variety of options to suit different palates.
Remember, the journey of taste is all about exploration and enjoyment. So grab a can of Twisted Tea, sit back and enjoy the flavors this beloved beverage has to offer. Cheers!


Are the flavors in Twisted Tea natural or artificial?

While Twisted Tea claims some flavors are natural, some may contain artificial flavors. It’s important to read the product labels for specific information on each flavor.

Can I find all of the Twisted Tea flavors in stores?

Availability may vary depending on your location and the specific flavor. Some flavors, including limited editions, may only be available in select regions or during certain times of the year.

Are the light versions of Twisted Tea as flavorful as the original?

The light versions of Twisted Tea are designed to be lower in calories and sugar. While they offer a lighter drinking experience, they may have less flavor compared to the original versions. It’s a trade-off between health-conscious choices and taste preferences.

Can I mix different Twisted Tea flavors?

Mixing Twisted Tea flavors can be a fun experiment. You can try combining different flavors to create your own unique blend. However, keep in mind that the resulting flavor may vary and not all combinations will work well together.

Are there any seasonal or limited edition Twisted Tea flavors to look out for?

Yes, Twisted Tea occasionally releases seasonal or limited edition flavors. These flavors may offer unique and exciting taste experiences. Keep an eye out for special releases and check with local retailers for availability.

Can I use Twisted Tea flavors in cocktail recipes?

Absolutely! Twisted Tea flavors can be used as a base to create delicious cocktails. Experiment with different mixers, spirits and garnishes to create your own refreshing concoctions using your favorite Twisted Tea flavors.

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