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The Culinary Quirk: Michael Symon’s Dislike for Raspberries

The One Food Michael Symon Can’t Stand: Raspberries

Michael Symon, the renowned celebrity chef and judge of “Next Iron Chef,” is known for his adventurous palate and willingness to try a wide variety of foods. However, there is one food that he simply cannot stand: raspberries. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, Symon expressed his strong dislike for the ruby berries, saying, “I just hate them.

Symon’s culinary adventures

Despite his aversion to raspberries, Symon is known for his love of diverse and bold flavors. He has explored cuisines from around the world, indulging in exotic dishes such as balut, testicles, ants and even snake urine concoctions. Symon embraces the adventurous side of cooking and enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and techniques.

The allure of simple food

While Symon appreciates complex flavors and diverse cuisines, he also finds joy in simplicity. He likes to “keep it clean” and enjoys dishes that highlight bold and aggressive flavors. Symon is inspired by the culinary traditions of Greece and Sicily, incorporating their distinct flavors into his cooking.

The Sweet and Sour Symphony

One particular flavor combination Symon enjoys is the sweet and sour profile of the Italian condiment agrodolce. This traditional sauce, typically made with vinegar and sugar, adds a delightful balance to dishes. Symon incorporates this harmonious blend of flavors into his culinary creations, adding depth and complexity to his dishes.

The Raspberry Puzzle

Raspberries, despite their popularity and versatility in various culinary applications, fail to capture Symon’s taste buds. These berries, known for their vibrant color and sweet-tart flavor, rank sixth on Epicurious’ list of the best and worst berries. However, Symon’s aversion to raspberries remains unwavering.

The Legitimate Reason: Allergy

When asked on Twitter about his strong aversion to raspberries, Symon gave a simple and straightforward answer: “Allergic.” It turns out that Symon’s aversion to raspberries is rooted in a genuine allergic reaction, making it a valid reason for his disdain.

A personal preference

Taste preferences can vary widely from person to person, and even celebrated chefs like Michael Symon have foods they simply cannot tolerate. While raspberries remain a favorite fruit for many, Symon’s allergic reaction prevents him from appreciating their unique flavors and culinary potential.

Respecting individual tastes

Michael Symon’s aversion to raspberries serves as a reminder that everyone has their own unique preferences and dietary restrictions. It highlights the importance of respecting individual tastes and accommodating diverse palates when cooking and sharing meals with others.

Exploring new flavors

Symon may not like raspberries, but his culinary journey is a testament to the joy of exploring new flavors and embracing different cuisines. Whether it’s trying exotic dishes or experimenting with bold flavor combinations, Symon’s adventurous spirit continues to inspire aspiring chefs and food lovers around the world.


Celebrity chef Michael Symon has an adventurous palate and a genuine passion for exploring different flavors. While he appreciates simplicity and bold flavors, there is one food he simply cannot stand: raspberries. Symon’s aversion to these popular berries stems from a legitimate allergic reaction. His culinary journey serves as a reminder to respect individual tastes while embracing the joy of culinary exploration.


Why does Michael Symon not like raspberries?

Michael Symon simply has a strong aversion to the taste of raspberries. He has expressed his dislike for them, but the exact reason for his preference is not explicitly mentioned in the article.

Are raspberries a common ingredient in Michael Symon’s recipes?

No, raspberries are not a common ingredient in Michael Symon’s recipes due to his personal aversion to them. He prefers to incorporate other flavors and ingredients into his culinary creations.

Does Michael Symon have any food allergies?

Yes, Michael Symon has mentioned on Twitter that he is allergic to raspberries. This allergy likely contributes to his strong dislike of the fruit.

Are raspberries popular in the culinary world despite Michael Symon’s aversion?

Yes, raspberries are widely used and appreciated by many chefs and home cooks for their vibrant color and sweet-tart flavor. Michael Symon’s personal preference does not diminish the popularity of raspberries in the culinary world.

Does Michael Symon’s aversion to raspberries affect his professional career?

No, Michael Symon’s aversion to raspberries does not significantly affect his professional career as a renowned celebrity chef and judge. He continues to showcase his culinary expertise and creativity through his recipes and appearances on various cooking shows.

Does Michael Symon have any other strong food likes or dislikes?

While the article does not mention any other strong food preferences or dislikes of Michael Symon, it does highlight his adventurous palate and willingness to try a wide variety of foods.

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