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The Sweet Revival: Rediscovering the Bizarre Foot-Shaped ’80s Ice Cream

The bizarre foot-shaped ’80s ice cream you forgot about

Remember the ’80s? It was a decade filled with neon colors, big hair, and memorable pop culture moments. One such iconic relic from that era was the foot-shaped ice cream bar called Funny Feet. While it may have been a fleeting trend in the United States, Funny Feet has recently made a comeback across the pond in the UK, much to the delight of nostalgic ice cream lovers.

A blast from the past

Funny Feet, made from strawberry-flavored ice cream, were a unique and whimsical treat that captured the hearts of many in the 80s. Molded into the shape of a foot and attached to a wooden popsicle stick, these bars were a classic sight on ice cream trucks. Despite their unconventional appearance, Funny Feet did not taste like feet, despite what some may have assumed.
While the United States is currently experiencing a ’90s renaissance, complete with scrunchies and bucket hats, the UK is embracing its own ’80s nostalgia. Grocery chain Iceland Foods has exclusively brought back Funny Feet, allowing a new generation to enjoy the sugary delights they missed out on. For those who remember the original Funny Feet, this is a chance to relive cherished childhood memories.

A taste of nostalgia

If you’re in the United Kingdom, you’re in luck. You can now enjoy the delicious taste of Funny Feet once again. Iceland Foods has not only brought back Funny Feet, but also other nostalgic treats from the past. Wham Bars, Foam Bananas and Dib Dab Lollies are just a few of the other beloved treats making a comeback.
While Funny Feet may be exclusive to the UK, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of other culinary delights to explore in the country. From traditional dishes such as bangers and mash and fish and chips to the famous full English breakfast, British cuisine offers a wide range of tastes and experiences.

Embrace the nostalgia

The resurgence of Funny Feet and other ’80s treats is a testament to the enduring power of nostalgia. Not only do these products offer a taste of the past, they also evoke memories of simpler times. Whether you grew up on Funny Feet or are curious to try them for the first time, the availability of these retro treats is something to celebrate.
So, if you happen to be in the UK or are planning a visit, be sure to seek out Funny Feet and indulge in a sweet trip down memory lane. Just remember to bring your appetite and perhaps a fanny pack to hold your passport and other essentials as you embark on this delicious adventure.
With the revival of Funny Feet, we can’t help but wonder what other forgotten culinary gems will make a comeback in the future. Until then, let’s raise our Funny Feet ice cream bars and toast to an enduring love of all things ’80s.


Funny Feet ice cream is a unique foot-shaped treat made from strawberry-flavored ice cream. It was popular in the 1980s and has recently made a comeback.

Where can I find Funny Feet ice cream?

Funny Feet ice cream is currently only available in the UK from Iceland Foods, a grocery chain. If you’re in the UK, you can indulge in this nostalgic treat.

Does Funny Feet ice cream taste like feet?

No, despite its unusual shape, Funny Feet ice cream does not taste like feet. It has a delicious strawberry flavor that ice cream lovers love.

Are there any other nostalgic treats besides Funny Feet?

Yes, Iceland Foods has brought back several other nostalgic treats in addition to Funny Feet. Some of these treats include Wham Bars, Foam Bananas and Dib Dab Lollies.

Can I find Funny Feet ice cream outside of the UK?

Currently Funny Feet Ice Cream is only available in the UK. If you are not in the UK, you may need to plan a visit or keep an eye out for possible international distribution in the future.

Why has the revival of Funny Feet ice cream evoked nostalgia?

The revival of Funny Feet ice cream taps into the power of nostalgia and reminds people of their childhood and simpler times. The unique shape and taste of Funny Feet brings back fond memories for those who enjoyed it in the past and piques the curiosity of those discovering it for the first time.

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