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Unlocking the Secrets of McDonald’s Iced Coffee: What You Need to Know Before Ordering

Everything you need to know about McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Coffee is a beloved morning ritual for many people, and if you’re someone who enjoys getting your coffee on the go, you’ve probably considered grabbing a cup from McDonald’s. While McDonald’s may not have the extensive coffee menu of other popular chains like Starbucks or Dunkin’, they do offer a delicious iced coffee that is definitely worth a try. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about McDonald’s iced coffee before you place your order.

What is McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s ventured into the world of coffee in 2009 with the introduction of its expanded McCafé line of specialty coffee beverages. The menu includes coffee and espresso beverages, smoothies and a variety of baked goods. Despite the seasonal additions, McDonald’s Iced Coffee remains a year-round menu staple.
Unlike some of the more elaborate coffee-based concoctions, McDonald’s Iced Coffee is a simple and refreshing drink. It starts with McCafé Premium Roast Coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans and brewed fresh every half hour. The medium roast delivers a smooth and flavorful taste with a higher caffeine content than darker blends. The coffee is poured over ice and mixed with cream and liquid sugar, available in several flavors.

Flavors of McDonald’s Iced Coffee

While McDonald’s may not offer as many customization options as some other coffee shops, they do offer a few flavors to enhance your iced coffee experience. The main syrups available at McDonald’s are French Vanilla and Caramel, which can be found at all locations. Some locations may also offer additional flavors such as hazelnut and sugar-free vanilla. If none of these flavors appeal to you, you can always opt for plain liquid sugar or request your iced coffee with no added sugar.
The McDonald’s mobile app makes it easy to experiment with different flavor combinations. You can customize your iced coffee by adding syrups used in other beverages on the McCafé menu to create your own unique and delicious blend. For example, you can try a Snickers iced coffee by adding chocolate caramel and dark chocolate syrups, whipped cream and caramel drizzle to an iced hazelnut coffee. Another option is the McBasset, which combines a black iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla soft serve.

The Price of McDonald’s Iced Coffee

One of the biggest benefits of choosing McDonald’s for your daily iced coffee is affordability. While prices may vary slightly based on location and customization, McDonald’s prices are generally lower than other coffee chains. According to Real Menu Prices, a small iced coffee at McDonald’s is around $1.39, a medium is $1.79, and a large is just $1.99. In comparison, a small iced coffee at Dunkin’ can cost $1.99 and a large around $2.79. A tall iced coffee at Starbucks costs about $2.25, and a venti is $2.95.
McDonald’s also offers exclusive deals through its mobile app, allowing customers to enjoy any size iced coffee for just $0.99 every day. These deals make McDonald’s iced coffee an even more appealing option for coffee lovers on a budget.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Taste and Quality

While McDonald’s Iced Coffee may not satisfy the taste preferences of die-hard coffee connoisseurs, it is generally considered a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable beverage for casual coffee drinkers. The flavor of your iced coffee depends largely on the syrup you choose to add. According to Coffee At Three, caramel iced coffee may not be the best option, as it can have a “buttery” taste reminiscent of burnt popcorn. On the other hand, the French vanilla flavored iced coffee receives high praise and is often considered the second best option among McDonald’s iced coffee offerings. Delish also describes McDonald’s iced coffee as “delicious and basically healthy.
A common complaint about McDonald’s iced coffee is that it can lack a strong coffee flavor. However, this can be easily remedied by requesting less cream or omitting it altogether when placing your order. This adjustment allows the coffee flavor to shine through and provides a more robust coffee experience.

Nutritional Information

If you’re watching your calorie intake, McDonald’s iced coffee can be a relatively healthy choice. According to a nutritionist interviewed by Eat This, Not That!, a medium McDonald’s iced coffee is a good choice because it contains less than 200 calories. It also provides a small amount of protein and calcium.
However, it’s important to consider the macros. A medium iced coffee with regular cream and liquid sugar contains 7 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein. Nutritional content may vary depending on the size and customization of your drink. If you’re watching your sugar intake, you can opt for the sugar-free vanilla syrup or request your iced coffee with no added sugar.

Bottom line

McDonald’s Iced Coffee is a convenient and affordable option for those looking for a refreshing beverage on the go. With its simple yet satisfying taste, it offers an enjoyable coffee experience that can be customized to your taste. Whether you prefer the classic flavors of French vanilla or caramel, or like to experiment with different combinations, McDonald’s has options to satisfy your cravings. Plus, the relatively low calorie content makes it a guilt-free indulgence for coffee lovers. So the next time you need a quick caffeine fix, give McDonald’s Iced Coffee a try. You might just discover a new favorite on the menu.


What types of coffee does McDonald’s offer?

McDonald’s offers a variety of coffee options, including their signature McCafé Premium Roast Coffee, which is the base for their Iced Coffee. They also have espresso drinks and seasonal specialty drinks like the Peppermint Mocha.

What flavors are available in McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s offers French Vanilla and Caramel as the primary syrup flavors for its iced coffee. Some locations may have additional options such as hazelnut and sugar-free vanilla.

Can I customize my McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Yes, you can customize your McDonald’s Iced Coffee. You can add different syrups, such as those used in other beverages on the McCafé menu, to create your own unique flavor combinations. You can also request your iced coffee with no added sugar if you prefer.

How much does a McDonald’s Iced Coffee cost?

McDonald’s Iced Coffee prices may vary slightly depending on location and customization. However, as of our knowledge in September 2021, a small iced coffee typically costs around $1.39, a medium costs $1.79, and a large costs $1.99.

Is McDonald’s iced coffee high in calories?

McDonald’s iced coffee can be a relatively healthy choice when it comes to calories. A medium iced coffee with standard whipped cream and liquid sugar typically contains less than 200 calories. However, nutritional content may vary depending on the size and customization of your drink.

Can I get a McDonald’s Iced Coffee with no added sugar?

Yes, you can request your McDonald’s Iced Coffee with no added sugar. If you prefer a sugar-free option, you can also choose sugar-free vanilla syrup as an alternative to regular syrup flavors.

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