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Discover Finland’s Unique Burger King Sauna Experience

This country has a Burger King sauna

Finland, known for its saunas and unique cultural traditions, is taking fast food to a whole new level with the introduction of a Burger King sauna. Located in downtown Helsinki, this unique sauna experience combines the love of saunas and fast food in a truly Finnish way. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of the Burger King sauna and explore what makes it such a popular attraction.

A blend of tradition and modernity

In Finland, saunas occupy an important place in the culture and daily life of its people. It is a country where saunas are not just a luxury, but an essential part of socializing, relaxation and even decision-making. Saunas are so ingrained in Finnish society that they can be found in unexpected places, including ice hockey stadiums and even the Finnish Parliament.

The uniqueness of the Burger King sauna

The Burger King sauna in Helsinki offers a truly extraordinary experience for locals and tourists alike. For approximately $285, visitors can enjoy three hours of pure sauna bliss while indulging in their favorite Burger King meal. The sauna is equipped with exclusive amenities, including locker rooms, a dining area, television and entertainment system. To enhance the experience, guests can rent Burger King towels and even purchase a Burger King-branded bathrobe for a modest price.

A sauna fit for royalty

While we may not have personally experienced the Burger King sauna, celebrities like Paul Rudd and Richard Ayoade have. Paul Rudd even donned a Burger King crown during his visit. While some may question the compatibility of burgers, beer and saunas with health regulations, the unique combination seems to appeal to Finnish and Japanese customers. In fact, the Finnish hockey team celebrated their victory in the junior world championship in the sauna, adding to its appeal.

An honest account of the experience

When Vice journalist Jelisa Castrodale visited the Burger King sauna, she gave an honest account of her experience. She described the intense heat as “a dragon’s a**hole,” but acknowledged the sauna’s popularity with Finnish and Japanese customers. Castrodale opted for a Whopper, fries, a Coke and a milkshake during her visit, and although she humorously claimed to have felt like she was dying at least twice while eating, it’s clear that the unique combination of sauna and fast food has its appeal.

The verdict

The Burger King sauna in Helsinki, Finland, is a testament to the country’s love of saunas and innovative ideas. It combines the traditional sauna experience with the convenience and indulgence of fast food, creating a unique and memorable experience. While the sauna experience may not be for everyone, it undeniably offers a unique way to enjoy a Burger King meal while embracing Finnish culture.
In conclusion, the Burger King sauna is a symbol of Finland’s rich sauna heritage and its willingness to push the boundaries of the fast food industry. Whether you find the idea intriguing or bizarre, there’s no denying the creativity and appeal of this unique dining experience. So the next time you are in Helsinki, why not take a detour from the ordinary and enjoy a sauna adventure at the Burger King sauna?


The Burger King Sauna is a unique concept located in downtown Helsinki, Finland. It combines the traditional Finnish sauna experience with the convenience of a Burger King meal.

How much does a visit to the Burger King sauna cost?

The approximate cost to enjoy the Burger King sauna experience is approximately $285. This price includes three hours of sauna use, access to amenities such as locker rooms and a dining area, and the option to rent towels and purchase a Burger King-branded bathrobe.

What amenities are available at the Burger King sauna?

The Burger King sauna offers a number of amenities to enhance the experience. These include locker rooms for changing clothes, a dedicated eating area, a TV and entertainment system. Guests can also rent Burger King towels and purchase a Burger King-branded bathrobe.

Is Burger King’s sauna a popular attraction?

Yes, the Burger King sauna is popular with both locals and tourists. It has received a rating of 3.71 out of 5 stars on the Finnish sauna booking system, SaunaOnline. Celebrities such as Paul Rudd and Richard Ayoade have visited the sauna, adding to its appeal.

Can you eat Burger King food in the sauna?

Yes, guests can enjoy their favorite Burger King meals while in the sauna. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy a Whopper, fries, Coke or any other Burger King menu item while relaxing in the sauna environment.

What is the general perception of the Burger King sauna experience?

Opinions may vary, but the Burger King sauna experience is generally well received by customers. While the intense heat of the sauna may be a challenge for some, the combination of sauna and fast food has its appeal. Finnish and Japanese customers in particular seem to appreciate the unique blend of traditions.

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