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Master the Art of Salad Balance with Ree Drummond’s Expert Tip

Ree Drummond’s tip for a perfectly balanced salad

Salads are often thought of as a healthy and refreshing addition to any meal. But not all salads are created equal. While some may be lackluster and uninspiring, Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, has a tip for creating a perfectly balanced salad that will satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. Let’s dive into her expert advice and discover the secrets behind her flavorful salad creations.

Ree Drummond: More Than a Cowgirl

Ree Drummond, a renowned food blogger, author, and television personality, is widely recognized for her expertise in creating delicious and wholesome recipes. Despite living on a cattle ranch with her cowboy husband, the Marlboro Man, Drummond’s culinary journey began during her college years when she embraced a vegetarian lifestyle. Although she has since transitioned away from vegetarianism, her passion for plant-based recipes remains evident in her cooking.

Salads that steal the show

Drummond’s repertoire of recipes includes a variety of delicious dishes, but it’s her salads that really steal the show. Unlike the typical drab side dish of lettuce, Drummond’s salads are bursting with vibrant colors, textures, and flavors. She expertly combines a medley of vegetables and even incorporates multiple types of protein to create salads that are anything but ordinary.

The Importance of Balance

When it comes to creating a salad that delights the palate, balance is key. Ree Drummond’s top tip revolves around choosing the right lettuce varieties that can withstand the weight of the ingredients and dressing without losing their crispness. In her layered salad recipe, she uses a combination of iceberg lettuce and baby spinach, with the iceberg serving as a sturdy base for the other ingredients. According to Drummond, iceberg lettuce is an excellent choice because of its sturdy structure and ability to hold up well against the other ingredients.

Unlocking the layers of flavor

Layered salads, like the one Ree Drummond recommends, are a fantastic way to up your salad game. Unlike tossed salads, where the ingredients are mixed together, layered salads are assembled in a way that allows each component to shine individually. Traditionally served in trifle or clear deep bowls, layered salads show off their beautiful layers, making them visually appealing.

Perfect for on-the-go and potlucks

One of the great things about layered salads is their portability. Whether you’re heading to a picnic or need a salad that can withstand transport, a layered salad is an excellent choice. The bottom layers act as a protective barrier to keep the lettuce crisp and fresh, even if the salad is prepared in advance. If you’re bringing a layered salad to a potluck, you can chop all the vegetables and layer them ahead of time. Add the dressing just before serving for optimal texture and flavor.

Avoid soggy salads

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of a soggy salad. But with a layered salad, you can say goodbye to the dreaded sogginess. By strategically layering ingredients, the lettuce, typically the first victim of sogginess, is protected from excess moisture. Both iceberg and romaine lettuce are ideal options for the base layer due to their sturdy structure and hearty leaves that can withstand the weight of toppings and dressings. For added nutritional value, spinach and kale can be incorporated for their vibrant colors, distinct flavors and health benefits.

Up your salad game with Ree Drummond’s tip

Ree Drummond’s Tip for a Perfectly Balanced Salad offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for creating salads that are not only visually appealing, but also bursting with flavor. By choosing the right lettuce varieties and embracing the concept of layered salads, you can enjoy salads that stay crisp, vibrant, and satisfying until the very last bite. So go ahead and experiment with different ingredients, textures and dressings to up your salad game and make every meal a delicious and nutritious experience.
Remember, a perfectly balanced salad is not only a feast for the senses, but also a testament to your culinary skills. Let Ree Drummond’s expert advice guide you as you embark on a journey to create salads that will leave a lasting impression on both your taste buds and your guests. Happy Salad Making!


What makes Ree Drummond’s salads so special?

Ree Drummond’s salads are anything but ordinary, with vibrant colors, diverse ingredients, and the incorporation of multiple types of protein.

Why is balance important in a salad?

Balance is essential in a salad to ensure that every bite is delicious. It involves choosing lettuce that can hold up to the ingredients and dressing, and provide a solid foundation for the other components.

What is a layered salad?

A layered salad is one in which the ingredients are stacked on top of each other rather than tossed together. It is traditionally served in clear, deep bowls so that the layers can be appreciated visually.

Why are layered salads great for on-the-go or potlucks?

Layered salads are ideal for on-the-go or potlucks because the bottom layers act as a protective barrier to keep the lettuce from getting soggy. They can be prepared ahead of time by chopping the vegetables and adding the dressing just before serving.

How do I keep my salad from getting soggy?

To avoid a soggy salad, consider using sturdy lettuces such as iceberg and romaine as a base layer. In addition, strategically layering ingredients will help protect the lettuce from excess moisture and keep it crisp.

Can I add nutrition to my salad?

Yes, you can! To enhance the nutritional value of your salad, you can include lettuces such as spinach and kale, which add color, flavor, and health benefits such as vitamins and minerals to your meal.

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