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Master the Art of Creating Copycat Kewpie Mayo with This Easy Trick

The Easy Trick To Making Copycat Kewpie Mayo At Home

Mayonnaise lovers around the world are often on the hunt for the perfect brand of mayo to satisfy their taste buds. One brand that has gained a cult following among chefs and food enthusiasts is Kewpie Mayo. Known for its rich and unique flavor, Kewpie Mayo is a staple in many kitchens. While it can be easily purchased at retailers like Walmart and Asian specialty markets, some adventurous home cooks prefer to make their own version of this popular mayo. Fortunately, making your own Kewpie mayo at home is easier than you might think.

The Homemade Kewpie Mayo Recipe

According to a TikTok user named @atablefortwoplease, you only need a few basic ingredients to make your own batch of homemade Kewpie mayo. The recipe calls for eggs, mustard, salt, spices, lemon juice, and mirin. Simply combine these ingredients and whisk until you reach your desired consistency. The result is a creamy mayo that closely resembles the Japanese mayo we all love. However, it’s worth noting that some viewers on TikTok have pointed out a difference in the recipe. Kewpie mayo traditionally uses only egg yolks, while the homemade version uses the whole egg. However, the homemade mayo still captures the essence of Kewpie mayo and is a delicious alternative for those who prefer to make it from scratch.

Unlocking that special Kewpie flavor

One of the key factors that sets Kewpie Mayo apart is its unique flavor profile. Authentic Kewpie mayo is made exclusively from egg yolks, vinegar, vegetable oil and salt. In Japan, mayo also contains MSG, which contributes to its distinctive umami flavor. In the United States, however, MSG is not used and yeast extract is used as a substitute. To replicate the traditional flavor enhancer, you can find yeast extract in most grocery stores. While the exact types of vinegar used in Kewpie Mayo are not disclosed, a combination of apple cider, rice, and malt vinegar is commonly speculated. Experimenting with different vinegar blends may help you achieve the flavor you prefer.

Customize your copycat Kewpie Mayo

Depending on your location and personal taste preferences, you can further customize your Kewpie Mayo knockoff to suit your culinary creations. In different parts of the world, Kewpie Mayo may have slight variations to suit regional tastes. For example, in China, the mayo tends to be sweeter and is often used as a binder in fruit salads. If this sounds appealing to you, consider adding a dash of sugar to your homemade mayo recipe. In Malaysia, there are two different versions of Kewpie mayo: regular and chili, which has a spicy kick. To make the chili version, you can add chili powder, pepper flakes or hot sauce to your mayo, depending on your desired level of heat.

Bottom line

Making your own homemade Kewpie mayo is a fun and rewarding culinary adventure. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a creamy and flavorful mayo that closely resembles the beloved Japanese mayo. While the homemade version may differ slightly from the traditional Kewpie Mayo recipe, it still captures the essence of its unique flavor profile. Whether you’re a mayo lover looking for a new taste experience or an aspiring chef looking to add a special touch to your dishes, try this simple trick and enjoy the homemade goodness of Kewpie Mayo imitation.


Can I use the whole egg instead of just the yolk?

Yes, the homemade version of Kewpie Mayo in this recipe uses the whole egg. While traditional Kewpie mayo uses only egg yolks, using the whole egg still results in a creamy and delicious mayo that is similar to the unique Kewpie flavor.

Can I substitute the spices listed in the recipe?

Yes, you can experiment with different seasonings to customize the taste of your Kewpie Mayo knockoff. Feel free to adjust the seasoning to your taste preferences or try adding your own favorite spices to enhance the flavor of the mayo.

Can I find yeast extract in most grocery stores?

Yes, yeast extract is available in most grocery stores and can be used as a substitute for MSG in the homemade Kewpie Mayo recipe. Look for it in the spice or condiment section of your local supermarket.

Can I use different types of vinegar in my homemade Kewpie Mayo?

While the specific types of vinegar used in Kewpie Mayo aren’t specified, you can experiment with different vinegar blends to achieve the flavor profile you prefer. Apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, and malt vinegar are popular options to try.

Can I add additional ingredients to customize my Kewpie Mayo?

Absolutely! Making your own Kewpie Mayo gives you creative freedom. You can add a dash of sugar for a sweeter taste, or add chili powder, pepper flakes, or hot sauce to give your mayo a spicy kick. Feel free to experiment and make it your own.

How long does homemade Kewpie Mayo keep?

Homemade Kewpie Mayo can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week. Be sure to check for any signs of spoilage before using it in your dishes and discard if it appears or smells off.

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