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The Journey of Nikki Steward: Unveiling the Secrets of the Celebrity Weed Chef

The untold truth about Nikki Steward, the celebrity weed chef

If you’re a fan of food and marijuana, you’ve probably heard of celebrity chef Nikki Steward. With a background in pharmaceutical sciences and a passion for the culinary arts, Steward has become a world-renowned chef known for her unique style of cooking with cannabis. In this article, we’ll delve into the untold truth about Nikki Steward and explore her journey from a career in healthcare to becoming a celebrity weed chef.

Steward’s early inspiration: Her grandmother

Although Steward’s culinary career didn’t begin until her late 20s, her love affair with food began as a young girl in her grandmother’s kitchen. Her grandmother was the only person who cooked all her food from scratch, and Steward learned valuable cooking tips and techniques from her. From delicious pound cakes to broccoli in broth, Steward’s grandmother’s Sunday dinners after church were the starting point of her culinary journey.

From pharmaceuticals to cooking

Steward initially pursued a career in pharmaceutical sciences, working at a CVS pharmacy. However, she felt unfulfilled and wanted a career that was more “soul-satisfying”. Inspired by the idea of preparing healing foods and creating elevated culinary experiences, Steward decided to combine her pharmaceutical background with her passion for cooking. She began experimenting with cooking during her college years, selling homemade alcohol and pot-infused cakes from her dorm room.
Today, Steward’s pharmaceutical expertise gives her a unique edge in the culinary industry. She carefully infuses food with cannabis without overpowering the flavours, drawing on her knowledge of chemistry and molecular gastronomy. Through trial and error and consultation with experts in the field, Steward has developed balanced products and exciting new recipes that promote wellness.

Cooking for A-list celebrities

One of Steward’s specialities is cooking for celebrities from all over the world. She has catered for celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and worked with renowned artists such as DJ Khaled. Steward enjoys travelling and the excitement of creating bespoke menus for her clients. But she stresses the high standards and privacy that come with cooking for A-list celebrities. It requires dedication, attention to detail and the ability to deliver exceptional culinary experiences.

A non-traditional culinary education

Unlike many celebrity chefs, Steward did not attend culinary school. Instead, she embarked on an immersive training journey, travelling the world and working in restaurants under James Beard Award-winning chefs. This allowed her to learn different cooking styles and techniques from different cultures. Steward’s training, known as a stage, nurtured her talent over time and gave her a comprehensive understanding of the culinary industry.

Savoury cannabis infusions: A growing trend

While sweet treats like brownies and chocolates are commonly associated with marijuana edibles, Steward is at the forefront of a growing trend: incorporating cannabis into savoury dishes. She believes that if cannabis is infused correctly, the consumer should feel the effects without actually tasting it. Steward describes cannabis in food as a complement rather than an overpowering ingredient.
Among Steward’s repertoire of dishes, her macaroni and cheese stands out as one of the most popular. Comforting and delicious, it has become a favourite with her customers, including Dave Chappelle. Steward’s macaroni and cheese has even become the subject of anecdotes from Chappelle himself.


Nikki Steward’s journey from pharmaceutical scientist to celebrity weed chef is a testament to following one’s passion and finding a career that aligns with one’s values. With her unique culinary style, pharmaceutical expertise and experience cooking for A-list celebrities, Steward has carved a niche for herself in the culinary world. With her innovative approach to incorporating cannabis into savoury dishes, she continues to push boundaries and create exciting culinary experiences for her clients and fans.
– “The untold truth of Nikki Steward, the celebrity weed chef” – Mashed


What inspired Nikki Steward to become a celebrity weed chef?

Nikki Steward’s inspiration to become a celebrity weed chef stemmed from her dissatisfaction with her career in pharmaceutical science. She wanted a more fulfilling and soul-satisfying path that combined her passion for the culinary arts and her interest in preparing healing foods.

How did Nikki Steward develop her culinary skills?

Nikki Steward acquired her culinary skills through an immersive educational journey. She travelled the world working in restaurants under renowned chefs who had won the prestigious James Beard Award. This hands-on experience allowed her to learn different cooking styles and techniques from different cultures.

What makes Nikki Steward’s approach to cooking with cannabis unique?

Nikki Steward’s approach to cooking with cannabis is unique because of her pharmaceutical background. She carefully balances the flavours of her dishes with ingredients that promote wellness. She uses her knowledge of chemistry and molecular gastronomy to create balanced products and exciting recipes that incorporate cannabis without overpowering the flavours.

Has Nikki Steward cooked for any famous celebrities?

Yes, Nikki Steward has cooked for A-list celebrities. She has catered for the likes of Snoop Dogg and has had the opportunity to work with artists such as DJ Khaled. Her ability to create bespoke menus to suit the tastes of her celebrity clients has made her a sought-after chef in the industry.

Does Nikki Steward offer any savoury cannabis-infused dishes?

Yes, Nikki Steward is known for incorporating cannabis into savoury dishes, which is a growing trend in the culinary world. She believes that cannabis should be infused correctly so that consumers can feel the effects without actually tasting it. One of her most popular dishes is her macaroni and cheese, which has been praised by clients such as Dave Chappelle.

How has Nikki Steward’s grandmother influenced her culinary journey?

Nikki Steward’s grandmother played an important role in her culinary journey. Steward’s love of food began in her grandmother’s kitchen, where she learned valuable cooking tips and techniques. Her grandmother was the only person who made all her food from scratch, and her Sunday dinners were the starting point for Steward’s passion for cooking.

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