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The Secret Behind Ina Garten’s Decision to Film Outside Her Home Kitchen

The real reason Ina Garten doesn’t film in her kitchen

Ina Garten, the beloved Food Network TV personality and cookbook author, has captured the hearts of millions with her warm personality and delicious recipes. Fans of Garten’s show, Barefoot Contessa, may have wondered why she doesn’t film in her own home kitchen. The answer lies in her desire for a healthy work-life balance and the creation of a dedicated workspace tailored to her needs.

A sanctuary for work and play

Garten’s journey to separate her work and personal spaces began with the realization that cooking for fun and working in the same kitchen was not conducive to maintaining a healthy balance. In an interview with NYT Cooking, she explained that she used to work and film in her home, but it became overwhelming. To address this, she decided to create a separate work kitchen on her property in East Hampton, New York.

Commuting to work, Ina Garten style

Unlike the average person’s daily commute, Garten’s commute is a short and serene walk across her lawn. The barn, as she affectionately calls her work kitchen, was built between 2006 and 2007 and customized to her specific needs. The New York Times reports that the barn is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, including double ovens, two sub-zero refrigerators and an eight-burner Viking stove. The countertops are made of beautiful Belgian stone, and a 17th-century cabinet from Italy displays her collection of kitchenware. To complete the space, there is a massive antique Swiss pine dining table where Garten can gather with her team or take a moment to enjoy a meal.

A space with character

Garten’s vision for her work kitchen was to create an environment that exuded charm and authenticity. She worked closely with architect Frank Greenwald to bring her vision to life. Instead of opting for a sleek and modern aesthetic, Garten wanted the barn to have a sense of history and “patina. The use of antique furniture, such as the 17th-century display case, adds character and a touch of nostalgia to the space. By designing a kitchen that doesn’t look like a set, Garten ensures that her work environment feels real and conducive to her creative process.

Writing projects and cookbooks

While Garten’s work kitchen serves as the backdrop for her television show, Barefoot Contessa, it was designed primarily for her writing projects. Garten has published 11 cookbooks to date, most of which were conceived, tested, and photographed in her work kitchen. The secluded and quiet atmosphere of the barn allows her to focus on her writing and recipe development without distractions. By having a dedicated workspace for her culinary endeavors, Garten has found a recipe for success in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Ina Garten’s decision to create a separate work kitchen has proven to be a wise one. It allows her to have a sanctuary for work while maintaining the comfort and privacy of her home kitchen. By prioritizing her well-being and creating a space that accommodates her creative process, Garten continues to inspire and delight audiences around the world with her delicious recipes and warm personality.


Ina Garten chose not to film in her home kitchen to maintain a healthy work-life balance and separate her personal and professional spaces.

Where does Ina Garten film her cooking show, Barefoot Contessa?

Ina Garten films her cooking show, Barefoot Contessa, in a specially designed commercial kitchen on her estate in East Hampton, New York.

What is unique about Ina Garten’s commercial kitchen?

Ina Garten’s commercial kitchen, often referred to as “the barn,” is outfitted with top-of-the-line appliances, custom Belgian stone countertops, and antique furniture that adds a sense of charm and history to the space.

Did Ina Garten design her commercial kitchen specifically for her TV show?

No, Ina Garten designed her work kitchen primarily for her writing projects, not for her TV show. The space allows her to focus on developing recipes and working on her cookbooks.

How does having a separate commercial kitchen benefit Ina Garten?

Having a separate commercial kitchen allows Ina Garten to create a clear separation between her professional and personal life. She can easily step away from work by closing the door to the barn, which helps her maintain a healthy work-life balance.

How has Ina Garten’s commercial kitchen contributed to her success?

Ina Garten’s work kitchen provides her with a dedicated and quiet environment to focus on her creative process. Having a separate space allows her to fully immerse herself in her writing projects and recipe development, which has contributed to her success as a renowned cookbook author and TV personality.

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