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Why Julia Roberts’ Kids Are Urging Her to Open a Restaurant

Why Julia Roberts’ kids want her to open her own restaurant

Julia Roberts, the renowned Oscar-winning actress and prolific producer, has captured the hearts of her fans with her incredible talent on the big screen. However, it seems that her children have one more request for their multi-talented mother – they want her to open her own restaurant. In this article, we explore why Julia Roberts’ children are eager to see her venture into the culinary world.

Praise for Julia Roberts’ cooking skills

It all started when Julia Roberts’ three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry, expressed their admiration for their mother’s culinary skills. In a 2011 interview with People, Roberts revealed that her children considered her a skilled cook and even suggested that she open a restaurant. This praise from her children is a testament to Roberts’ talent in the kitchen and the joy she finds in creating delicious meals for her loved ones.

A passion for feeding people

For Julia Roberts, cooking is not just a skill, it’s a passion. In a 2015 interview with E! News, she expressed her love of cooking and the joy of feeding people. Roberts shared that she cooks whatever anyone wants to eat and finds immense joy in the act of feeding others. For her, being able to provide delicious meals is one of the greatest joys in life.

A balancing act

Despite her successful acting career, Julia Roberts prioritizes her role as a mother. She often prefers the title “stay-at-home mom” to her accolades as an Oscar-winning actress. Roberts views her household as her own director’s chair, taking charge of her children’s routines and responsibilities. That dedication extends to the food she prepares for her family.

Mindful Eating and the Good Stuff

Julia Roberts emphasizes the importance of mindful eating when it comes to planning her family’s meals. She believes in eating healthy, nutritious foods to nourish both the body and the mind. Roberts encourages her children to understand that eating “the good stuff” leads to overall wellness. A typical day in her household might include homemade granola and yogurt for breakfast, a vegetable-rich lunch like artichoke polenta, and a healthy fish dinner with more vegetables.

Finding balance

While Julia Roberts takes a mindful approach to eating, she also believes in finding balance in life. She’s not afraid to indulge in carbohydrates or a cookie when the occasion calls for it. Roberts understands that maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves more than just strict dieting and rigorous exercise. Drinking water, getting enough sleep, and staying happy are essential components of her overall well-being.

Bottom line

Julia Roberts’ children’s desire for her to open her own restaurant is a testament to her exceptional culinary skills and the love she puts into every meal. As a dedicated mother and talented actress, Roberts finds joy in nourishing her loved ones and emphasizing the importance of mindful eating and finding balance in life. While we may not see Julia Roberts opening a restaurant anytime soon, her passion for cooking and dedication to her family’s well-being is an inspiration to us all.


Why do Julia Roberts’ children want her to open her own restaurant?

Julia Roberts’ children believe that she is a talented cook and have expressed their admiration for her culinary skills. They think it would be a great idea for her to share her passion for cooking with others by opening a restaurant.

Does Julia Roberts plan to open a restaurant?

While there has been no official confirmation from Julia Roberts about her plans to open a restaurant, her children’s suggestion has sparked interest and speculation among her fans and the media.

What kind of food does Julia Roberts like to cook?

Julia Roberts loves to cook a variety of dishes and is open to preparing whatever her loved ones request. She enjoys creating meals that appeal to different tastes and preferences.

Does Julia Roberts have any professional culinary training?

There is no information to suggest that Julia Roberts has any formal culinary training. However, her passion for cooking and experience in the kitchen have undoubtedly honed her skills over the years.

Would Julia Roberts’ restaurant be based on a particular cuisine?

At this point, it is unclear what type of cuisine Julia Roberts would offer if she were to open a restaurant. Given her versatility and willingness to cook a variety of dishes, her restaurant could potentially offer a diverse menu.

How does Julia Roberts prioritize her family’s eating habits?

Julia Roberts emphasizes mindful eating and strives to incorporate nutritious and healthy foods into her family’s meals. She believes that eating “the good stuff” is essential to overall wellness.

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