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The Bitter Taste: Anthony Bourdain’s Hatred for Johnny Rockets Revealed

Why Anthony Bourdain Hated Johnny Rockets

Anthony Bourdain was known for his unfiltered opinions and outspoken nature. Whether through his books or television shows like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, he never held back when it came to expressing his dislikes. And one establishment that faced his verbal wrath was Johnny Rockets, the popular burger chain with a classic Americana twist. So what led to Bourdain’s disdain for Johnny Rockets? Let’s dive into the reasons behind Anthony Bourdain’s hatred for Johnny Rockets.

A seasoned culinary expert

Before we dive into why Bourdain disliked Johnny Rockets, it’s important to note that he had a wealth of experience in the culinary world. Throughout his career, Bourdain had worked in various positions in kitchens, from dishwasher to chef. His time in the industry has given him in-depth knowledge and a discerning palate, making his opinions on restaurants especially important.

The Johnny Rockets Tweetstorm

In 2013, the world learned of Bourdain’s strong dislike for Johnny Rockets when he took to Twitter to air his grievances about a disappointing airport meal. His tweet read, “The cold pre-cooked burger patties and stale fries at otherwise empty airport #JohnnyRockets a nice touch,” accompanied by a profanity-laced hashtag that conveyed his dissatisfaction. But Bourdain didn’t stop there; he went on to threaten physical harm, tweeting, “If there’s a real Mr. Rockets out there, I’d like to hurt him. #JohnnyRockets #ProudlyInedible.” Shortly after, he added, “Shameful, shameful basket of uncaring, unconscionable s***. #JohnnyRockets #noKindOfBurger.”
Bourdain’s angry mini-tweetstorm pointed out that the Johnny Rockets location he visited had served him a plate of substandard food, prompting his strong reaction. His Twitter followers chimed in, sharing their own negative experiences with the chain’s food and criticizing the high prices for the inferior burgers.

Food and attitude

While it’s obvious that Bourdain’s displeasure stemmed from the food he was served at Johnny Rockets, it wasn’t just about taste. As a trained and professional chef, Bourdain had a deep appreciation for the art of cooking. According to Eater, Johnny Rockets was responsible for serving him the worst airport meal of his life. Even in 2016, during his appearance on Conan, Bourdain still expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “I’ve eaten a lot of really disgusting things on my show, but nothing as soul-destroying as my airport Johnny Rockets experience.”
The quality of the food undoubtedly contributed to Bourdain’s disdain. What bothered him most, however, was the lack of dedication and enthusiasm on the part of the staff. He found their demeanor to be passive and robotic, which added to his disappointment. Bourdain admitted that the whole experience left him feeling miserable and depressed for days. It was a far cry from the kind of dining experience he valued and appreciated.

A moment of perfect misery

While some may argue that Bourdain exaggerated his experience at Johnny Rockets, it is clear that it was a memorable and negative one for him. He described it as a “moment of perfect misery” and emphasized that it was one of his least favorite dining experiences. Bourdain’s strong reaction to Johnny Rockets underscores his commitment to quality food and his disdain for lackluster establishments that fail to meet culinary standards.
In conclusion.
Anthony Bourdain’s hatred for Johnny Rockets was rooted in his disappointment with the quality of the food and the lack of passion displayed by the staff. As a seasoned chef and passionate advocate for exceptional dining experiences, Bourdain held restaurants to a high standard. Johnny Rockets’ failure to meet those standards led to his scathing criticism. While everyone’s culinary preferences may differ, it’s clear that for Bourdain, Johnny Rockets fell short of his expectations.


What led to Anthony Bourdain’s strong dislike of Johnny Rockets?

Anthony Bourdain’s disdain for Johnny Rockets stemmed from a combination of factors, including the poor quality of the food he was served and the lack of dedication and enthusiasm of the staff.

Was Anthony Bourdain’s negative experience limited to one particular Johnny Rockets location?

While Bourdain’s initial tweet expressed his dissatisfaction with a specific Johnny Rockets airport location, it is indicative of his overall opinion of the chain. His criticism went beyond a single experience, highlighting broader issues with the establishment.

Did Anthony Bourdain have a personal grudge against Johnny Rockets?

Bourdain’s distaste for Johnny Rockets was not personal, but rather a reflection of his professional standards and expectations as a trained chef. He held the chain to the same culinary standards as any other establishment.

Have other people had similar negative experiences with Johnny Rockets?

Yes, after Anthony Bourdain’s tweet, many of his Twitter followers shared their own negative experiences with Johnny Rockets, expressing disappointment with the quality of the food and the high prices for subpar offerings.

Did Anthony Bourdain’s criticism of Johnny Rockets extend beyond the food?

While the poor quality of the food was a significant factor in Bourdain’s criticism, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of commitment and enthusiasm of the staff. The overall dining experience played a role in his negative perception of the chain.

Did Anthony Bourdain exaggerate his experience at Johnny Rockets?

While Bourdain’s strong language and passionate reactions may have added intensity to his criticism, his negative experience at Johnny Rockets was genuine. As a renowned chef with a discerning palate, he had high expectations for the establishments he dined at, and Johnny Rockets fell short of those expectations.

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