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The Potato Obsession: Unveiling Five Guys’ Commitment to Perfection

Why Five Guys Are Obsessed With Their Potatoes

When it comes to fast food chains, Five Guys has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Known for its delicious burgers and mouthwatering fries, Five Guys has gained a loyal following that keeps coming back for more. But have you ever wondered why Five Guys is so particular about its potatoes? In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating reasons behind Five Guys’ obsession with their potatoes and why it sets them apart from other fast food chains.

A burger chain like no other

Founded in 1986 by Jerry and Janie Murrell, Five Guys Burgers and Fries took a unique approach from the start. Instead of following the traditional norms of a burger chain, the Murrells decided to do things their own way. They gave their four sons the choice of going to college or starting a business, and Five Guys was born. That independent spirit and commitment to forging their own path would later become the driving force behind their obsession with quality ingredients, including their potatoes.

Freshness is key

One of the core principles that Five Guys refuses to compromise on is using only the freshest ingredients. While many fast food chains rely on frozen or pre-packaged ingredients for the sake of convenience and efficiency, Five Guys takes a different approach. They insist on using fresh ground beef and real peanut oil, and perhaps most importantly, they never use frozen potatoes. This commitment to freshness is a big reason why Five Guys fries have gained a cult following and are widely regarded as some of the best in the fast food industry.

Inspiration from the Boardwalk

The story behind Five Guys fries can be traced back to the Murrell family’s love of boardwalk fries. While vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland, they were captivated by the unique texture and flavor of these fries. Unlike the crispy fries found at other chains, boardwalk fries are known for their firm exterior and soft, mashed-potato-like interior. This became the inspiration for Five Guys’ fries, and they set out to recreate this distinctive style.

Choosing the right potatoes

To achieve the perfect texture and flavor in their fries, Five Guys has to choose the right potatoes. They prefer denser, higher quality potatoes that produce better results. Most of their potatoes come from Idaho, specifically from areas north of the 42nd parallel. According to founder Jerry Murrell, potatoes grown in this region are firmer and of higher quality. They benefit from warm daytime temperatures and cooler nights, which contribute to their density and overall flavor.

The Science of Frying

While fries may seem like a simple side dish, Five Guys has elevated their preparation to an art form. They have developed unique methods and techniques to ensure their fries stand out from the rest. According to Chad Murrell, one of the five sons, making Five Guys fries is not as easy as it seems. It requires using the best ingredients and following precise methods. Five Guys fry cooks have even been called “mad scientists” for their dedication and attention to detail.

The Secret Ingredient

So what is the secret to the irresistible taste of Five Guys fries? While some attribute it to the use of peanut oil and others point to the unique texture, the real secret lies in the time and effort Five Guys puts into sourcing its ingredients. By carefully selecting the right potatoes, using fresh peanut oil, and applying their specialized cooking techniques, Five Guys ensures that every batch of fries is a masterpiece.

A Cult Following

It’s no wonder that Five Guys’ obsession with their potatoes has earned them a cult following. The combination of fresh, high-quality ingredients and their dedication to perfecting the art of frying has resulted in fries that are simply irresistible. Customers flock to Five Guys not only for their juicy burgers, but also for the unforgettable experience of indulging in their perfectly cooked, boardwalk-style fries.

A commitment to quality

Five Guys’ obsession with their potatoes is a testament to their overall commitment to quality. They refuse to cut corners or compromise on the ingredients that go into their food. From the freshly ground beef to the real peanut oil to the carefully selected potatoes, every element of their menu is carefully selected to provide the best possible taste and experience for their customers.

Bottom line

In a fast-food landscape where convenience often takes precedence over quality, Five Guys stands out for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Their obsession with their potatoes is a prime example of their dedication to sourcing the best ingredients and going above and beyond to create a truly exceptional dining experience. So the next time you bite into a Five Guys fry, you can appreciate the thought, care, and passion that went into making it one of the best fries in the fast food world.


Why does Five Guys insist on using fresh potatoes?

Answer: Five Guys believes in providing the best quality to its customers. Using fresh potatoes ensures superior taste, texture and overall quality for their fries, setting them apart from other fast food chains.

What makes Five Guys fries different from other fast food chains?

Answer: Five Guys’ fries are inspired by “boardwalk fries,” known for their firm exterior and mashed-potato-like interior. They prioritize achieving this unique texture and flavor that makes their fries stand out in the fast food industry.

Why do you choose specific Idaho potatoes?

Answer: Five Guys prefers potatoes from areas north of the 42nd parallel in Idaho. These potatoes grow in warm daytime temperatures and cool nights, resulting in denser, higher quality potatoes that are perfect for their French fries.

Are all Five Guys potatoes grown in Idaho?

Answer: While most of Five Guys’ potatoes come from Idaho, specifically north of the 42nd parallel, they occasionally use Norkotah russet potatoes from Washington when their usual Burbank Idaho russet potatoes are too soft for frying.

What is the secret to the taste of Five Guys fries?

Answer: The secret lies in the time and effort Five Guys puts into sourcing their ingredients and perfecting their cooking techniques. From selecting the right potatoes to using fresh peanut oil, their commitment to quality ensures the unmatched taste of their fries.

Why are Five Guys fries considered the best in fast food?

Answer: Five Guys’ commitment to using fresh potatoes, their unique cooking methods, and their dedication to quality results in fries that have gained a cult following. The combination of taste, texture and attention to detail sets them apart and makes them highly regarded in the fast food industry.

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