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Membership Revocation: The Actions That Can Cost You Your Sam’s Club Privileges

What can terminate your Sam’s Club membership?

Warehouse shopping experiences like those offered by Sam’s Club have become increasingly popular among Americans. These membership-based stores promise great deals and savings in exchange for an annual fee. However, it’s important to note that membership privileges can be revoked under certain circumstances. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Sam’s Club may choose to revoke a member’s membership and provide insight on how to avoid such situations.

Writing Bad Checks

One of the first offenses that can lead to membership termination is writing bad checks. It’s important to maintain financial responsibility when conducting transactions at Sam’s Club. Writing checks that bounce or are dishonored could result in the loss of your membership. Always make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before making a purchase or payment.


Shoplifting is another serious offense that may result in termination of your Sam’s Club membership. It’s important to remember that the employees who check your receipt at the exit are not there solely to prevent theft. Sam’s Club takes shoplifting seriously and has strict policies in place to deter and address this behavior. Obeying the law and respecting the rights of others is essential to maintaining your membership privileges.

Violent Behavior

Sam’s Club is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for its members and associates. Any form of violent behavior is strictly prohibited and may result in membership termination. This includes physical abuse, threats, disrespect and the use of profanity toward Sam’s Club employees. It’s important to treat others with kindness and respect to promote a positive shopping experience for everyone.

Mistreatment of Sam’s Club associates

Members are expected to treat Sam’s Club associates with dignity and respect. Any form of mistreatment, including verbal abuse, disrespect or threats to associates, may result in revocation of your membership. Remember that the employees are there to serve you and provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience. It is important to be courteous and polite to them.

Questionable returns

Sam’s Club allows its members to make returns within a reasonable time frame. However, repeated returns or abuse of the return policy may be considered a violation of membership privileges. While the site does not provide a specific definition of “questionable returns,” it is important to use the return policy responsibly and avoid returning items excessively or years later. Such behavior may imply that you are not satisfied with the store, even if you are not.

Sam’s Club Right to Cancel Membership

It’s important to note that Sam’s Club home office reserves the right to accept, reject or revoke any membership without cause. This means that even if your actions do not fall under the specifically listed offenses, the company still has the authority to terminate your membership if it deems it necessary. To ensure the longevity of your membership, it is advisable to abide by the rules of the store, be a responsible shopper, and treat others with respect.


Being a Sam’s Club member comes with many benefits, but it also comes with responsibilities. To avoid the risk of having your membership revoked, it is important to follow the store’s guidelines and policies. This includes refraining from writing bad checks, shoplifting, violent behavior, mistreating employees, and questionable return practices. By being a conscientious member, you can enjoy a positive shopping experience while retaining the privileges that Sam’s Club offers.
Remember, your membership is a privilege, and it’s up to you to protect it by acting responsibly and respectfully while shopping. By doing so, you can continue to enjoy the great offers and savings that Sam’s Club provides to its valued members.


Writing a bad check at Sam’s Club may result in termination of your membership.

Can shoplifting terminate my Sam’s Club membership?

Yes, shoplifting may result in termination of your Sam’s Club membership.

What types of behavior may result in membership termination?

Violent behavior, mistreatment of Sam’s Club associates and questionable returns may result in membership termination.

What is considered mistreatment of Sam’s Club associates?

Sam’s Club Employee Abuse includes verbal abuse, disrespect, threats and the use of profanity toward Sam’s Club employees.

What are “questionable returns” at Sam’s Club?

While the specific definition is not provided on the website, “questionable returns” may refer to perceived abuse of member privileges, such as returning items years later or excessively.

Can Sam’s Club cancel my membership without cause?

Yes, Sam’s Club home office reserves the right to accept, reject or revoke any membership without cause.

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