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The Untold Story: The Fate of Chipotle’s Chocolate Shake Revealed

We Finally Know What Happened To Chipotle’s Chocolate Shake

When we think of Chipotle, we think of chips and salsa, burrito bowls, and guacamole (on the side), but definitely not chocolate shakes. But in 2018, Chipotle actually introduced a chocolate shake, complete with a dash of cinnamon.
At first, chocolate shakes seem like a far cry from Chipotle’s usual Mexican-inspired fare, but when you consider how Mexico’s ancient Mayans introduced the world to drinking chocolate, it makes a lot more sense.

Discontinued in testing

Still, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no such chocolate shake on Chipotle’s menu today. In fact, according to a Twitter post by Discontinued Foods, Chipotle’s chocolate shake never made it past the testing phase in New York City, and so the menu item disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Many have speculated that the chocolate shake is simply following in the footsteps of Chipotle’s other desserts (in that they never make it past the testing stage), but given the response to the drink, this one could have been really popular.

A potential fan favorite

If it hadn’t been discontinued after its NYC test phase, Chipotle’s chocolate shake might very well have become a fan favorite. As one person explained on Discontinued Foods’ Twitter post about the shake, “Dark chocolate cinnamon is a divine combination.” Though some commenters didn’t seem to get the hype, others were quick to set them straight, saying that chocolate and “warm spices” are a match made in food heaven.
BuzzFeed staffers were lucky enough to try the shake while it was around, with one describing it as a “gourmet dark chocolate shake” with a consistency so thick you’d almost be better off eating it with a spoon. Another employee thought the shake was a worthy rival to Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty, and we all know how people feel about Wendy’s Frosties. For now, the cinnamon-spiked milkshake remains on the list of Chipotle desserts that never saw the light of day, but perhaps the chain will try again in the future.

Bottom Line

Despite its brief appearance and subsequent discontinuation, Chipotle’s chocolate shake left a lasting impression on those lucky enough to try it. The combination of dark chocolate and cinnamon was hailed as a heavenly flavor combination, and many expressed disappointment that it didn’t make it onto the permanent menu. While the chocolate shake may be gone for now, there’s always hope that Chipotle will revisit the idea and bring back this delicious treat in the future.


What was Chipotle’s chocolate shake?

Chipotle’s chocolate shake was a menu item introduced in 2018, featuring a rich dark chocolate flavor with a hint of cinnamon.

Why is the chocolate shake no longer available at Chipotle?

The chocolate shake is no longer available at Chipotle because it never made it past the testing phase in New York City, and was ultimately discontinued.

Did the Chocolate Shake receive any positive feedback during testing?

Yes, the Chocolate Shake received positive feedback during testing. Many people praised the combination of dark chocolate and cinnamon as a divine flavor combination.

How would you describe the taste and texture of the Chocolate Shake?

The Chocolate Shake has been described as a gourmet dark chocolate shake with a thick consistency. Some even suggested that it was so thick that it could be enjoyed with a spoon.

Is there any chance that Chipotle will bring back the Chocolate Shake in the future?

While there is no certainty, there is always a possibility that Chipotle may revisit the idea and consider bringing back the chocolate shake in the future.

Has the chocolate shake been compared to other popular milkshakes?

Yes, the Chocolate Shake has been compared to Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty by some people, suggesting that it could be a worthy competitor to the popular Frosty.

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