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The Unlikely Pairing: When Subway Found a Home Inside a Laundromat

The time Subway was in a laundromat

Living in an apartment comes with its conveniences, such as having a property manager to take care of repairs. But doing laundry can often be an inconvenience, especially if you don’t have an on-site laundry facility. But what if you could combine laundry day with sandwich day? In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating story of a Subway sandwich shop that was once located inside Lucy’s Laundry Mart in Los Angeles, California. We’ll also take a look at other unique laundromat/restaurant combinations around the world.

Lucy’s Laundry Mart and Subway

Lucy’s Laundry Mart, a location in Los Angeles, California, once shared its space with a Subway sandwich shop. According to CNN Money, this innovative concept allowed guests to enjoy their favorite sub while waiting for their clothes to dry. Yelp reviews from 2007 showcased the convenience and reliability of Lucy’s Laundry Mart. It was described as a safe and solid place to do laundry, nestled between the only Starbucks and the only Subway in Echo Park. The facility offered video games, Subway sandwiches for purchase, a mini-Starbucks, and TV screens showing Spanish soap operas and the evening news.
Not all Yelp reviewers were impressed with the combination, however. In 2008, one reviewer claimed that both Starbucks and Subway had left the location, even though they were only a few storefronts away. It appears that both Lucy’s Laundry Mart and Subway have since closed, according to Yelp. Still, this unique combination of laundromat and restaurant has sparked interest and paved the way for similar ventures.

Laundromats around the world

The concept of combining a restaurant or bar with a laundromat has gained popularity in recent years. In 2013, Bon Appétit published an article featuring seven laundromats from around the world. One of these establishments was “A Bar of Soap” in Asheville, SC. It combined a laundromat, used bookstore, and coffee bar into one cohesive space. Unfortunately, the establishment announced its closure on Facebook in 2015, leaving a void in the local community.
But Harvey Washbangers in College Station, Texas, has found success with its combination laundromat and restaurant. The establishment aims to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for customers. While waiting for their clothes to be washed, customers can enjoy Texas craft beer, burgers and other pub fare in a family-friendly environment. Harvey Washbangers also hosts trivia nights, beer flights and other engaging activities to enhance the overall experience. To make sure customers don’t miss their wash cycles, the establishment even has a light board that alerts patrons when their wash is ready.
Another example is in Corvallis, Oregon, where Suds and Suds is a bar and laundromat. This establishment is affiliated with Woodstock’s Pizza, allowing patrons to enjoy pizza and beer while doing their laundry. Suds and Suds also hosts regular cribbage tournaments, adding a fun and competitive element to the laundromat experience. A 2011 Yelp reviewer summed it up perfectly, saying, “Go, eat, drink, be merry, and have clean underwear, all at the same time.”

Bottom line

Subway’s time in a laundromat at Lucy’s Laundry Mart in Los Angeles demonstrated an innovative combination of convenience and utility. Although the specific location has closed, the concept of combining a laundromat with a restaurant or bar has been successful in other locations. Places like Harvey Washbangers in College Station, Texas, and Suds and Suds bar and laundromat in Corvallis, Oregon, offer customers the opportunity to enjoy a meal or drink while doing their laundry. These unique combinations demonstrate how everyday tasks can be made more enjoyable and efficient. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll see even more creative combinations that blend different aspects of our daily lives.


Was there really a Subway sandwich shop in a laundromat?

Yes, Lucy’s Laundry Mart in Los Angeles, California once shared space with a Subway Sandwich Shop, allowing customers to enjoy a sub while waiting for their clothes to dry.

Are there any other examples of laundromats being combined with restaurants or bars?

Yes, there are several examples of laundromats around the world that have incorporated restaurants or bars into their facilities. Some notable ones include “Harvey Washbangers” in College Station, Texas and Suds and Suds Bar and Laundromat in Corvallis, Oregon.

Why did Subway and Lucy’s Laundry Mart eventually close?

While the specific reasons for their closure are not mentioned, it appears that both the Subway and Lucy’s Laundry Mart in Los Angeles, California have closed since the time they operated together.

What other amenities were offered at Lucy’s Laundry Mart?

In addition to the Subway sandwich shop, Lucy’s Laundry Mart offered video games, a mini-Starbucks, and TV screens playing Spanish soap operas and the evening news to enhance the overall customer experience.

How did laundromats and restaurants become popular?

The concept gained popularity with the emergence of places like “A Bar of Soap” in Asheville, SC, which combined a laundromat, used bookstore and coffee bar. The idea of providing additional services and a more enjoyable experience while doing laundry has caught the attention of customers.

Are laundromat/restaurant combinations unique to the United States?

No, laundromats with restaurant or bar components can be found in various parts of the world. The 2013 Bon Appétit article highlighted laundromats from various countries, demonstrating that this unique combination is not limited to the United States.

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