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The Delightful Simplicity: Ina Garten’s Irresistible Hot Dog Secret

The incredibly simple way Ina Garten makes hot dogs

If there’s one thing Ina Garten is known for, it’s cooking almost entirely from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients. Although the celebrity chef often insists that “store-bought is fine,” anyone who watches “Barefoot Contessa” knows that Garten uses the term “fine” rather loosely. However, she is certainly no food snob when it comes to a good old-fashioned hot dog.
According to Garten’s post on Twitter, she and her husband, Jeffrey, occasionally enjoy the store-bought staple, especially during summer vacation. Instead of whipping up a feast in her kitchen, as she usually does, Garten heads to the backyard. “Instead of grilling, we like to cook ours over an open fire,” she says of her hot dog cooking process. When it comes to prepping the dogs, Garten keeps it simple. For the buns, she uses potato buns – “Jeffrey and I are traditionalists,” she explains – and for condiments, her go-to is Gulden’s mustard, no ketchup, and most importantly, “lots of relish.”

Hot dogs are Ina Garten’s favorite food.

For someone who has dedicated her career to the culinary arts, it may come as a surprise that Ina Garten puts hot dogs on a pedestal. But let’s not forget that Garten is a New Yorker – she was born in the city, and dirty water dogs are practically part of her DNA. In fact, Garten loves hot dogs so much that she told TODAY she’d eat one for her last meal. But not just any hot dog, but one specifically from Frenchie To Go. She shared on Instagram that Frenchie To Go makes their own hot dogs, and Garten is definitely not one to turn down food made from scratch.
As much as Garten is a self-proclaimed hot dog “traditionalist,” in true “Barefoot Contessa” fashion, she also likes to take them to another level, according to her Instagram post. She says a great way to make hot dogs extra fancy is to wrap them in puff pastry. Of course, a hot dog in any shape or form is good enough for Ina Garten. And in this case, she really does mean store-bought is good.
In summary, Ina Garten’s approach to making hot dogs is refreshingly simple. While she is known for her from-scratch cooking, she embraces the convenience and nostalgia of store-bought hot dogs, especially during summer vacations. Garten prefers to cook her hot dogs over an open fire in the backyard, and for buns, she prefers potato buns for a traditional touch. Her favorite condiments are Gulden’s mustard and lots of relish, no ketchup. Despite her culinary expertise, Garten appreciates the humble hot dog and even considers it her favorite food. She also enjoys exploring creative variations, such as wrapping hot dogs in puff pastry for an extra fancy twist. Whether you prefer the classic approach or want to experiment with gourmet renditions, Ina Garten’s love of hot dogs reminds us that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most satisfying.


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