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Paul Rudd: From Hollywood Star to Candy Store Owner with a Childlike Sweet Tooth

Paul Rudd: The owner of Samuel’s Sweet Shop

When you think of Paul Rudd, images of him playing Ant-Man or starring in popular movies like “Clueless” and “This Is 40” may come to mind. But did you know that in addition to his successful acting career, Rudd is also the proud owner of a candy store? Located in Rhinebeck, New York, Samuel’s Sweet Shop has become a popular destination for candy lovers and Rudd fans alike.

A sweet collaboration

Samuel’s Sweet Shop holds a special place in the heart of the Rhinebeck community. Founded in 1994 by Ira Gutner, the shop quickly became a local favorite, fulfilling Gutner’s dream of owning a candy store. Gutner named the store after his late uncle, Samuel.
It wasn’t until 20 years later, in 2014, that Paul Rudd and his close friend, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, along with their wives, Julie Rudd and Hilarie Burton, stepped in to save Samuel’s Sweet Shop from possible closure. Having been loyal customers for years, the Rudds and Morgans couldn’t bear to see the beloved shop disappear. They made the decision to purchase the shop and ensure its continued operation.

A candy haven for celebrities

Since Rudd and Morgan took over as owners, Samuel’s Sweet Shop has become nationally renowned. The shop’s unique concept combines a boutique coffee bar with a delightful candy store, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.
One of the highlights of a visit to Samuel’s Sweet Shop is the chance to see Paul Rudd himself behind the counter, serving customers and engaging in friendly conversation. It’s an experience that adds a touch of magic to the already charming shop.

Paul Rudd’s candy favorites

In an interview with People magazine, Paul Rudd revealed his love of candy, admitting that he has “the candy taste of a 7-year-old kid. His favorite candies include Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales, which perfectly capture his youthful spirit.
Rudd’s candy preferences extend beyond fruity treats. He’s also a big fan of chocolate and has a special fondness for white Tic Tacs, which he believes are underrated and deserve more recognition.
If you’re curious to try some of Rudd’s favorite sweets, Samuel’s Sweet Shop has you covered. They offer a special treat called “Paul’s Favorites Sampler,” which includes a variety of delicious treats. From marshmallow crunch cake to dark chocolate with cherries, almonds and sea salt, this sampler is a true reflection of Rudd’s candy tastes. It even includes a marshmallow cake with a printed photo of Rudd himself.

A candy shop with a heart

Samuel’s Sweet Shop isn’t just a candy store; it’s a place full of heart and community spirit. Despite its celebrity ownership, the shop has managed to retain its local charm and welcoming atmosphere. John Traver, the store manager, continues to play an integral role in making customers feel at home.
Through their ownership of Samuel’s Sweet Shop, Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have not only preserved a beloved local business, but have also created a space where people can indulge in the joys of childhood candy and make lasting memories.
So the next time you’re in Rhinebeck, be sure to stop by Samuel’s Sweet Shop. Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of Paul Rudd himself, serving up smiles along with the tastiest candies.


What is the name of Paul Rudd’s candy store?

Paul Rudd’s candy store is called Samuel’s Sweet Shop.

Who else co-owns Samuel’s Sweet Shop?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, known for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, is a co-owner of Samuel’s Sweet Shop with Paul Rudd.

When did Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan buy the candy store?

Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan purchased Samuel’s Sweet Shop in 2014, twenty years after it was originally opened by Ira Gutner.

What are some of Paul Rudd’s favorite candies?

Paul Rudd has a candy palate similar to that of a seven-year-old child. Some of his favorite candies are Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, and white Tic Tacs.

What special treat does Samuel’s Sweet Shop have for fans of Paul Rudd?

Samuel’s Sweet Shop has a special treat called “Paul’s Favorites Sampler”. It includes a variety of candies such as marshmallow crunch cake, dark chocolate with cherries and almonds, and peanut butter, pretzel and graham cracker in milk chocolate. The sampler even includes a marshmallow cake with a printed photo of Paul Rudd.

Who is the manager of Samuel’s Sweet Shop?

The manager of Samuel’s Sweet Shop is John Traver, who has been instrumental in maintaining the shop’s welcoming atmosphere and community spirit.

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