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The Pitfalls of Hotel Room Service: The Worst Items to Avoid Ordering

The worst things to order from hotel room service

When you stay in a hotel, it’s always nice to be pampered and enjoy the convenience of room service. The idea of having a delicious meal delivered to your door without any effort on your part is appealing. However, not all room service menu items are created equal. In fact, there are certain menu items that you should definitely avoid if you want to have a satisfying dining experience. Here are the worst things to order from hotel room service:


If you’re someone who needs a caffeine fix as soon as you wake up, you might be tempted to order coffee from room service. However, there are a few reasons why this might not be a good idea. First, room service coffee is often overpriced, as it is known to be a significant source of profit for hotels. Second, the quality of the coffee itself is usually inferior because it has been sitting in large urns for a long time. Coffee tastes best when freshly brewed, and the longer it sits, the more it loses its flavor and becomes stale or burnt. Even if your coffee comes in a French press, chances are it’s just the same old urn coffee with a few grounds added to make it look authentic.


Ordering eggs from room service can be a hit or miss. Eggs require careful preparation and must be served immediately to maintain their desired texture and flavor. Unfortunately, when you order eggs from room service, they often arrive cold and rubbery. Whether you opt for scrambled or fried eggs, they will have been sitting for a while before reaching your hotel room, resulting in a less-than-optimal eating experience. Buffet eggs, usually kept warm in chafing dishes, are a step down from freshly cooked eggs. Room service eggs, without the benefit of proper heating, are even more likely to disappoint.


Toast may seem like a safe and easy option to order from room service, but it’s not as simple as it seems. The most important characteristic of good toast is its toastiness-the perfect balance of crispness and golden brown color. Unfortunately, room service toast tends to fall short of this ideal state. Toast that sits on a tray for an extended period of time loses its crispness and becomes cold and soggy. If the toast comes pre-buttered, you’re left with a slice that’s both cold and saturated with butter. Even if it arrives unbuttered, it may have turned into dry and brittle Melba toast due to moisture loss. In addition, the butter provided is often nearly frozen, making it difficult to spread. Considering the high cost of ordering toast from room service, it’s best to pass.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict may sound like a luxurious and indulgent breakfast option from room service, but it’s not the best option. This classic dish has several components, all of which suffer on the way to your hotel room. The English muffin, which should be toasty and crisp, becomes sad and soggy after being kept warm for too long. The poached egg loses its runny yolk and becomes chalky and overcooked. The hollandaise sauce, made primarily from egg yolk and melted butter, quickly coagulates and loses its creamy texture. While the idea of ordering eggs Benedict may be appealing, the reality is often a far cry from the delicious and well-executed dish you might expect.

Breakfast in general

Breakfast is a popular time for room service orders, but it’s not necessarily the best time to indulge in a meal from the hotel menu. The demand for breakfast orders tends to overwhelm the kitchen, causing delays and food to sit longer than it should. The quality of the food can suffer as a result. In addition, breakfast items on room service menus are often exorbitantly priced. Something as simple as a three-ingredient omelet can come with a hefty price tag, and even a bowl of cereal can cost much more than it should. Given the combination of high prices and potentially compromised quality, it’s wise to explore other breakfast options outside of room service.

A dressed salad

Ordering a salad from room service may seem like a healthy and refreshing choice, but there’s a significant risk of disappointment. Salads, especially those made with tender greens like spring mix or spinach, tend to wilt quickly once dressed. Since you don’t know how long the salad will sit before it reaches your room, it’s best to ask for the dressing on the side. This way, you can dress the salad yourself and ensure that the greens retain their freshness and texture. Regardless of the type of greens used, it’s also important to note that room service salads often come in small portions and can be quite expensive compared to what you would pay at a restaurant or prepare yourself.

Bottom Line

While the convenience of hotel room service is tempting, it’s important to be aware of the menu items that are best avoided. Coffee, eggs, toast, eggs benedict, breakfast items in general, and dressed salads are among the worst things to order from hotel room service. These items tend to suffer from problems such as temperature inconsistency, loss of texture, and compromised flavors. They can also be overpriced compared to the quality and experience they provide. For a more enjoyable dining experience during your hotel stay, consider exploring local restaurants, cafes, or even grocery stores for a wider range of options that are likely to be fresher, tastier, and more affordable.
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Why should I avoid ordering coffee from hotel room service?

Room service coffee is often overpriced and of inferior quality because it sits in urns for long periods of time, loses its flavor, and becomes stale or burnt.

What is the problem with ordering eggs from room service?

Eggs from room service often arrive cold and rubbery due to the time they spend sitting before reaching your hotel room.

Is toast a safe choice for room service?

Room service toast tends to lose its crispness and become cold and soggy, resulting in a less than ideal dining experience.

Why should I avoid ordering eggs benedict from hotel room service?

Eggs Benedict, with its multiple components, suffers during delivery, resulting in a sad and soggy English muffin, overcooked eggs, and congealed hollandaise sauce.

Why is breakfast in general not the best choice for room service?

Breakfast orders often overwhelm the kitchen, causing delays and compromising food quality. Also, breakfast items on the room service menu are often expensive.

What is the risk of ordering a dressed salad from room service?

Dressed salads tend to wilt quickly, and since you don’t know how long they’ll be sitting before they get to your room, it’s best to ask for the dressing on the side to keep them fresh.

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