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Duff Goldman’s Surprising First Job: You’ll Never Believe It!

You’ll Never Guess Duff Goldman’s First Job

Duff Goldman, renowned cake maker and host of the popular show “Ace of Cakes,” has captivated audiences with his extraordinary cake creations and dazzling decorating skills. But have you ever wondered how this talented baker got his start? In a surprising twist, Goldman’s first job was far from the glamorous world of cake making.

A humble beginning

According to Goldman’s Food Network bio, he began his culinary journey as a mere teenager, working at a local bagel shop at the age of 14. Little did he know that this humble job would lay the foundation for his future career in the culinary arts.
While working at the bagel shop, Goldman learned valuable life lessons and honed his skills. One important lesson he discovered was the art of making the perfect bagel sandwich. He quickly realized that making the sandwiches too big could cost him his job. This early experience taught him the importance of attention to detail and precision in his culinary endeavors.

A Passion Unveiled

Goldman’s passion for creating delicious treats did not wane during his time at the bagel shop. Despite his young age, he had an undeniable zest for culinary creativity. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Goldman pursued his dream by attending the prestigious Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California.
Goldman’s talent and determination led him to work at renowned restaurants such as the world-famous French Laundry. But his journey didn’t stop there. The lure of becoming a personal chef beckoned, but it couldn’t satisfy his insatiable appetite for culinary innovation.

A sweet turning point

Driven by his unwavering passion, Goldman made a bold decision. He quit his job and took a leap of faith to open his own bakery, Charm City Cakes. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his sweet success story.
Charm City Cakes quickly gained recognition for its exceptional cake designs and imaginative creations. Goldman’s unique talent and artistic vision transformed ordinary cakes into edible works of art. His cakes became sought-after centerpieces for events ranging from movie premieres to weddings.
The world took notice of Goldman’s extraordinary skills when he became the host of the hit TV show “Ace of Cakes. The show showcased his incredible cake decorating skills and brought his talent to a global audience.

A bagel lover’s heart

Despite his rise to fame in the cake world, Goldman’s love for bagels remains unwavering. He still has a soft spot for this humble breakfast staple. In fact, he expressed his affection for bagels on Twitter, describing his ideal bagel as a toasted everything bagel, slightly burnt on the edges, generously slathered with cream cheese and topped with super-thin slices of smoked salmon. It’s clear that Goldman’s culinary journey began with bagels, and his appreciation for them continues to this day.
Goldman’s story is an inspiration to aspiring chefs and bakers alike. It reminds us that even humble beginnings can lead to extraordinary achievements. His passion, dedication, and willingness to take risks have made him one of the most revered figures in the culinary world.
So the next time you admire one of Duff Goldman’s stunning cake creations, remember that it all started with a teenager making bagel sandwiches. It’s a testament to the power of following your passion and turning humble beginnings into sweet success.


Duff Goldman’s first job as a teenager was working in a bagel shop.

How did working in a bagel shop influence Goldman’s culinary career?

Working at the bagel shop taught Goldman important lessons about attention to detail and precision in culinary creations.

Where did Duff Goldman study culinary arts?

After working at the bagel shop, Goldman attended the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California.

What inspired Duff Goldman to open his own bakery, Charm City Cakes?

Driven by his passion for culinary creativity, Goldman decided to quit his job and take a leap of faith to open Charm City Cakes.

What is Charm City Cakes known for?

Charm City Cakes has become known for its exceptional cake designs and imaginative creations.

What is Duff Goldman’s favorite type of bagel?

Duff Goldman’s ideal bagel is a toasted everything bagel with slightly burnt edges, a generous amount of cream cheese, and thin slices of smoked salmon on top.

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