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Inside Prince William’s Daily Diet: A Royal’s Culinary Journey

What Prince William typically eats in a day

Prince William, the Duke of Cornwall and future King of the United Kingdom, is known for his royal status and his dedication to various charitable causes. As a prominent figure in the British monarchy, there is often curiosity about his lifestyle, including his eating habits. Let’s take a closer look at what Prince William typically eats in a day and gain some insight into his preferences and choices when it comes to food.

A symbol of tradition

Prince William is seen as a symbol of the traditional establishment, and this extends to his diet. While much of the discussion about his food choices revolves around the Princesses of Wales, particularly his wife Kate and his late mother Diana, we do have some knowledge of his favorite food and specific preferences.
It is known that roast chicken is Prince William’s favorite meal, a classic and comforting dish enjoyed by many. In addition, he has stated that he is not particularly fond of spicy food. An interesting detail is his appreciation for a rare cave-aged Swiss cheese, suggesting a taste for rich and nutty flavors.

Insights into his daily diet

During a recent visit to Cornwall, Prince William shed some light on his daily diet and provided an insight into his eating habits. Speaking to nutritionist Monique Hyland, he discussed the healthier aspects of his previous day’s meals.
Prince William stressed the importance of starting the day with a strong and nutritious breakfast. His typical morning meal consists of two eggs, buttered wholemeal toast, apple juice and tea with milk and sugar. This British breakfast reflects his cultural heritage and sets the tone for a productive day.
However, like many people, Prince William occasionally faces challenges when it comes to lunch. During his visit, he mentioned that someone had given him a “rubbish sandwich,” highlighting the common experience of less than satisfying lunchtime meals on busy workdays.
For dinner, the Prince opts for a balanced and healthy option. He enjoys white fish with mushrooms, a light and nutritious choice that provides essential protein and vitamins. To indulge his sweet tooth, Prince William enjoys a chocolate brownie, accompanied by a glass of red wine, for a delightful combination of flavors.
As a working father, Prince William also relies on caffeine to combat parental fatigue. He mentioned his habit of consuming a steady stream of teas and coffees throughout the day, a relatable practice adopted by many individuals to stay energized and focused.

Bottom line

Prince William’s daily diet provides insight into his culinary preferences and approach to nutrition. A symbol of tradition, he enjoys classic dishes such as roast chicken and avoids spicy flavors. His emphasis on a nutritious breakfast, followed by a balanced dinner and occasional indulgences, reflects a desire for a well-rounded and enjoyable eating experience. In addition, his reliance on tea and coffee to combat fatigue highlights the challenges faced by many working parents.
While this glimpse into Prince William’s daily eating habits provides some interesting tidbits, it’s important to remember that individual dietary choices can vary widely. Nonetheless, exploring the culinary preferences of influential figures like Prince William offers a fascinating window into their lives and provides inspiration for our own culinary adventures.


Prince William’s favorite food is fried chicken.

Does Prince William like spicy food?

No, Prince William does not like spicy food.

What does Prince William like for breakfast?

Prince William usually starts his day with a British breakfast of two eggs, buttered wholemeal toast, apple juice and tea with milk and sugar.

What does Prince William usually eat for dinner?

For dinner, Prince William often enjoys a healthier option such as white fish with mushrooms.

How does Prince William combat parental fatigue?

Prince William relies on a steady stream of tea and coffee throughout the day to combat parenting fatigue.

Does Prince William indulge?

Yes, Prince William indulges his sweet tooth with a chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine.

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