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The Astonishing Price Tags of These Rare Japanese Grapes

These rare Japanese grapes could cost you thousands

When it comes to grapes, most of us are familiar with the common varieties like red, green, and seedless. However, Japan is home to a wide range of high-end grape varieties that can leave you in awe – and with a hefty price tag. In this article, we explore the fascinating world of rare Japanese grapes and discover the reasons behind their eye-popping prices.

The Kyohou Grapes

One of the most notable high-end grape varieties grown in Japan is the Kyohou grape. These grapes are large and have a deep, dark color that sets them apart. But it’s not just their appearance that makes them special, it’s their price. Kyohou grapes can cost up to $45 per pound, making them significantly more expensive than the average American seedless grape, which will cost $2.24 per pound in 2021 (source: Statista).

Ruby Roman grapes: The truffles of the fruit world

If you thought Kyohou grapes were expensive, wait until you hear about Ruby Roman grapes. These grapes are the epitome of luxury in the fruit world, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per pound. The rarity of the variety, the labor-intensive growing process, and the exceptional quality of the grapes all contribute to their exorbitant price.
According to Business Insider, a single bunch of Ruby Roman grapes can cost anywhere from $90 to $450, with the most premium grapes reaching a staggering $1,000. In a 2014 auction, a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes sold for an astonishing $5400, making each individual grape worth nearly $200. Such prices are a far cry from the average cost of regular grapes in America.

The secrets behind the price tag

What makes Ruby Roman grapes so expensive? According to Restaurant Clicks, these grapes are grown in specialized greenhouses where each grape receives meticulous care and attention. This level of dedication ensures the highest quality and flavor profile for each grape. Unlike regular grapes, you won’t find any unwelcome surprises like creepy crawlies hidden among these precious fruits.
Despite their eye-watering prices, Ruby Roman grapes are revered for their exceptional flavor. Those fortunate enough to experience its flavor describe it as a sublime delicacy, making the hefty price tag somewhat justifiable for connoisseurs seeking the ultimate grape experience.

In conclusion

The world of rare Japanese grapes is a fascinating one, filled with extraordinary varieties that come with extraordinary prices. From the Kyohou grapes, with their rich color and higher cost compared to regular grapes, to the legendary Ruby Roman grapes, which command prices in the hundreds and thousands of dollars, these fruits are truly a testament to the art and science of grape growing.
While most of us will never have the opportunity to taste these rare and expensive Japanese grapes, their existence serves as a reminder of the immense diversity and uniqueness found in the world of fruit. So the next time you enjoy a humble bunch of grapes, take a moment to appreciate the labor, care, and craftsmanship that goes into producing these extraordinary delicacies.


Japanese grapes are known for their exceptional quality, rarity, and meticulous cultivation process. The limited supply, labor-intensive techniques, and specialized greenhouses dedicated to their growth contribute to their high price.

What makes Kyohou grapes special?

Kyohou grapes are a unique variety known for their large size and deep, dark color. They stand out from regular grapes in appearance and taste, which is why they command a higher price in the market.

Why do Ruby Roman grapes command such a high price?

Ruby Roman grapes are considered the truffles of the fruit world due to their extraordinary rarity and exceptional quality. Their meticulous cultivation, scarcity, and incomparable flavor make them highly desirable and justify their high prices.

What is the most expensive bunch of Ruby Roman grapes ever sold?

The most expensive bunch of Ruby Roman grapes was sold at auction in 2014 for a staggering $5400. This extraordinary price reflects the exclusivity and desirability of these grapes, with each individual grape costing nearly $200.

How are Ruby Roman grapes grown?

Ruby Roman grapes are grown in specialized greenhouses where each grape receives meticulous care and attention. This controlled environment ensures optimal growing conditions, resulting in grapes of exceptional quality and flavor.

Are Ruby Roman grapes worth the high price?

While the high price of Ruby Roman grapes may seem extravagant, they are highly prized by connoisseurs for their exceptional flavor and unique experience. For those seeking the pinnacle of grape enjoyment, the exquisite flavor and rarity of Ruby Roman grapes make them well worth the investment.

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