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Halloween Delights: Why Tim Hortons is the Perfect Stop for In-Costume Fun!

Why you should make a costumed stop at Tim Hortons on Halloween

As Halloween approaches, many of us are eagerly preparing our costumes and looking for ways to celebrate the spooky season. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, traditional Halloween activities like costume parties and trick-or-treating may need to be modified or canceled to ensure the safety of everyone involved. But fear not, because Tim Hortons has come up with a delightful solution that will allow you to show off your costume and indulge in a sweet treat.

The Sweet Deal: Free Halloween Doughnuts

According to M Live, popular doughnut and coffee chain Tim Hortons is offering a fantastic Halloween promotion. On October 31, anyone who visits a participating Tim Hortons location in the United States wearing a costume can enjoy a free Halloween doughnut. It’s an easy and fun way to celebrate the holiday while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

Before you head down to your local Tim Hortons in costume, there are a few important details to keep in mind. First, this offer is only available at US Tim Hortons locations, so our Canadian friends may have to pass on this special treat. Second, to get your free doughnut, you’ll need to go through the drive-thru while wearing your costume. This arrangement not only ensures a contactless experience, but also allows for better social distancing.

Why Tim Hortons is getting into the Halloween spirit

You may be wondering why Tim Hortons is going above and beyond to make Halloween special this year. According to Ricardo Azevedo, Regional President of Tim Hortons US, the doughnut chain wants to provide a safe space for guests to celebrate their favorite traditions during these uncertain times. By opening its drive-thrus to trick-or-treaters, Tim Hortons is providing a unique and fun Halloween experience.

A spooky doughnut treat

Now let’s talk about the star of the show – the Halloween doughnut itself. The free doughnut offered at Tim Hortons on Halloween is a classic yeast ring doughnut covered in delicious chocolate fudge icing and topped with bright orange sprinkles. It’s a visually appealing treat that perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween.
While the free doughnut is limited to the chocolate fudge variety, Tim Hortons offers a wide variety of other delicious doughnuts for purchase. Whether you’re craving a maple dip, an apple fritter or a simple sour cream plain, there’s something to satisfy every doughnut lover’s taste buds.

Bring your friends and family

One doughnut per costume may not be enough to satisfy your Halloween cravings, but don’t worry! Tim Hortons has a solution for that, too. If you bring your friends or family members who are also dressed in costumes, everyone can enjoy their own free Halloween doughnut. It’s a fantastic way to share the Halloween spirit with your loved ones while treating yourself to a delicious snack.

More Halloween Doughnuts

If you’re enchanted by the Halloween-themed doughnuts and want more than one, Tim Hortons is offering extra Halloween doughnuts for just $0.99 each. So even if you’re not in costume or just can’t resist trying more varieties, you can still enjoy these festive treats without breaking the bank.
Overall, Tim Hortons’ initiative to offer free Halloween doughnuts to costumed guests is a wonderful gesture that allows us to celebrate the holiday in a safe and enjoyable way. So this Halloween, put on your best costume, head to your nearest Tim Hortons drive-thru and enjoy the delicious sweetness of the season. Happy Halloween!


Can I get a free Halloween doughnut at Tim Hortons if I’m not wearing a costume?

Unfortunately, the free Halloween doughnut offer is specifically for customers who show up at Tim Hortons in a costume on October 31st. However, you can still purchase the Halloween-themed doughnuts for a nominal price if you’re not in costume.

Is the free Halloween doughnut offer available at Tim Hortons locations outside of the United States?

No, the free Halloween doughnut offer is only available at participating Tim Hortons locations in the United States. Customers visiting Tim Hortons in Canada or other countries may not be eligible for this specific promotion.

How many free Halloween doughnuts will I get with my costume?

Each person in costume is entitled to one free Halloween doughnut at Tim Hortons. However, if you bring friends or family who are also in costume, they can each receive their own free doughnut.

Can I choose a different doughnut for the free Halloween doughnut offer?

The free Halloween doughnut at Tim Hortons is a classic yeast ring doughnut covered in chocolate fondant icing and topped with orange sprinkles. While you cannot choose a different flavor for the free doughnut, you can still purchase other flavors and types of doughnuts available at the store.

Is the free Halloween doughnut offer available to dine-in customers?

No, the offer is specifically for customers who go through the Tim Hortons drive-thru. This arrangement ensures a touchless experience and better adherence to social distancing guidelines. Dine-in customers may need to check with their local Tim Hortons for alternative promotions or offers.

What COVID-19 security measures are in place at Tim Hortons during Halloween?

Tim Hortons follows the CDC guidelines to prioritize the safety of our customers and employees. It is important to maintain social distance, practice hand hygiene and wear masks when visiting Tim Hortons on Halloween or any other time. The drive-through option for the free Halloween doughnut promotion further encourages touchless interactions and ensures a safer experience for all involved.

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