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Little Caesars Serves Up Stylish ‘Pizza Fashion’ with New Merch Line

Little Caesars Offers a Slice of ‘Pizza Fashion’ with New Merchandise

Little Caesars, the popular pizza chain founded in 1959, is known for its catchy “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan, its affordable $5 “Hot-N-Ready Pizza,” and its delicious “Crazy Bread. But Little Caesars has recently ventured into the world of fashion, offering a unique line of pizza-themed merchandise that allows fans to show their love for the brand in style.

A fashionable menu of options

Little Caesars’ online store, known as the Hot-N-Ready Shop, has expanded its offerings beyond delicious pizzas. Now fans can find a wide range of apparel and accessories that celebrate their passion for the pizza chain.
Among the standout items are the Pepperoni Pizza Swim Trunks, perfect for making a bold statement at the beach or pool. These eye-catching swim trunks feature an all-over pepperoni print, allowing pizza lovers to proudly display their love for Little Caesars.
In addition to the swim trunks, the Hot-N-Ready Shop offers a variety of other pizza-themed apparel and accessories. From T-shirts and lounge sets to oversized toga tees and slip-on sneakers, there’s something for everyone to show their affinity for “LC” in everyday style.

Accessorize with Pizza Pride

Little Caesars’ fashion collection goes beyond apparel. The Hot-N-Ready Shop also offers a variety of accessories to complete your pizza-inspired look. Keep your drinks cool with a Cold-N-Ready” koozie or add a touch of pizza flair to your hairstyle with pizza-themed scrunchies.
For those who want to show their pizza love in a more subtle way, the store offers hats, earrings, bracelets and backpacks that incorporate elements of the Little Caesars brand. These accessories allow fans to express their devotion to the pizza chain in a fashionable and fun way.

Bring the Pizza Vibes Home

If dressing up in pizza-themed apparel isn’t enough, the Hot-N-Ready Shop has an assortment of home goods to complement your love of Little Caesars. Transform your living space with items like the Two-Sided Peace Sign/Thumbs Up Pillow, which adds a playful touch to any sofa or bed.
For cozy nights, snuggle up with the Pizza Slice Blanket, shaped like a triangle to resemble a slice of pizza. This warm and comfortable blanket is perfect for pizza nights at home or movie marathons with friends.
And for avid gamers, Little Caesars has even created pizza skins for Xbox and PS4 controllers. These unique skins allow gamers to show off their pizza passion while playing their favorite video games.

Embrace the pizza lifestyle

If you’re a loyal Little Caesars fan and want to make a fashion statement this summer, the Hot-N-Ready Shop is the place to be. Whether you’re looking for pizza-themed apparel, trendy accessories or unique home décor, this online store has something to satisfy your cravings.
By offering a slice of “pizza fashion,” Little Caesars allows fans to express their love for the brand in creative and stylish ways. So whether you’re at the beach, lounging at home or out on the town, you can wear your pizza passion with pride.
The new Little Caesars merchandise is not only a testament to the brand’s popularity, but also a fun and unique way for pizza lovers to connect with their favorite pizza chain. So grab your favorite pizza-themed gear and let the world know you’re “cool-n-ready” for a slice of fashionable pizza fun.


What types of merchandise does Little Caesars offer?

Little Caesars offers a variety of pizza-themed merchandise, including apparel, accessories and housewares.

Where can I purchase Little Caesars pizza fashion merchandise?

You can purchase Little Caesars’ pizza fashion merch online at the Hot-N-Ready Shop, the brand’s official online store.

What are some of the notable items available in the merch collection?

Notable items include pepperoni pizza swim trunks, oversized toga tees, slip-on sneakers, hair scrunchies, hats, earrings, bracelets and backpacks.

Are the merchandise prices affordable?

Yes, the majority of Little Caesars’ merchandise is reasonably priced, just like their delicious pizzas.

Can I find merchandise for my home in addition to apparel and accessories?

Yes, the Little Caesars merchandise collection extends beyond apparel and accessories. You can find items like pillows, blankets, and even pizza-themed skins for Xbox and PS4 controllers.

Can I subtly show my love for Little Caesars?

Absolutely! Little Caesars offers a variety of accessories that allow you to express your pizza passion in more subtle ways, such as hats, earrings and bracelets.

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