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The Sauce Packet ‘Trick’: Unveiling the Limits of Food Hacks

The sauce packet ‘trick’ that proves not all hacks are useful

The Internet is filled with countless food hacks, from ingenious culinary shortcuts to creative ways to enhance flavors. These hacks can provide access to secret menu items, simplify cooking techniques, and save time in the kitchen. However, not all hacks are winners, and some may even prove to be useless or unsanitary. One such hack recently gained attention on TikTok, promising to solve the age-old problem of getting every last drop of sauce or salad dressing out of a package. But a closer look reveals that this particular trick may not be as useful as it seems.

The hack in question

The hack involves a method of extracting every ounce of flavor from a packet of sauce or dressing by using the force of a lidded bowl. To perform the hack, one must first rip open one end of the package and pull it out. Then, with the other end of the packet still intact, the lid of the bowl is closed over it, effectively squeezing the entire contents of the packet into the waiting food. On the surface, this hack seems to accomplish its intended purpose, as demonstrated by the TikToker that popularized it.

Unsanitary concerns

However, a closer look reveals some significant flaws in the hack. The top comment on the TikTok video points out a potential sanitary issue. A commenter who claims to work at Chick-fil-A mentions that sauce packets are often dropped on the floor. This raises the question of whether the package used in the video was thoroughly washed before being placed directly on the food. This observation highlights a potential risk of unsanitary contamination, which is a significant food safety concern.

Addressing a non-existent problem

Another aspect that diminishes the usefulness of this hack is the fact that it attempts to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist. While people have complained about struggling to get the last remnants of toothpaste out of a tube, the same level of frustration is rarely expressed about packets of fast food sauce. In most cases, restaurants provide customers with extra packets for free, eliminating the need for such elaborate extraction methods. As a result, the hack seems like a solution in search of a problem.

Alternative solutions

Several commenters on the TikTok video suggested alternative methods to achieve the same result more effectively. Some suggested using a fork to squeeze out the sauce, while others mentioned the simplicity of squeezing the package by hand. These alternatives allow for more control over the amount and distribution of the sauce, preventing a large glob from landing in a single spot within the meal. Ultimately, these methods offer a more practical approach to extracting sauce from packets without the need for elaborate techniques.

The Bottom Line

While the sauce packet trick may have gained popularity on TikTok, it falls short in terms of usefulness and practicality. The potential unsanitary concerns associated with placing a sauce packet directly on food and the fact that the hack solves a problem that is not widespread diminishes its value. Instead, there are simpler and more efficient methods of extracting sauce from packets, such as using a fork or squeezing the packet by hand. As we continue to explore time-saving food hacks, it’s important to distinguish between those that offer real benefits and those that prove to be little more than fleeting trends.
Remember, when it comes to food safety and convenience, it’s always best to rely on tried and true methods and exercise caution when experimenting with new hacks.


How does the sauce package trick work?

The sauce packet trick involves tearing open one end of the packet, pulling it out, and then closing the lid of a covered bowl over the other end. The force of the plastic container is supposed to squeeze all of the sauce or dressing into the waiting food.

Is the sauce packet trick sanitary?

There are concerns about the sanitary aspect of the gravy packet trick. Gravy packets can often come into contact with unsanitary surfaces, such as floors, before being used. Placing a package directly on food without thorough washing increases the risk of contamination.

Are there alternative methods for extracting sauce from packets?

Yes, there are easier and more convenient alternatives. Some options include using a fork to squeeze out the sauce or squeezing the package by hand. These methods provide more control over the distribution of the sauce.

Why is this hack considered useless?

The hack is considered useless because it attempts to solve a problem that is not widespread. Most restaurants offer extra packets of sauce for free, so there is no need for elaborate techniques. In addition, the hack may result in a large glob of sauce landing in one spot rather than being evenly distributed.

Can this hack be applied to other types of packages?

The sauce packet hack is specifically designed for sauce or dressing packets. It may not be applicable or as effective for other types of packages, such as condiments or spreads.

What should I keep in mind when researching food hacks?

When researching food hacks, it’s important to prioritize food safety and practicality. Consider the potential risks, such as unsanitary conditions or ineffective solutions. It’s always best to rely on tried and true methods and exercise caution when experimenting with new hacks.

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