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Vizzy’s New Mercury Retrograde Kits: Amplifying Good Vibes

Vizzy Introduces Mercury Retrograde Kits: Sending Good Vibes Your Way

Mercury Retrograde, an astrological phenomenon, is known to bring communication issues and a host of earthly challenges. To help individuals navigate this challenging time, Vizzy, the popular vitamin C-infused hard seltzer brand, has come up with a unique solution. In a recent press release, Vizzy announced its new contest, offering astrology enthusiasts the chance to win exclusive Mercury retrograde kits designed to combat the negative effects of this celestial event.

The Impact of Mercury Retrograde

During Mercury retrograde, which occurs when the planetary positions create the illusion of Mercury moving backwards, believers claim that various aspects of life can be affected. From delayed flights and work-related problems to general confusion and misunderstandings with friends, this astrological event is often considered a challenging time.

Vizzy’s Approach: Good Vibrations and Astrological Collaboration

To differentiate itself in the competitive spiked seltzer market, Vizzy has taken an otherworldly approach. Partnering with renowned astrologer Lisa Stardust, the brand has created limited-edition Mercury Retrograde Edition cans and Good Vibes Kits. These kits are filled with carefully selected items designed to protect and enhance positive energy.

What’s in the Mercury Retrograde Kits?

The Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Kits include a variety of vibes protecting charms and tools. Sweepstakes winners will receive sage, incense, mystical candles, and special limited-edition Vizzy cans. The cans themselves feature celestial-inspired holographic designs and come in enticing flavors such as Pineapple-Mango and Blueberry-Pomegranate.

To enter the contest

Entering the Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Sweepstakes is easy. Beginning May 12, interested individuals can visit the special Vizzy Mercury in Retrograde website and submit a short essay explaining how they have been personally affected by this astrological event in the past. A total of 300 winners will be randomly selected during the entry period, which ends on June 2.

Can Vizzy’s Mercury Retrograde Kits really help?

While there’s no guarantee that Vizzy’s hard seltzer or the accompanying kits will solve all the challenges associated with Mercury Retrograde, they can provide individuals with a starting point to combat the negative effects. The intention behind these kits is to provide good vibes and a sense of support during this astrologically challenging time.

Bottom line

As Mercury Retrograde approaches, Vizzy is offering a unique and astrologically inspired solution to help individuals navigate the potential challenges. Partnering with astrologer Lisa Stardust, Vizzy has created limited-edition Mercury Retrograde Edition tins and “good vibes kits” filled with vibe-protecting charms. While the effectiveness of these kits may vary from person to person, they serve as a reminder to stay positive and seek support during challenging astrological events. So if you’re an astrology enthusiast looking for some extra good vibes, don’t miss the opportunity to enter the Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Sweepstakes and get your hands on these exclusive kits.


Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards. It is believed to bring communication challenges and various earthly disturbances.

How can Mercury Retrograde affect my life?

During Mercury retrograde, you may experience travel delays, difficulties at work, and misunderstandings in personal relationships. It is considered a time of heightened uncertainty and potential disruption.

What are Vizzy’s Mercury Retrograde Kits?

Vizzy’s Mercury Retrograde Kits are specially curated packages designed to provide individuals with tools and items to help them navigate the challenges associated with this astrological event. They include mood protecting charms, mystical candles, sage, incense, and limited edition Mercury retrograde themed cans of Vizzy hard seltzer.

How do I enter the Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Sweepstakes?

To enter the Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Sweepstakes, visit the special Vizzy Mercury Retrograde website and submit a short essay explaining how you have been personally affected by Mercury Retrograde in the past. Randomly selected winners will receive one of the exclusive Mercury retrograde kits.

Can Vizzy’s Mercury retrograde kits really help during this astrological event?

While the effectiveness of Vizzy’s Mercury Retrograde Kits may vary from person to person, they are intended to provide a sense of support and positive energy during this challenging astrological period. They serve as a reminder to stay positive and look for ways to overcome the potential challenges associated with Mercury retrograde.

Are the Mercury Retrograde Kits available for purchase?

No, the Mercury Retrograde Kits are not available for purchase. They are offered exclusively as part of the Vizzy Mercury Retrograde Sweepstakes. Participants will have a chance to win one of the limited number of kits by entering the sweepstakes and sharing their personal experiences with Mercury retrograde.

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