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Unlocking the Secret Menu: Discover Starbucks China’s Exclusive Cocktail-Inspired Drinks

Starbucks China: Unleashing cocktail-inspired drinks for a unique experience

Starbucks, the renowned global coffee chain, is known for its innovative beverages and diverse menu offerings. While customers in the United States have enjoyed a wide range of Starbucks creations, it turns out that Starbucks China has some exclusive surprises up its sleeve. With a lineup of cocktail-inspired drinks not available in the U.S., Starbucks China has captured the taste buds of its customers and created a unique experience that sets it apart from its American counterpart.

Embracing the art of modern mixology

Starbucks China introduced a new line of beverages in 2019, inspired by popular cocktails. While these drinks don’t contain alcohol, each creation aims to recreate the essence and flavors of beloved cocktails. Aptly named “Modern Mixology,” these drinks have become a sensation among Starbucks enthusiasts in China. From mocktails reminiscent of whiskey sours to tantalizing gin and tonic-inspired concoctions, Starbucks China has successfully blended the worlds of coffee and cocktails.

A summer promotion that became a staple

Originally introduced as a summer promotion, the cocktail-inspired drinks quickly gained popularity among a diverse audience. According to China Daily, Starbucks China aimed to appeal to a younger, predominantly female demographic with these refreshing and innovative beverages. However, the appeal of the drinks extended far beyond their target audience, and they soon became a staple on the Starbucks China menu.

Delicious and scandalous flavors

The cocktail-inspired drinks available at Starbucks China are not only visually appealing, but also tantalizing to the taste buds. Made with coffee or tea, these beverages are low-fat and free of additives and artificial colors. Sipping a Citrus Mint Mojito or a Cold Brew Lemon Sour from a Starbucks cup gives customers the thrill of a cocktail, adding a touch of scandal to their coffee experience.

Starbucks China’s adventurous spirit

It’s not just the cocktail-inspired drinks that set Starbucks China apart from its American counterpart. Starbucks China is known for its willingness to experiment with unique menu items and partnerships. For example, Starbucks China offers desserts such as Blueberry Cookie-Style Cheesecake, tantalizing customers with flavors not found on the U.S. menu.
In addition, Starbucks China loves to push the boundaries of coffee and ice cream collaboration, resulting in delightful creations that blend these two beloved treats. This adventurous spirit is evident in the partnership with Beyond Meat and Oatly, where Starbucks China introduced a plant-based menu to meet the growing demand for alternative food options.

A café-bar concept: Bar Mixato

Building on the success of its cocktail-inspired drinks, Starbucks China took innovation to the next level with the opening of Bar Mixato in Shanghai in 2020. Bar Mixato is Starbucks China’s first café-bar, offering customers a unique space to enjoy an elevated coffee experience, complete with expertly crafted cocktails and a sophisticated ambiance. This concept further demonstrates Starbucks China’s commitment to creating memorable and diverse experiences for its customers.

Bottom line

Starbucks China has forged its own identity by introducing cocktail-inspired beverages that leave a lasting impression on customers. With its Modern Mixology line, Starbucks China has successfully blended the worlds of coffee and cocktails to deliver unique and delicious beverages not found in the United States. Along with its adventurous menu items and innovative partnerships, Starbucks China continues to redefine the coffee experience, making it an exciting destination for coffee lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.


No, the cocktail-inspired drinks at Starbucks China do not contain alcohol. They are creatively crafted beverages that aim to capture the essence and flavors of popular cocktails without the addition of alcoholic ingredients.

What inspired Starbucks China to introduce cocktail-inspired beverages?

Starbucks China introduced cocktail-inspired beverages to appeal to a younger, predominantly female audience. These innovative beverages were initially launched as a summer promotion, but gained immense popularity and eventually became a permanent fixture on the Starbucks China menu.

Can I find these cocktail-inspired beverages at Starbucks locations in the United States?

No, these cocktail-inspired drinks are exclusive to Starbucks China and are not available at Starbucks locations in the United States. They are part of the unique offerings and experiences that Starbucks China brings to its customers.

Are the cocktail-inspired drinks at Starbucks China a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails?

Yes, the cocktail-inspired drinks at Starbucks China are low-fat and free of additives and artificial colors. While they may evoke the flavors of popular cocktails, they offer a healthier alternative for those looking to enjoy a unique and refreshing beverage without the alcohol.

What other unique menu items are available at Starbucks China?

In addition to cocktail-inspired beverages, Starbucks China offers a number of exclusive menu items. These include desserts such as blueberry cookie-style cheesecake and innovative coffee and ice cream creations. Starbucks China embraces experimentation and collaboration, and continues to introduce new and exciting options to cater to different tastes.

What is Bar Mixato and where can I find it?

Bar Mixato is Starbucks China’s first café-bar in Shanghai. It offers a sophisticated and elevated coffee experience, featuring expertly crafted cocktails alongside the regular beverage offerings. Bar Mixato provides a unique space for customers to enjoy a blend of coffee and cocktail flavors in a stylish and refined environment.

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