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The Ultimate Guide to McDonald’s Most Expensive Menu Items Around the World

The most expensive McDonald’s menu items in the world

McDonald’s is a global fast food chain that has become synonymous with affordable and convenient meals. However, not all McDonald’s menu items are created equal when it comes to price. Around the world, there are several countries where you can find some surprisingly expensive items on the McDonald’s menu. From gourmet burgers to unique regional specialties, here are some of the most expensive McDonald’s menu items from different countries.

Grand Chicken Special, Lebanon: $27.19

Lebanon takes the crown for having the most expensive McDonald’s menu item in the world. The Grand Chicken Special, priced at $27.19, is a decadent chicken sandwich that features a crispy chicken patty, rocca leaves, tomato, Dijon mustard and Emmental cheese. Not only is this hefty sandwich expensive, but it also packs more than 900 calories. Lebanon’s inflation contributes to the high price, and the country is also home to the world’s most expensive Happy Meal, which costs over $21.

Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef, France: $15.70

France is known for its culinary expertise, and McDonald’s in France has embraced the country’s food culture by offering unique menu items. One of the most expensive offerings is the Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef Burger, priced at $15.70. This burger is a masterpiece of French cuisine with aged cheddar, Charolais beef, pickles and crispy onions. Pair it with a bottle of Bordeaux for a truly French fast food experience.

Big Tasty Double Bacon, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: $13.31

Switzerland and Liechtenstein, two of the wealthiest countries in the world, share the spot for the third most expensive McDonald’s menu item. The Big Tasty Double Bacon Sandwich, priced at $13.31, showcases the use of locally sourced ingredients. Made with double portions of Malbuner Swiss pork bacon and a Swiss flour bun, this sandwich is a smoky treat with over 1,000 calories.

Double Big Tasty Bacon, Norway: $12.97

Norway, known for its high cost of living, offers one of the most expensive McDonald’s menu items in existence. The Double Big Tasty Bacon, priced at $12.97, is a delicious burger made with two large beef patties topped with cheese and strips of bacon. Norway also has other unique menu items to try, such as the Cheese Tops Burger, made with deep-fried cheese balls, and the Veggie McSpice, made with a red kidney bean patty.

Big Premium New York, Israel: $11.80

In Israel, where kosher items are in high demand, McDonald’s offers a number of specialty items not found in other countries. The most expensive McDonald’s item in Israel is the Big Premium New York, which costs $11.80. This burger is made with short rib and ribeye, giving it a more upscale twist compared to the traditional McDonald’s fare. It was introduced as part of the Big America series in Israel to compete with the growing popularity of fancy burger joints in the Middle East.

Club House 3 Carnes, Uruguay: $10.27

Uruguay, known for its high-quality meats, offers a meat lover’s dream at McDonald’s. The Club House 3 Carnes, priced at $10.27, is a stacked burger with three layers of beef, Big Mac sauce, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon and cheddar cheese, all on a brioche bun. With over 1,200 calories, this sandwich is sure to satisfy any beef and bacon craving.

Signature Huevo Doble Benedictine, Spain: $9.92

Spain, famous for its beloved cuisine, adds its own twist to the McDonald’s menu with the Signature Huevo Doble Benedictine. Priced at $9.92, this massive sandwich is made with Spanish beef, crispy bacon, Gouda cheese, a perfectly fried egg, hollandaise sauce and crispy onions. It’s a unique combination of classic McDonald’s flavors and local Spanish ingredients.

Crispy Chicken Almighty, New Zealand: $9.55

New Zealand, known for its commitment to sustainability, offers the Crispy Chicken Almighty as one of its most expensive McDonald’s menu items. Priced at $9.55, this chicken sandwich features two crispy chicken patties made with 100% New Zealand chicken breast, along with cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce and mayo. It’s a hearty and flavorful option for chicken lovers.
McDonald’s may be known for its affordability, but these pricey menu items from around the world prove that the fast-food chain can cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. From Lebanon’s Grand Chicken Special to France’s Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef, these unique and indulgent offerings showcase the diversity and creativity of McDonald’s international menu. Whether you’re looking for gourmet ingredients, regional specialties or a taste of local cuisine, these expensive McDonald’s menu items are worth a try for the adventurous foodie.
It’s important to note that prices and menu items can vary over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest offerings at McDonald’s locations in each country. So the next time you’re traveling abroad, consider stopping by a McDonald’s for a taste of the local flavors, even if it comes with a higher price tag than you might expect.


Why are McDonald’s menu items and prices different around the world?

McDonald’s is a global chain that adapts its menu to local tastes and preferences in each country. This results in variations in menu items and prices based on ingredient availability, cultural preferences and economic factors.

Are these expensive menu items available at all McDonald’s restaurants in each country?

Not all McDonald’s restaurants offer the same menu items. Some of the expensive items mentioned in the article may only be available at select locations or as a limited time offer. It’s best to check with specific McDonald’s restaurants in each country for their current menu options.

Do these expensive menu items reflect McDonald’s overall pricing in each country?

The expensive menu items highlighted in the article are outliers and not representative of McDonald’s overall pricing in each country. McDonald’s is generally known for its affordable and value-oriented menu, and these expensive items are exceptions or unique offerings.

Can I expect the same quality and standards in these more expensive menu items as in other McDonald’s items?

McDonald’s maintains a consistent standard of quality in its restaurants around the world. However, the more expensive menu items mentioned in the article may feature premium ingredients or unique preparations that set them apart from the regular menu items in terms of taste and presentation.

Are these expensive McDonald’s menu items worth trying?

Trying the expensive menu items can be a unique and indulgent experience for adventurous food lovers. They offer a glimpse into the local flavors and culinary creativity of each country. However, personal preferences and budgets can vary, so it’s ultimately a matter of individual taste and discretion.

Are the prices quoted in the article subject to change?

McDonald’s prices may vary over time due to a number of factors, including inflation and changes in the cost of ingredients. The prices listed in the article were accurate at the time of writing, but it’s a good idea to check with McDonald’s locations in each country for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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