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Unveiling Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Secret to the Creamiest Scrambled Eggs

This is Gordon Ramsay’s secret to the creamiest scrambled eggs

Gordon Ramsay, the renowned celebrity chef known for his impeccable culinary skills and high standards, has shared his secret to making the creamiest scrambled eggs. In a viral YouTube video that has garnered over 41 million views, Ramsay demonstrates his technique for creating indulgent scrambled eggs that are sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

The role of crème fraiche

While there are differing opinions on the best way to prepare scrambled eggs, Ramsay’s secret ingredient is crème fraiche. Unlike those who prefer to avoid dairy products, Ramsay believes that adding a spoonful or two of crème fraiche enhances the flavor and texture of the eggs. With a slightly lower fat content than sour cream, crème fraiche gives the eggs a creamy, rich quality without overpowering their natural flavor.

Inspiration from France

Ramsay attributes his inclusion of crème fraiche in scrambled eggs to his culinary training in France as a young chef. He recalls a dish he encountered that featured scrambled eggs and sea urchin topped with caviar. The combination of flavors and textures made a lasting impression on Ramsay, especially the incredible creaminess of the dish. From this experience, he realized that crème fraiche could be a more accessible ingredient for home cooks looking to achieve similar results.

The technique

To make the creamiest scrambled eggs, Ramsay takes a slightly different approach than traditional methods. Instead of using a skillet, he uses a frying pan. Ramsay emphasizes the importance of constantly stirring the eggs and intermittently removing them from the heat. This technique helps achieve a velvety texture and prevents the eggs from overcooking.

The timing

A crucial aspect of Ramsay’s scrambled egg technique is the timing of the addition of crème fraiche and salt. Ramsay suggests adding the crème fraiche at the end of the cooking process, after the eggs have been removed from the heat. The cool temperature of the crème fraiche helps to cool the eggs slightly, preventing them from being overcooked. In addition, Ramsay advises waiting until the end to add salt to the eggs, as adding it too early can break down the structure and result in watery eggs.

Mastering creamy scrambled eggs

By following Gordon Ramsay’s secret technique, you can take your scrambled eggs to a whole new level of creaminess. The addition of crème fraîche adds a luxurious richness, while the precise cooking method ensures a velvety and perfectly textured dish. Whether you’re looking to impress at brunch or simply treat yourself to a decadent breakfast, Ramsay’s recipe is a sure-fire way to achieve scrambled eggs that are truly exceptional.
Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with the technique, adjust the proportions to your liking, and soon you’ll be making the creamiest scrambled eggs that would make even Gordon Ramsay proud. Enjoy the journey of perfecting this breakfast staple and savor the deliciously creamy results that await you in every bite.


Why does Gordon Ramsay use crème fraîche in his scrambled eggs?

Ramsay believes that adding crème fraiche enhances the flavor and texture of the eggs, making them creamier and more indulgent.

Can I substitute sour cream for creme fraiche?

While sour cream has a similar tangy flavor, crème fraiche has a higher fat content and a slightly different flavor. It is recommended that crème fraiche be used for best results.

How do I keep my scrambled eggs from becoming watery?

Ramsay recommends adding salt to the eggs at the end of the cooking process to prevent them from breaking down and becoming watery. In addition, stirring the eggs constantly and removing them from the heat intermittently can help achieve the desired creamy texture.

Can I use a skillet instead of a frying pan?

Ramsay recommends using a frying pan instead of a skillet for his scrambled egg technique. The larger surface area of a pan allows for better heat distribution and easier stirring, resulting in creamier eggs.

Can I add other ingredients to Ramsay’s scrambled eggs?

While Ramsay’s technique focuses on achieving the creamiest scrambled eggs with crème fraîche, you can certainly experiment with additional ingredients such as herbs, cheese, or cooked vegetables to personalize the dish to your taste.

How can I practice and perfect Ramsay’s scrambled eggs technique?

The key to mastering the technique is practice. Start by following Ramsay’s instructions closely, adjusting the cooking time and heat as needed. Experiment with different amounts of creme fraiche and find the balance that suits your palate. With time and practice, you’ll be able to make the creamiest scrambled eggs just like Gordon Ramsay.

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