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Dunkin’ Employees’ Salaries Revealed: Here’s How Much They Really Make

Here’s How Much Dunkin’ Employees Really Make: A Comprehensive Guide
Dunkin’, the globally recognized brand that has been serving delicious doughnuts since 1950, has become a household name with more than 11,000 locations worldwide. As a franchise that serves millions of customers every day, Dunkin’ relies on its dedicated employees to keep operations running smoothly. In this article, we’ll explore the salaries of Dunkin’ employees and provide an in-depth understanding of how much they really make.

The Acquisition and Its Impact

Last year, Inspire Brands acquired Dunkin’ for a staggering $11.3 billion, raising the question of whether this change in ownership would lead to improved compensation for Dunkin’ employees. While it’s tempting to assume that such a significant acquisition would lead to pay raises, other factors come into play when it comes to employee retention.

The average hourly wage

According to Indeed, Dunkin’ baristas, who perform coffee-making and cashier duties, earn an average hourly wage of $10.28. Crew members, who perform a variety of tasks around the store, earn a slightly higher wage of $10.41 per hour. Shift supervisors, who are responsible for overseeing operations during specific shifts, earn about $10.79 per hour. Surprisingly, bakers, who play a crucial role in producing Dunkin’s delicious treats, earn $10.91 per hour.

Management Compensation

For individuals in more experienced roles, such as assistant managers, Glassdoor reports an average hourly wage of about $13. Store managers, who are employees, earn an estimated $36,647 per year, while general managers and restaurant managers earn $41,033 and $41,147, respectively.

Factors Influencing Wage Rates

It’s important to note that reported salaries can vary based on several factors. Location plays an important role, as salaries can vary by region due to differences in the cost of living and local labor markets. In addition, job responsibilities and experience levels contribute to pay differences within the organization. It’s important for Dunkin’ employees to consider these factors when evaluating their earning potential.

Employer recognition

Despite the average pay rates, Dunkin’ has been recognized as one of the “Best Employers for New Grads” in 2020 and was named one of the “Best Employers for Diversity” in 2019 by Forbes. While competitive salaries are undoubtedly important, these accolades suggest that Dunkin’ offers other valuable benefits and opportunities to its employees.

The importance of employee retention

Given the competitive nature of the food and beverage industry, attracting and retaining talented employees is critical to Dunkin”s continued success. While compensation plays a role in employee retention, the company must also provide a positive work environment, growth opportunities and benefits to ensure employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Bottom line

Dunkin’ employees, from baristas and crew members to managers, contribute significantly to the success of the global brand. While average wages may fall within a certain range, it’s important to consider the various factors that influence pay rates. As Dunkin’ continues to evolve under new ownership, the company remains committed to providing opportunities for its employees and maintaining its position as a popular destination for delicious donuts and coffee.
Understanding the compensation structure at Dunkin’ allows current and prospective employees to make informed decisions about their career paths within the company. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast hoping to join the Dunkin’ team or a curious observer, this comprehensive guide sheds light on how much Dunkin’ employees really make.


What is the average hourly wage for a Dunkin’ Barista?

According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for Dunkin’ Baristas is $10.28.

How much do Dunkin’ crew members make?

Dunkin’ crew members earn an average of $10.41 per hour.

What do shift leaders make at Dunkin’?

Dunkin’ Shift Leaders earn about $10.79 per hour.

How much do Dunkin’ Bakers make?

Bakers at Dunkin’ earn $10.91 per hour.

What is the average hourly wage for Dunkin’ Assistant Managers?

Assistant Managers at Dunkin’ can expect to earn about $13 per hour, according to Glassdoor.

How much do Dunkin’ Store Managers make per year?

Dunkin’ Store Managers earn an estimated $36,647 per year.

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