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Cracking the Truth: Expert Investigates the Legitimacy of TikTok’s Egg Crack Challenge

Expert tests whether TikTok’s egg cracking challenge is real

TikTok has become a platform full of food hacks and challenges, some useful and some just for fun. One such challenge that has recently gained popularity is the “egg crack challenge.” This challenge claims to offer a new and improved way to crack an egg. To determine the validity of this hack, Mashed consulted an expert in the field, Jocelyn Drexinger, owner of Mint and Mallow and baker at Nellie’s Free Range.

Why did the expert agree to the challenge?

Before getting into the details of the challenge, it’s important to understand why Jocelyn Drexinger, a professional baker, decided to participate. As someone who cracks eggs on a regular basis, Drexinger found the opportunity to try something different intriguing. She revealed that her preferred method of cracking eggs involves using a flat surface rather than the edge of a bowl or countertop. This technique produces a cleaner crack with fewer eggshell fragments. Interestingly, Drexinger’s approach mirrors the method advocated by legendary egg master Jacques Pepin.

How did the egg cracking challenge go?

The egg cracking challenge involved dropping an egg from a height directly into a pan to achieve a perfectly cracked egg. According to Drexinger, the challenge was indeed successful. She found the technique to be as simple as it seemed, stating that she simply dropped the egg from a considerable height and obtained a clean crack with no broken yolk or shell fragments.
However, Drexinger noted that the success of the challenge was influenced by the strength of the eggshell. In her case, she used a sturdy shell from Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, which required her to drop the egg from a higher height to get a clean crack. The original TikTok video did not specify the height required for regular supermarket eggs, so further experimentation is needed to determine the optimal drop height for different types of eggs.

Why does the hack work?

To understand why the egg-crack challenge is successful, Drexinger provided some valuable insights. Eggs have a thin protein membrane between the egg and its shell. When an egg is dropped on a flat surface, this membrane remains intact, allowing the shell fragments to stick together. On the other hand, when an egg is cracked on a sharp edge, the membrane tears apart, resulting in numerous tiny broken pieces of shell.
Drexinger also mentioned that the success of the challenge can vary depending on the eggs used. Nellie’s Free Range eggs, for example, come from hens that eat grass, which makes their shells more robust and their yolks stronger. This allows the eggs to withstand the impact of falling without cracking. Eggs from less well-fed hens may be more likely to break under similar conditions.


In conclusion, Mashed’s expert testing confirms that the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge is indeed a legitimate method for achieving a clean crack without breaking the yolk or creating eggshell fragments. The key is to drop the egg from a height onto a flat surface. However, the success of the challenge may vary depending on the strength of the eggshell and the quality of the eggs used.
It’s important to note that while the challenge is fun, it’s always important to handle eggs safely and follow proper food handling practices. Experimenting with different techniques can add a fun twist to cooking, but it’s important to prioritize food safety and hygiene in the kitchen.
So if you’re up for a little culinary adventure and want to try something different, try the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge. Just be sure to adjust the drop height based on the type of eggs you have, and enjoy the satisfaction of a perfectly cracked egg!


What is TikTok’s Egg Crack Challenge?

TikTok’s Egg Crack Challenge is a viral trend where participants try to crack an egg by dropping it from a height onto a flat surface, aiming for a clean crack without breaking the yolk or coming into contact with shell fragments.

Does the Egg Crack Challenge really work?

Yes, according to expert testing, the Egg Crack Challenge is a legitimate method for achieving a clean crack. Dropping the egg from a height onto a flat surface allows the shell fragments to stick together, minimizing the risk of broken yolks or small shell fragments in the egg.

How high should I drop the egg for the challenge?

The optimal drop height can vary depending on the strength of the shell and the type of egg you are using. While the original TikTok video does not provide specific instructions for regular supermarket eggs, it is recommended that you experiment to find the ideal drop height for different eggs.

Can I use any type of egg for the challenge?

While the Egg Crack Challenge can be attempted with any type of egg, it’s worth noting that the success of the challenge can be affected by the quality of the eggshell. Eggs from grass-fed hens, such as Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, tend to have stronger shells, making them more resistant to cracking during the challenge.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when attempting the Egg Crack Challenge?

When participating in the Egg Crack Challenge, it’s important to prioritize safety and proper food handling practices. Make sure the surface on which you drop the egg is clean and free of any contaminants. Also, handle eggs carefully to avoid injury or accidents during the process.

Can the egg crack challenge be considered a useful cooking technique?

While the egg crack challenge may not necessarily offer a significant advantage in terms of practicality or efficiency, it can add a fun and entertaining element to cooking. It’s important to remember that traditional methods of cracking eggs, such as using a flat surface or the rim of a bowl, remain reliable and widely used in culinary practice.

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