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The Frustrating Fast Food Hacks that Drive Employees Crazy

Fast Food Hacks That Drive Employees Crazy

Fast food restaurants are known for their quick service and convenience, but behind the scenes, employees often have to deal with some challenging and annoying customer requests. In recent years, social media platforms like TikTok have popularized fast food hacks that customers are eager to try. However, these hacks aren’t always well received by the hardworking employees who have to implement them. In this article, we’ll explore some fast food hacks that employees can’t stand and the reasons behind their frustration.

The Quesarito from Chipotle

Chipotle is famous for its customizable menu options, allowing customers to create their perfect burrito or bowl. However, the quesarito, a popular hack that combines a quesadilla and a burrito, has become a source of frustration for Chipotle employees. The process of making a quesarito is time-consuming and requires extra steps, making it difficult for employees to keep up with orders during busy times. Some Chipotle locations have even added a surcharge for the quesarito to discourage customers from ordering it. So the next time you visit Chipotle, consider the impact this hack has on the hardworking employees who prepare your food.

McDonald’s Land, Air & Sea Sandwich

McDonald’s is known for its extensive menu, but the Land, Air & Sea Sandwich takes customization to a whole new level. This sandwich combines the ingredients of a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish into one giant creation. While McDonald’s promotes this menu hack, the problem arises when customers expect employees to assemble the sandwich for them. Many customers fail to read the fine print and become frustrated when they receive the individual components and have to assemble the sandwich themselves. McDonald’s employees have faced complaints and even angry outbursts from customers who expected the sandwich to be fully prepared. Remember, fast food workers are there to serve you, but they also deserve respect and understanding.

Chipotle’s single taco

Chipotle’s customization options have led to another hack that frustrates employees – the single taco hack. This hack involves ordering a single taco and then requesting all the ingredients typically found in a burrito, along with an extra tortilla on the side. While this hack may seem like a cost-saving option for customers, it creates additional work for employees and results in more waste from the extra plastic containers. To address this issue, Chipotle temporarily disabled the ability to order tacos through the app. It’s important to consider the impact of your hack on employees and the environment before trying it out.

The Five Guys Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger

Five Guys is known for its customizable burgers, and customers have discovered a hack that involves ordering a grilled cheese cheeseburger. This hack essentially turns a grilled cheese sandwich into a burger by adding a beef patty and various toppings. While some customers find this hack delicious, employees have expressed frustration with the complexity of the order. The disconnect between the customer’s perception of a simple order and the employee’s reality of additional steps and customization can create tension. Before ordering a custom creation at Five Guys, consider the impact it may have on the employees working hard to fulfill your order.

The cheap latte from Starbucks

Starbucks has become a hotspot for TikTok hacks, with customers sharing creative recipes for customized drinks. While Starbucks employees are accustomed to a certain level of customization, one particular hack has caused consternation among baristas – the cheap latte hack. This hack involves ordering an “espresso over ice” and then adding milk to create a cheaper version of an iced latte. This money-saving trick has gained popularity, but it often leads to confusion and frustration for employees. Some customers take advantage of this hack by ordering extra milk after receiving their drink, causing inconvenience and additional charges. Remember to be considerate of Starbucks baristas and the impact your customized orders have on their workload.

The Waffle House Sandwich

A viral TikTok video introduced the Waffle House sandwich, a creation that substitutes waffles for Texas toast in a patty melt. This monstrous sandwich has gained popularity, leading to an influx of orders at Waffle House locations. While some customers enjoy the novelty of this hack, employees have been overwhelmed by the demand. In response, some locations have taken a direct approach by posting signs explicitly stating that they do not make items seen on TikTok. It’s important to respect the boundaries set by restaurants and consider the impact of your actions on the employees who work hard to provide you with delicious meals.

Bottom line

While fast food hacks can be exciting and give customers a sense of creativity, it’s important to consider the impact these hacks have on the employees who bring them to life. The next time you consider trying a fast food hack, take a moment to think about the extra work, stress, and frustration it can cause for employees. Remember that they work tirelessly to provide you with an enjoyable dining experience. Show appreciation for their efforts and respect their time and workload. By considering the perspectives of fast food employees, we can create a more harmonious and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.


Why do fast food workers dislike certain hacks?

Fast food employees may dislike certain hacks because they often require additional preparation steps or customization, which can slow down the order fulfillment process during busy periods. In addition, some hacks may create additional waste or require ingredients that are not typically part of the regular menu, making them more difficult to prepare.

Are all fast food workers bothered by these hacks?

Not all fast food workers are bothered by these hacks. It depends on the particular hack and the individual employee. Some employees may find certain hacks more manageable or even enjoy the creativity they bring to their work. However, there are common hacks that tend to frustrate a significant number of employees due to the added complexity or inconvenience they create.

How are fast food companies responding to these hacks?

Fast food companies are responding to these hacks in a variety of ways. Some companies have implemented store policies that prohibit employees from performing certain hacks or have added surcharges to discourage customers from ordering them. In addition, companies may adjust their menu offerings or update their ordering systems to accommodate specific hacks that have gained widespread popularity.

Should customers avoid trying fast food hacks altogether?

While customers are free to try fast food hacks, it’s important to consider the impact on employees. It’s wise to consider the potential inconvenience or frustration a hack may cause employees before trying it. Showing respect and understanding for fast food workers can contribute to a more positive dining experience for everyone involved.

Can customers still customize their orders without inconvenience?

Yes, customers can still customize their orders within reason without causing significant inconvenience to fast food employees. Many fast food restaurants offer customization options as part of their standard menu, allowing customers to personalize their meals without creating additional complexity or burden for employees. It’s recommended to stick to the available customization options or communicate reasonable changes to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both customers and employees.

How can customers show appreciation for fast food employees?

Customers can show appreciation for fast food employees by treating them with respect and understanding. Being patient and courteous during the ordering process, expressing gratitude for their service, and recognizing their hard work can go a long way toward creating a positive atmosphere. In addition, leaving positive feedback or complimenting restaurant management on exceptional service can also be a meaningful gesture of appreciation.

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