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The Astonishing Price Tag of an Illinois-Shaped Corn Flake

The ridiculous price this Illinois-shaped corn flake sold for

In the world of bizarre foods and collectibles, there are some things that truly defy logic. One such example is the story of the Illinois-shaped corn flake that sold for a ridiculous price. This unusual piece of cereal caught the attention and imagination of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

A curious purchase

In 2008, Monty Kerr, the owner of a trivia website, made an intriguing purchase. He purchased a corn flake that bore an uncanny resemblance to the state of Illinois. The price he paid for that single corn flake? A staggering $1,350. The motivation behind this odd purchase was Kerr’s plan to open a traveling museum dedicated to pop culture and Americana artifacts. The Illinois-shaped corn flake would be a centerpiece of this exhibit, a testament to the quirky nature of collectibles.
The story behind the discovery of this extraordinary corn flake is equally remarkable. Two Virginia sisters stumbled upon the cereal and decided to list it on eBay. At the time, however, eBay prohibited the sale of food items. The sisters cleverly found a workaround by selling a coupon for the cereal instead. Undeterred by the challenges of shipping such a fragile item, Kerr went ahead and purchased the piece of cereal, despite concerns that it might break in transit.

A phenomenon is born

The sale of the Illinois-shaped corn flake on eBay sparked a wave of copycat listings and inspired a new trend in food collectibles. Shortly after the successful sale, a Florida-shaped corn flake and a Hawaii-shaped potato chip appeared on the online marketplace. The original sellers, motivated by their unexpected windfall, planned to use the profits for a well-deserved vacation.
The sale of this seemingly ordinary cornflake also spawned a number of commemorative items. Spoons, milk cartons, T-shirts, and buttons were produced to commemorate the sale of the immensely valuable corn flake. The event became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of people fascinated by the intersection of food and pop culture.

Discovering Hidden Treasures

This story serves as a reminder that extraordinary things can be found in the most unexpected places. From a corn flake shaped like a state to a potato chip resembling an island, seemingly ordinary food items can become valuable artifacts. The Internet has become a platform where these unique and rare pieces of food can find a market, attracting collectors and enthusiasts willing to pay exorbitant prices.
So the next time you come across a fun-shaped piece of cereal or a uniquely shaped chip, don’t dismiss it as a mere coincidence. You may have just stumbled upon a potential hidden treasure, a piece of food that could be worth thousands of dollars to the right buyer.
As the popularity of food collectibles grows, we can expect to see even more unique items appearing on the Internet. Whether it’s a pancake that resembles a famous landmark or a vegetable shaped like a beloved cartoon character, the possibilities are endless. The world of food collectibles offers an exciting and sometimes absurd journey into the realm of culinary oddities.
So keep your eyes open and your breakfast bowls ready. You never know when you might stumble upon the next extraordinary food item that will captivate the world and command a ridiculous price.


The Illinois Shaped Corn Flake gained value due to its unique and rare shape resembling the state of Illinois. Collectors and enthusiasts found the novelty of such a piece of cereal intriguing, leading to its high price.

Who bought the Illinois-shaped corn flake and why?

The cereal was purchased by Monty Kerr, the owner of a trivia website. He bought it for $1,350 with the intention of using it as the centerpiece of a traveling museum dedicated to pop culture and Americana items.

How did the sellers manage to sell the cereal on eBay despite the platform’s policy against selling food?

The sellers listed a coupon for the cereal instead of the actual cereal item, circumventing eBay’s policy. This allowed them to complete the sale and transfer ownership of the unique cereal to the buyer.

Did the sale of the Illinois-shaped corn flake inspire similar listings?

Yes, the successful sale of the Corn Flake sparked a trend of similar listings on eBay. Other food items shaped like states and landmarks, such as a Florida-shaped corn flake and a Hawaii-shaped potato chip, appeared on the platform after the initial sale.

What commemorative items were produced in honor of the sale?

Several items were produced to commemorate the sale of the Illinois-shaped Corn Flake, including spoons, milk cartons, T-shirts and buttons. These items served as reminders of the unique and valuable piece of cereal that attracted the attention of collectors and enthusiasts.

What does this story teach us about food collectibles?

This story illustrates the potential value and fascination of food collectibles. Seemingly ordinary food items can become valuable artifacts, attracting buyers willing to pay exorbitant prices. It serves as a reminder to keep an eye out for unique and rare pieces that may hold unexpected value.

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