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Taco Bell’s Fries Forever: A Strategy to Take on McDonald’s

Taco Bell’s strategy to compete with McDonald’s: Keep the fries forever

Fast-food giants are constantly striving to outperform their competitors and capture a larger share of the market. When it comes to success in the industry, McDonald’s stands tall as the preferred brand in several categories. However, Taco Bell has developed a strategic plan to lure customers away from the land of the golden arches and make a significant impact on the fast food scene.

The allure of McDonald’s

McDonald’s dominance of the fast food industry is undeniable. According to a survey conducted by UBS Evidence Lab, McDonald’s outperforms its competitors, with Wendy’s and Burger King in second and third place, respectively. In 2017, it was reported that McDonald’s sold a staggering 75 hamburgers per second across its vast network of locations. Additionally, McDonald’s sells approximately 5,000 Happy Meals every minute, making it the largest toy distributor in the world. The popularity of the iconic Big Mac sauce has even led to countless attempts to replicate the recipe.

Taco Bell’s action plan

With the goal of capturing a piece of McDonald’s success, Taco Bell has developed a strategic plan that caters to the Mexican-inspired fast-food fan base. One of McDonald’s most popular products is its French fries, with the chain selling approximately 3.3 billion pounds of fried potatoes annually. Recognizing the profitability and appeal of the fries, Taco Bell introduced its own version in 2018.

A staple on Taco Bell’s menu

Taco Bell’s fries quickly became the restaurant’s best-selling item, which led to their intermittent appearance on the menu. However, Taco Bell CEO Mark King recently announced that the fry will now have a permanent place on the Taco Bell menu. The strategic move is aimed at luring customers away from McDonald’s lunch crowd by offering a unique alternative with seasoned fries and a generous portion of nacho cheese.

Challenging McDonald’s at breakfast

Taco Bell’s ambitions extend beyond competing with McDonald’s at lunchtime. CEO Mark King revealed that Taco Bell is determined to challenge McDonald’s stronghold at breakfast. McDonald’s has long dominated the morning meal, but Taco Bell wants to give them a run for their money. By continually expanding its menu offerings, Taco Bell aims to create a breakfast experience that will delight its loyal customers and attract new ones.

Bottom line

Taco Bell’s strategic plan to compete with McDonald’s by keeping fries forever is a bold move in the fast food industry. By recognizing the popularity and profitability of French fries, Taco Bell aims to attract customers who prefer a Mexican-inspired fast food experience. In addition, their decision to permanently expand the menu signifies their commitment to challenging McDonald’s dominance not only at lunch, but also at breakfast. As the battle for the fast-food crown continues, consumers can look forward to exciting menu choices and an ever-evolving landscape of options.


Why is McDonald’s such a popular brand in the fast food industry?

McDonald’s has achieved immense success due to its widespread presence, diverse menu, and iconic products such as the Big Mac and Happy Meals. Its efficient operations and strong branding have contributed to its popularity.

How successful are Taco Bell’s fries compared to McDonald’s?

Taco Bell’s fries have been a huge hit since their introduction in 2018, quickly becoming the restaurant’s best-selling item. While they haven’t reached the scale of McDonald’s fries, Taco Bell is looking to leverage their popularity to compete with the fast-food giant.

Why is Taco Bell making its fries a permanent menu item?

Taco Bell recognizes the profitability and appeal of French fries in the fast food industry. By making fries a permanent menu item, Taco Bell aims to provide a unique alternative to McDonald’s and attract customers who enjoy seasoned fries with nacho cheese.

How does Taco Bell plan to challenge McDonald’s in the breakfast market?

Taco Bell CEO Mark King has emphasized the need for Taco Bell to “commit” to breakfast in order to challenge McDonald’s breakfast dominance. By expanding its menu offerings and creating a compelling breakfast experience, Taco Bell aims to capture a share of the morning meal market.

What can customers expect from Taco Bell’s expanded menu?

With the permanent addition of fries and a commitment to breakfast, Taco Bell’s expanded menu will offer customers more choices and a variety of Mexican-inspired fast food options. This includes spicy nacho cheese fries and an expanded breakfast menu to compete with McDonald’s.

How does Taco Bell’s strategy benefit customers?

Taco Bell’s strategy to compete with McDonald’s by keeping the fries forever benefits customers by giving them more options and variety in the fast food landscape. Customers can enjoy Taco Bell’s unique take on fries and experience an expanded breakfast menu while having an alternative to McDonald’s.

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