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The Power of Accessibility: Unleashing the Advantage of Being an Untrained Chef with Ree Drummond

The advantage of being an untrained chef, according to Ree Drummond

Not everyone aspires to be a Michelin-starred chef or to spend hours in the kitchen preparing complex dishes. For many home cooks, the idea of tackling a new recipe can be intimidating, especially without access to restaurant-quality ingredients. That’s where the advantage of being a non-trained chef comes in, according to popular food personality Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman.

Accessible cooking for all skill levels

Ree Drummond believes her lack of formal culinary training makes her more relatable and accessible to viewers. In an interview with CBS, she explained that she doesn’t show viewers anything beyond their skill level. This approach allows beginners and novice cooks to feel confident in trying her recipes. Drummond’s down-to-earth style and use of easily accessible ingredients make her recipes accessible to everyone, regardless of cooking ability.
Drummond’s philosophy is shared by other celebrity chefs, such as Ina Garten and Rachael Ray, who are not technically trained chefs but have built successful careers based on their accessible and reliable recipes. These chefs have created a welcoming and casual approach to cooking that empowers home cooks to create delicious meals without the need for advanced culinary techniques or hard-to-find ingredients.

The importance of simplified instructions

One of the benefits of following recipes from amateur chefs like Ree Drummond is the simplified instructions they provide. Many of the best cookbooks of all time, including Drummond’s, offer step-by-step photos, detailed explanations, and simple language to guide readers through the cooking process. They break down complex terms and concepts, making it easier for beginners to understand and follow along.
For someone new to the kitchen, deciphering culinary jargon can be overwhelming. Terms like “soupçon” or “scintilla” may be unfamiliar, and instructions to “season to taste” can be vague. Non-traditional chefs like Drummond understand these challenges and strive to provide clear and concise instructions that anyone can follow. Her recipes eliminate the need for home cooks to hunt for rare ingredients or spend excessive time on complicated preparations.

Using everyday ingredients

Another advantage of cooking with untrained chefs is their reliance on everyday ingredients that are readily available in most supermarkets. Understanding that not everyone has access to specialty or gourmet ingredients, these chefs create recipes that can be made with common pantry staples and fresh produce.
Ree Drummond, in particular, focuses on using ingredients that are easy to find. This ensures that her recipes are accessible to a wide range of home cooks. This approach allows aspiring chefs to experiment and create delicious meals without feeling limited by the availability of certain ingredients or the need for extensive culinary resources.

Inspiring confidence in the kitchen

The benefits of being a non-trained chef extend beyond the recipes themselves. Chefs like Ree Drummond, Ina Garten, and Rachael Ray inspire confidence in the kitchen. Their relaxed and relatable personalities encourage home cooks to step out of their comfort zones and try new recipes.
By showcasing their own cooking journeys and sharing their successes and failures, these non-trained chefs create a supportive and encouraging environment for novice cooks. They emphasize that cooking is a learning process and that mistakes are a natural part of it. This attitude helps aspiring chefs gain confidence in their own abilities and fosters a love of cooking and exploring new flavors.


As Ree Drummond and other celebrity chefs point out, the advantage of being a non-trained chef is that they can offer accessible cooking for all skill levels, simplified instructions, and the use of everyday ingredients. Their down-to-earth approach and emphasis on relatability inspires confidence in the kitchen and encourages home cooks to explore their culinary talents. So whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef, don’t underestimate the power of untrained cooks and the delicious meals they can help you create.


What does it mean to be an untrained cook?

To be an untrained chef is to have no formal culinary education or professional training from a culinary institute or school. It means relying on personal experience, experimentation, and a love of cooking to develop skills in the kitchen.

Why is it an advantage to be an untrained chef?

Being an untrained chef can be an advantage because it allows for a more relatable and accessible approach to cooking. Non-trained chefs like Ree Drummond understand the challenges and limitations of home cooks and create recipes that meet their skill level using easily accessible ingredients.

Are untrained cooks less skilled than trained cooks?

The skill level of both trained and untrained chefs can vary. While trained chefs have formal training and technical expertise, untrained chefs often rely on creativity, passion, and personal experience in the kitchen. Even without formal training, untrained chefs can create delicious and impressive meals.

Can I learn to cook without formal culinary training?

Absolutely! Many home cooks have honed their skills and become excellent chefs without formal culinary training. With the availability of cookbooks, online resources, and cooking shows, you can learn different techniques, experiment with flavors, and develop your own style in the kitchen.

How do non-trained cooks simplify cooking instructions?

Non-trained chefs understand the importance of simplifying cooking instructions for beginners. They use clear language, provide step-by-step photos, and break down complex terms and concepts. This approach helps make recipes more accessible and less intimidating for novice cooks.

Can I create impressive meals as an amateur chef?

Absolutely you can! Being an untrained chef doesn’t limit your ability to create amazing meals. Unskilled chefs like Ree Drummond and others have built successful careers by creating delicious and accessible recipes. With practice, experimentation, and a passion for cooking, you can surprise yourself and others with your culinary creations.

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