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TikTok’s Divided Verdict: Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers – Worth the Hype or a Miss?

TikTok Divided Over Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers

Marshall’s, the sister store to TJ Maxx, is a shopper’s dream. Aisles are stacked with discounted entryway rugs, designer shoes and holiday decorations. The chain also has an impressive inventory of discounted gourmet ingredients, snacks and, now, drink mixes. One brand in particular, New York Cocktail Infusion Mixer, has now found its way to TikTok fame. Users are experimenting and taste-testing the many unique mixes to determine if they are worth it.
One TikTok video featured a bottle of the On The Beach mix for $7.99, but not everyone is ready to indulge in Marshall’s food aisle. One commenter wrote, “I can’t bring myself to buy anything edible from Marshall’s. Sketchy af lol.” Nevertheless, this TikToker persevered, pouring nearly an entire bottle of tequila blanco into the mix (it should be noted that the mix called for vodka) and letting it stand overnight. The next day, the fearless woman poured the chilled, infused spirit into a glass. After a single sip, they announced in gasping, ragged breaths, “That’s schnapps, that’s schnapps. To enjoy the drink, they topped it off with Sprite and juice. So is this dehydrated mixer worth it? The self-appointed TikTok jury is still out.

Strong but tasty

Although it took one person a few moments to compose themselves after their first sips, their final decision was that the mixer was a success and made for a delicious drink: “It’s good, y’all. Go get it. I like it.” Comments varied, including praise like, “I bought one of each flavor and they’re sic,” as well as, “Chileeeee my friend passed out drinking one. One thing that almost all taste testers seem to agree on is that these mixers make for a drink that puts hair on your chest. Another TikTok reviewer was also taken aback by the strong booziness of the drinks, stating, “It hit the back of my throat. Um. Very strong, long, and in charge,” but gave it a positive review.
The blends come in a variety of flavors, from familiar favorites like the Mojito to trendy recipes like the Singapore Sling. Most infusion mixes contain sugar and dried fruit. Because of the high alcohol-to-flavor ratio, it’s best to think of these infusions as flavored spirits rather than stand-alone cocktails. Shake, stir, or blend the infusions with ice for a smoother sip. If you want to dilute the drink more, top it off with plain or flavored seltzer, lemonade, or juice, depending on the mix and your tastes.


Many TikTok users have mixed opinions about Marshall’s infusion cocktail mixers. While some have found them to be delicious and enjoyable, others are skeptical about purchasing edible items from Marshall’s. Ultimately, whether or not they are worth trying depends on your personal taste and comfort level.

What flavors do Marshall’s infusion cocktail mixers come in?

Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers come in a variety of flavors, from classic favorites like Mojito to trendy recipes like the Singapore Sling. The selection offers a wide range of options to suit different taste preferences.

How should I mix the infusion cocktail mixers?

To prepare the infusion cocktail mixers, you can shake, stir, or blend with ice for a smoother sip. If you prefer a more diluted drink, you can top it off with plain or flavored seltzer, lemonade, or juice, depending on your taste and the specific mix you are using.

Does Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers contain alcohol?

No, Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers do not contain alcohol. They are meant to be mixed with alcohol, typically vodka, to create flavored spirits. The mixers themselves consist primarily of sugar and dried fruit to enhance the flavor of the infused drink.

Can I use another type of alcohol instead of vodka with the mixers?

While the mixers suggest using vodka, you can experiment with different types of alcohol to suit your preferences. For example, some TikTok users have tried infusing the mixers with tequila blanco. Feel free to get creative and explore different spirit options to personalize your cocktail experience.

How strong are Marshall’s infusion cocktail mixers?

The general consensus among taste testers is that Marshall’s Infusion Cocktail Mixers result in strong and potent drinks. They are known to pack a punch, and some reviewers have mentioned that the flavors hit the back of their throat. If you prefer bold and intense flavors, these mixers may be right up your alley.

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