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Living Above Taco Bell: The Ultimate Power Move

Having an apartment above a Taco Bell: A Surprising Power Move

Living above restaurants is not an uncommon sight in cities across America. It offers convenience and easy access to delicious food. From pizzerias to Chinese restaurants to bakeries, many local businesses have apartments above them. However, if you were to ask someone about their ideal choice for living above a restaurant, Taco Bell might not be the first answer that comes to mind. However, it turns out that having an apartment above a Taco Bell is apparently a big power move.
A Reddit user, @u187, recently posted a fascinating picture of his neighborhood Taco Bell, which happens to be on the first floor of an apartment building. This unique combination of residential and fast food space has piqued curiosity and raised questions about the experiences of residents living just feet above a Taco Bell. Do they indulge in Taco Bell’s menu items on a daily basis? Do they gain insider knowledge of the chain’s secrets? Or maybe some of them don’t even like Taco Bell. Either way, the concept of living above a Taco Bell is both surprising and highly intriguing.

A snapshot of the local Taco Bell experience

The Taco Bell in question, as pictured in the Reddit post, is the Cantina location on 1st Ave in New York City. Given the city’s expansive urban landscape, it’s not surprising that businesses often occupy the ground floor of residential buildings. However, this particular setup is not common across the country. While living above a Taco Bell may not be common, the image shared by @u187 shows a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The addition of black and white taco wall art adds a touch of flair, potentially acting as a beacon to passersby. One can only imagine the lively fiestas that take place in these apartments around the clock!

A unique claim: “I live at Taco Bell”.

As one Reddit commenter humorously put it, having an apartment above Taco Bell essentially means you can proudly proclaim, “I live at Taco Bell. This unique living arrangement can lead to interesting conversations and interactions. It can become a conversation starter or an icebreaker: “Hey, want to grab some chalupas at my place?” The friend who lives above the Taco Bell may find himself hosting frequent get-togethers. It’s worth noting, however, that such close proximity to irresistible Taco Bell burritos and other delicious menu items could pose a challenge to self-control. As another Redditor jokingly pointed out, rapid weight gain is a real possibility when the only thing standing between you and Taco Bell is a flight of stairs.

A power move in unconventional living

Living above a Taco Bell represents a unique power move in the realm of unconventional living. It challenges traditional expectations of what constitutes an ideal living space and showcases the fusion of residential and commercial spaces. While it may not be a widespread phenomenon, the concept of living above a Taco Bell invites intrigue, curiosity, and perhaps a touch of envy.
In summary, the idea of owning an apartment above a Taco Bell is anything but ordinary. It offers a unique living experience that combines the convenience of living with the allure of fast food indulgence. Whether it’s the novelty of saying “I live at Taco Bell” or the temptation of easy access to delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine, this unique arrangement is undoubtedly a major power move for those who dare to embrace it.


Is it common to have an apartment above a Taco Bell?

No, it is not common nationwide. While some urban areas, such as New York City, have residential buildings with businesses on the ground floor, the combination of a Taco Bell and residential space is relatively unique.

What are the advantages of living above a Taco Bell?

Living above a Taco Bell offers convenience and easy access to the restaurant’s menu items. It can also provide a unique and vibrant atmosphere and the potential for lively social gatherings.

Can residents order from Taco Bell at any time?

Residents who live above Taco Bell are free to order from the restaurant just like any other customer. However, specific policies may vary depending on the location and any agreements between the building owner and Taco Bell.

Do residents gain any special knowledge or benefits from living above Taco Bell?

While residents may have proximity to Taco Bell employees and may gain some insider information, there are no inherent perks or privileges associated with living above the restaurant.

Are there any drawbacks to residents living above Taco Bell?

Some potential downsides include the smell of food permeating the living space, increased foot traffic or noise from the restaurant, and the temptation to indulge in Taco Bell’s offerings more often.

Is living above a Taco Bell considered a status symbol?

While it may not be universally considered a status symbol, some people view it as a unique and unconventional living arrangement, making it a potential conversation starter and source of curiosity for others.

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