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The Surprising Truth: Boston Market’s Non-Boston Origins

The Surprising Truth: Boston Market Isn’t Actually Based in Boston

Boston Market has been a household name for decades, known for its delicious rotisserie chicken and mouthwatering sides. But did you know that despite its name, Boston Market isn’t actually based in Boston? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history and evolution of Boston Market and uncover the surprising truth behind its origins and current headquarters.

The birth of the Boston Chicken

The story of Boston Market begins in 1984 with the founding of Boston Chicken by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores. The original concept was a simple chicken restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts. Kolow and Cores rented a storefront, purchased rotisserie equipment, and launched the first restaurant offering delicious rotisserie chicken along with popular sides like mashed potatoes and cornbread.
Early success and expansion
From the start, Boston Chicken appealed to a wide audience, particularly working class and college-aged people looking for affordable yet satisfying meals. Within just six years of operation, the average Boston Chicken restaurant was reportedly earning about $800,000 annually, attracting the attention of investors who saw great potential in the concept.

A Change of Name and Headquarters

In the 1990s, Boston Chicken underwent significant changes that would shape its future. Saad J. Nadhir and Scott Beck, two Blockbuster executives, purchased the chain and brought their expertise and vision to the table. As part of their efforts to further expand the menu and appeal to a broader customer base, they decided to rebrand the chain as Boston Market in 1995.
But perhaps the most significant change was the relocation of the company’s headquarters. Beck had moved to Colorado, and with him went Boston Market’s headquarters. Today, the company calls Golden, Colorado, home, a far cry from its original birthplace in Massachusetts.

A Rocky Road: Bankruptcy and Ownership Changes

Despite its initial success and rebranding, Boston Market faced financial challenges in the late 1990s. Ambitious international expansion plans spearheaded by Blockbuster executives left the company drowning in debt and eventually led to its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 1998.
In 2000, McDonald’s acquired Boston Market, hoping to turn around its fortunes. The journey was not smooth, however, and the chain changed hands several times. In 2015, Sun Partners bought Boston Market from McDonald’s, and in 2020, the company was sold again to Engage Brands.

The Legacy of Boston Market

Despite its twists and turns, Boston Market has managed to maintain its presence in the competitive restaurant industry. Known for its comfort food, the chain continues to serve a variety of delicious dishes, including not only rotisserie chicken, but also turkey, ham and meatloaf.
While Boston Market may no longer have its roots in Boston, it has become a beloved brand across the United States, offering comfort food that warms the hearts and satisfies the taste buds of millions.

Bottom line

As we’ve discovered, Boston Market’s journey from a humble chicken restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts to a nationwide chain headquartered in Colorado is a fascinating one. Despite its name, Boston Market has managed to overcome challenges and ownership changes to remain a staple in the American dining landscape. So the next time you enjoy a delicious Boston Market meal, remember that its true home may be in Colorado, but its flavors continue to bring a taste of comfort to customers across the country.


Is Boston Market really not located in Boston?

That’s right! Despite the name, Boston Market is actually headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

Why was Boston Market originally called Boston Chicken?

When the restaurant was founded in 1984, it was primarily focused on serving rotisserie chicken, hence the name “Boston Chicken”.

Who are the founders of Boston Market?

Boston Market was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores.

Why did Boston Market change its name?

The name was changed to Boston Market in 1995 to reflect the expansion of the menu to include turkey, ham and meatloaf in addition to chicken.

What led to Boston Market’s move to Colorado?

The relocation of Boston Market’s headquarters to Colorado was a result of the chain being purchased by Blockbuster executives Saad J. Nadhir and Scott Beck, who moved the headquarters to their new base in Golden, Colorado.

Has Boston Market experienced any financial challenges?

Yes, Boston Market experienced financial difficulties in the late 1990’s that resulted in the company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 1998.

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