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The Unveiling: The Root Cause Behind Daily Harvest Meals’ Mysterious Illness Revealed

We Finally Know Why Daily Harvest Meals Caused a Mysterious Illness

In late June, vegan meal delivery service Daily Harvest issued a recall for its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles, a frozen product that had been distributed in the United States between April 28 and June 17, 2022. The recall was prompted by numerous reports from customers who experienced gastrointestinal symptoms and acute metabolic problems, including liver dysfunction, after consuming the product. With over 28,000 units of the recalled product in circulation, the situation raised serious concerns (via FDA).
The first lawsuit related to the recall was filed by the food safety law firm Marler Clark on behalf of Carol Ann Ready, a consumer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ready purchased the Daily Harvest product online and became ill shortly after eating it, resulting in the removal of her gallbladder. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine (via Mashed), gallbladder removal surgery is associated with several health risks and consequences.
Reports indicate that as of July 1, nearly 500 people have reported falling ill after consuming the product, while 96 people have been hospitalized due to the recalled product (via HealthDay and Los Angeles Times). Of those hospitalized, 30 had their gallbladders removed and several others underwent invasive tests, including liver biopsies. The situation was alarming and required immediate investigation.

The cause of the disease

On July 19, Daily Harvest announced that the cause of the mysterious illness linked to its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles had been identified as tara flour. Tara flour is a powdered product made by grinding the seeds of tara trees, which are native to South America (via Daily Harvest and USA Today).
According to Rachel Drori, founder of Daily Harvest, tara flour was used as a plant-based protein in North America before it was incorporated into the French Lentil + Leek Crumbles. Daily Harvest had sourced the ingredient from a particular producer, and upon discovering the link to the illness, the company immediately severed ties with the producer. Drori assured customers that tara flour was not used in any of the more than 140 other products offered by Daily Harvest.
Daily Harvest is working diligently with the FDA and the manufacturer of the Tara flour to determine the specific cause of the illnesses. Initial testing has indicated that the problem is isolated to the French Lentil + Leek Crumbles. As a precautionary measure, customers are advised to discard any recalled product in their possession.

Customer Concerns and Support

Recognizing the importance of this situation, Daily Harvest has taken steps to address customer questions and concerns. Customers can contact the company via email at [email protected] for answers to their questions and assistance with any concerns they may have.
The recall and subsequent investigation serve as a reminder of the importance of thorough quality control processes and rigorous testing in the food industry. Such incidents highlight the potential risks associated with food consumption and the need for companies to prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers.
In conclusion, the identification of tara flour as the source of the mysterious illness associated with Daily Harvest’s French Lentil + Leek Crumbles is a significant breakthrough in the investigation. By identifying the source of the problem and taking appropriate action, customers can be assured that Daily Harvest is actively working to resolve the situation and prevent further harm. It is critical that individuals who have purchased the recalled product follow the company’s instructions and dispose of it to mitigate any potential health risks. Transparency and prompt action by food manufacturers are essential to maintaining consumer confidence and ensuring the safety of the products they supply.


Which Daily Harvest product caused the mysterious illness?

Daily Harvest’s French Lentil + Leek Crumbles have been identified as the product responsible for the mysterious illness.

What symptoms did customers experience after eating the product?

Customers reported gastrointestinal symptoms and acute metabolic problems, including liver dysfunction, after consuming Daily Harvest French Lentil + Leek Crumbles.

How many people have become ill after consuming the product?

As of July 1, nearly 500 people have reported becoming ill after consuming the product.

Have there been any hospitalizations related to the recalled product?

Yes, 96 people have been hospitalized due to the recalled Daily Harvest product.

What was the cause of the mystery illness?

The cause of the illness was identified as tara flour, an ingredient used in the French Lentil + Leek Crumbles.

Is it safe to consume other Daily Harvest products?

Yes, the problem was isolated to French Lentil + Leek Crumbles and Daily Harvest does not use tara flour in any of its other 140+ products.

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