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The Bacon Vending Machine: A Revolutionary Addition to This University

This university has a bacon vending machine

The convenience of vending machines

Let’s face it, vending machines have become a staple of convenience in our daily lives. Whether it’s a quick snack or a refreshing drink, vending machines have evolved beyond the traditional offerings of chips and soda. In fact, vending machines around the world have begun to dispense a wide range of items, from live crabs in China to gold in Dubai. But perhaps one of the most enticing and delicious vending machines ever created is the bacon vending machine at Ohio State University.

A bacon lover’s dream

Imagine a vending machine that sells one of the most popular and delicious meats of all time – bacon. In 2018, Ohio State University introduced a bacon vending machine on campus, just in time for finals week. The machine quickly became a sensation, capturing the attention of bacon lovers and the media alike. Over the course of eight days, the machine managed to sell an astounding 275 pounds of bacon.

The birth of the bacon vending machine

You may be wondering how such a unique machine came to be. The brainchild behind this porky invention was Meghann Winters, a 21-year-old senior agricultural communications major and part-time employee of the Ohio Pork Council. With a passion for promoting the meat of the state’s pig farmers, Winters took it upon herself to create a bacon vending machine that would satisfy the cravings of hungry students.

Ingenious Baconification

Winters embarked on a journey of trial and error to transform an old vending machine into a bacon lover’s paradise. Using some tools borrowed from her father and an old vending machine she found on Facebook, she set out to “baconify” it. Her biggest challenge was making sure the pork packages didn’t get caught in the coils, as no bacon lover should be denied their crispy treat. After overcoming this hurdle, Winters successfully created a working bacon vending machine.

Bacon bits for a good cause

The bacon vending machine at Ohio State University wasn’t just about satisfying a craving; it also served a larger purpose. Proceeds from the sale of pre-cooked bacon bits and strips, donated by companies such as Hormel, Sugardale, and Smithfield, went to support the university’s meat science program. This unique initiative not only delighted bacon lovers, but also contributed to the advancement of agricultural education.

A Bacon Phenomenon

News of the bacon vending machine spread like wildfire, attracting the attention of media outlets across the country. With over 1,100 media stories highlighting the bacon phenomenon, it’s safe to say that the bacon vending machine has become a cultural sensation. The machine’s popularity during finals week prompted the Ohio Pork Council to launch an improved version at Ohio Stadium the following year, just in time for football season.

A touch of bacon in the stadium

The new and improved bacon vending machine at Ohio Stadium took the experience to the next level. Equipped with a touchscreen interface, educational videos and fun facts about Ohio’s hog farming community, this custom machine provided football fans with not only a delicious snack, but also an educational experience. Stadium patrons were encouraged to enjoy some bacon while cheering on the Buckeyes.

The perfect combination

There’s something undeniably satisfying about enjoying a delicious slice of bacon while watching a football game. The bacon vending machine on the south side of Ohio Stadium offered fans the opportunity to combine two favorite pastimes – eating bacon and watching sports. It was the perfect blend of indulgence and entertainment, creating a unique experience that truly captured the essence of Ohio’s love of pig farming and football.

A Bacon Legacy

The bacon vending machine at Ohio State University will be remembered as more than a quirky invention. It symbolizes innovation, creativity and the ability to bring joy to people in unexpected ways. It is a testament to the passion and dedication of people like Meghann Winters, who strive to make a difference and leave a lasting impact. The Bacon Vending Machine will forever hold a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of bacon lovers and Ohio State students alike.
In conclusion, the bacon vending machine at Ohio State is a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that can come from combining creativity, ingenuity and a shared love of bacon. It has brought smiles to the faces of students, bacon lovers and football fans alike, proving that sometimes the most delightful surprises come in the form of a vending machine filled with everyone’s favorite meat candy – bacon.


What is the Bacon Vending Machine?

The Bacon Vending Machine is a unique vending machine at Ohio State University that dispenses pre-cooked bacon bits and strips.

Where is the Bacon Vending Machine?

The Bacon Vending Machine is located in the Animal Science Building at The Ohio State University.

How much bacon has the machine sold?

During its eight days on campus, the Bacon Vending Machine sold approximately 275 pounds of bacon.

What did the bacon from the vending machine cost?

Vending machine bacon was sold for $1 per package, with proceeds going to support the university’s meat science program.

Who designed the bacon vending machine?

The Bacon Vending Machine was created by Meghann Winters, a senior agricultural communication major who worked part-time for the Ohio Pork Council.

What other features does the Bacon Vending Machine have?

The bacon vending machine at Ohio Stadium, which launched the following year, featured a touchscreen interface with educational videos and facts about Ohio’s pork industry to enhance the overall user experience.

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