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The Unveiling: The Truth Behind Epic Meal Time’s Pizza In A Bag

The Truth About Epic Meal Time’s Pizza In A Bag

Launched in 2010, the popular YouTube cooking channel Epic Meal Time has gained a massive following for its outrageous food challenges and larger-than-life meals. The show’s star and co-creator, Harley Morenstein, and his friends take on epic food feats, including devouring entire fast food menus, concocting calorie-laden combinations, and indulging in giant versions of ordinary dishes.
In an interview with CNBC Make It, Morenstein acknowledged that the concept of Epic Meal Time may seem absurd on the surface. But their intention was to create and consume over-the-top, calorie-laden meals that most people would never dare to try. The show’s wild antics struck a chord with viewers, leading to the creation of a cable television series and a line of products called Super Snack Time.
Launched in 2018, Super Snack Time quickly gained popularity. In its first year alone, it generated more than $5 million in sales. In a nod to the show’s first episode, titled “Fast Food Pizza,” the brand decided to introduce Pizza in a Bag as its flagship product. Pizza in a Bag can best be described as pizza-flavored jerky, offering a unique snacking experience.

What is Pizza in a Bag?

Pizza in a Bag is an innovative snack created by Super Snack Time. The company’s mission is to deliver bold, in-your-face snacks that you never knew you were missing. According to Morenstein, the Super Snack Time team wanted to give fans a way to enjoy the fun of Epic Meal Time without the labor-intensive preparation or super-unhealthy, oversized portions featured on the show.
Spork and Barrel, a renowned food review outlet, conducted a review of the Supreme Pizza flavor of Pizza in a Bag. They described the product as hard to miss on store shelves due to its pizza slice-shaped container and bold packaging. The jerky itself is reminiscent of pepperoni slices covered in a thick layer of seasoning, a departure from the traditional concept of jerky. The review praised the use of high-quality ingredients, including parmesan, mushrooms, garlic, and thyme, which contribute to the snack’s authentic flavor and prevent it from tasting strange or cheap.
If you’re interested in trying Pizza in a Bag, you’ll be happy to know that Super Snack Time offers three delicious flavor options: Supreme Pizza, Buffalo Pizza, and Pepperoni Pizza. These flavors offer a variety of taste experiences to suit different tastes.

The success of Super Snack Time

Super Snack Time’s launch and subsequent success can be attributed to the loyal following that Epic Meal Time has cultivated over the years. Fans of the YouTube channel were eager to support the brand’s foray into snacks that embodied the same outrageous and indulgent spirit as the show itself.
The convenience and uniqueness of Pizza in a Bag also played a significant role in its popularity. Snack enthusiasts were drawn to the novelty of pizza-flavored jerky and intrigued by the promise of a snack that captured the essence of a beloved comfort food in a portable and convenient format.
Super Snack Time’s commitment to using recognizable and quality ingredients also contributed to its success. By incorporating real ingredients like parmesan, mushrooms, garlic and thyme, the brand ensured that Pizza in a Bag delivered an authentic and satisfying snacking experience.

Join the fun

If you’re a fan of Epic Meal Time, or just someone who craves bold and exciting snack options, try Pizza in a Bag from Super Snack Time. Indulge in the crazy spirit of Epic Meal Time without the hassle of cooking or oversized portions.
Whether you choose the Supreme Pizza, Buffalo Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza flavors, you can expect a unique snacking experience that combines the taste of pizza with the convenience of jerky. With Super Snack Time’s commitment to using quality ingredients, you can trust that Pizza in a Bag will deliver on its promise of a delicious and satisfying snack.
So grab a bag of Pizza in a Bag and embark on a snacking adventure unlike any other. Join the ranks of Epic Meal Time enthusiasts and experience the joy of indulging in outrageous and delicious snacks.


What is Epic Meal Time?

Epic Meal Time is a popular YouTube cooking channel featuring outrageous food challenges and extravagant meals. It was created in 2010 and has gained a huge following.

Who is the star of Epic Meal Time?

The star and co-creator of Epic Meal Time is Harley Morenstein.

What is Pizza in a Bag?

Pizza in a Bag is a unique snack created by Super Snack Time, inspired by the popular YouTube channel Epic Meal Time. It is a pizza flavored jerky that provides a convenient and tasty snacking experience.

What flavors of Pizza in a Bag are available?

Super Snack Time offers three delicious flavors of Pizza in a Bag: Supreme Pizza, Buffalo Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza.

Where can I buy Pizza in a Bag?

Pizza in a Bag is available at several retailers, including Walmart. You can also find it online through the Super Snack Time website or other e-commerce platforms.

Are the ingredients in Pizza in a Bag good quality?

Yes, Super Snack Time ensures the use of recognizable, quality ingredients in Pizza in a Bag. Ingredients such as parmesan, mushrooms, garlic and thyme are listed on the packaging, contributing to an authentic and satisfying snacking experience.

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